Castle Round Table: "Always"

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Wow. Just... wow.

Following a terrific Castle season finale, we're back with a special edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, one that includes our friends at

They gather around below - along with Courtney Morrison, Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando - to gush over their favorite scenes, debate the most powerful moments and decide where they'd like to see Castle and Beckett go next.


What was your favorite scene?
Courtney: It’s the obvious choice, but the only choice. Beckett and Castle finally hooked up! It was hot, intense, and everything I had been waiting for. Plus, how amazing did Beckett look all soaked from the rain!

Jim: There were so many good scenes. But I have to go with Kate kissing Rick and her confession that he was all she could think of when she was about to die. Apparently all she needed was a near death experience without Castle around to make things click.

Chandel: The last four or five minutes were definitely my favorite part of the episode. I loved seeing Alexis' Valedictorian speech, especially transposed with the images of Rick listening and Kate resigning and at the swing set before finally coming to see Rick. I think that was a really beautiful way to end the season.

CastleTV: Castle telling Beckett she needed to stop pursuing the case, telling her again that he loved her and unable to contain his emotions. Stana was amazing in that scene but Nathan owned it!

Christine: The whole montage from Alexis graduation on was just incredible but there was something about Kate saying "I'm so sorry, Castle. I'm so sorry," that pushed it to the front of the list for me. Add the incredibly hot kissing and it takes the top spot.

Castle RT - depreciated -

In this intense episode, what did you think was the most powerful scene?
Courtney: Castle breaking the news to Beckett about how she needs to stay out of the case and her response that she can take care of herself. They both portrayed so much emotion and they both killed it. Excellent job, Fillion and Katic.

Jim:  Castle's coming clean to Beckett and him begging her to drop the case. He and Ryan seemed to be the only ones who really understood the stakes.

Chandel: I think Kate calling Rick's name when she was hanging on for dear life, only to find that Ryan was the one there to save her. I think it's very telling about how much Kate needs Rick to be there and I think that was her moment of discovery.

CastleTV: The most powerful, that's so hard, there are several. Beckett hanging from the rooftop believing that Castle was there to save her.  Castle walking away for real. "The kiss" too but I think I have to settle on my favorite scene mentioned above. Such raw emotion from Castle, that was one powerful scene.

Christine: "Four years just waiting for you to open your eyes and see that I'm right here." That was Castle finally putting his heart on the line and yeah, Nathan Fillion definitely owned that scene. It was the scene I've waited for all season, even more so than the kiss.

Did Ryan do the right thing and where will this leave he and Esposito?
Courtney: I think so. He wasn’t out to get Javi and Kate. He wanted to be there for them. He wanted to protect them and get them the backup they needed. It was from a friendly place, even if it did get them put on leave. Javi is pissed now because he is out of work, but he will realize Ryan was just doing what he thought was right for the situation and that he was trying to have their backs. The bromance will be worked out and Espo will be back at work in no time.

Jim: Absolutely. Espo will forgive him, he is mad right now but knows it was hard for Ryan to go to Gates, but it WAS the right thing

Chandel: I think Ryan did the right thing. If he hadn't told Gates, Beckett would be dead, plain and simple. I think once Esposito gets a moment to realize this, they will begin to be able to reconcile and his initial anger at the perceived betrayal will subside.

CastleTV: You know, the right thing is often the hardest thing to do and I think that's exactly what we saw in that scene. We all know that if it wasn't for Ryan taking the hard road and doing what he knew would seem like betrayal to his closest friends, those who he would never hesitate trust his own life with... right now we would all be mourning a very squished Beckett. It may be a hard road back for our favorite bromance but I think given time Esposito will come to accept that the motivation behind Ryan's actions were right.

Christine: As CastleTV mentioned, many times doing the right thing is hard and frequently doesn't win you friends. Javi obviously would have walked through Hell for Kate but Ryan went through his own personal Hell for them both. I don't think the road back will be quick but they'll get there.

Were you satisfied with the ending?
Courtney: Absolutely! We got the much anticipated hook up, a face for Mr. Smith, a new villain to track, and an emotional personal cliffhanger with Javi and Kate being put on leave/quitting. The perfect set up for a finale. I can’t wait to find out when the two will get back to the precinct, if Caskett are an official couple, and what Cole Maddox plans to do to Beckett.

Jim: First time in months I was actually happy with how Kate and Rick ended (sorry I just can't call them Caskett). If you had told me last year that they would follow up on their feelings till this season finale, I would have laughed. Yet here we are.

Chandel: I was shocked at the ending and loved it at the same time. I definitely think that Castle and Beckett needed this moment, it's been a long time coming.

CastleTV: I think the worry about Beckett's life being on the line once again with the "big bad" out to get her for real this time is exactly where we were at the end of last season... oh... wait... did you mean the "almost the ending" part? At heart I am most definitely a shipper but only when it works, and it does. Enough said!

Christine: Very satisfied. Like Jim, I can't believe they made us wait for the finale to get to all of the good stuff but it was fantastic. Now with Caskett (I love the term Caskett!) as a couple, Kate having resigned, Javi and Kevin on the outs, and Kate unknowingly still being hunted, I can't wait for season five to begin.

Where do you want the Fall premiere to pick up?
Courtney: With Kate and Rick still in bed! I want to see the aftermath to the choice to finally hook up. Will these two become a couple? Hopefully but I definitely want to see the awkwardness that will come right after. Also, we need to get Beckett and Espo back to the precinct trying to get their jobs back. And, possibly a super fun and typical Castle case to keep things light.

Jim: With Rick and Kate attending Gates retirement and a new Captain asking her, to come back. While Gates softened over the season, she still just doesn't click for me. I miss Montgomery even more now.

Chandel: Definitely the morning after. The fans deserve to see the immediate aftermath.

CastleTV: With Beckett leading Castle off to the bedroom. We saw just enough to know that that's what was happening but it would be nice to know that there's no doubt. What I don't want is to suddenly skip the first three months of their relationship but Andrew Marlowe has proven himself enough by now to know that we know that's not going to happen.

Christine: I'd love to see it pick up EXACTLY where it left off. If we can't have that then I want to see them waking up together. Oh, and I want to see Rick's reaction when he hears that Kate resigned. September can't possibly get her fast enough!

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livia ho missed you !! fan forum and Twitter !! don't know the 2nd chick but you I alyaws love me some Renee ! Annie has new Tv series coming to ABC TV


Given the nature of Castle the morning after the most probable scenario will be: 1) Beckett sleeping;
2) A beautifull breakfast and a floweer ready for Beckett(all prepared by Castle);
3) Castle seating with is laptop writting (because he is so inspirated by the "night") as he watches Beckett sleaping; It's not very original but i think it's the best


1. Of course, there were many good scenes, but I will go with the last epic hook up scene. It was just perfect and heaven for each Caskett fans. :) 2. When Castle once again admitted his feelings to Beckett. Nathan rocked it. He put every emotion so beautifully and the tears on verge with great compassion, anger and somewhere deep love, too. It was amazing. And there was another scene too. When Kate was hanging on the roof and saying Castle and then she feels complete helpless, it was amazing. But the winning scene is Confrontation one. 3. Yep. Ryan did right thing but I will be lil biased here coz I absolutely love Javier Esposito. He's ma man, macho and touch guy. I love his strength and hardcore way of dealing things. I think Javi is not angry but later, he will understand. I am not worried about Bromance, they will be back. Plus, apart from the question, I want to see certain M.E. with the tough guy here. He deserves love, too. :) 4. Satisfied? Of course, YES! It was worth it. Completely. I have always trusted AM, so I knew when he was saying in Interview that Caskett fans will be happy, I knew he will give us something big and wonder. It was WAIT worth for..:) 5. Exactly after Morning. Or even the Midnight, just after they reached into his room. ;P I want to see Castle and Beckett together in bed, and their reaction. Plus, I want Javier's after-going-home-reaction. And then I want morning.


Beckett finally has realized how much she needs Castle. That wall has finally come down. Its such a beautiful love story. Here's to season 5,hope they have lots of fun but still solve her moms murder!


"Always" was classy, sexy, and passionate, and just enough so we will have something to look forward to with "Season 5 opening." Marlowe and the crew won't let us down... I can hardly wait!


Nice finale... i love kate and castle together but i feel that's what pulled me into watching it the funniness that they like each other but wont be together
but i think it'll be funny too watching the aftermath like from the time they wake up in castles bed together most probably naked lol


Oops... my typo, I meant to type,"Naked Heat."


My fav was Castle telling her he has been there for 4 yrs waiting for her to open her eyes.. having tears in his eyes, and full of emotion. IMO, the most powerful scene was thier passion at the end. Kate realizing it was Castle she was calling for help, as tough a woman as she is, she isn't cold blooded, and realized the truth. Castle is there, has been there for her. I loved the rain soaked hair and clothing, the hot city rain, like from the book "Naked Rain", and the passion they have for each other.
I was satisfied with the fact that Castle came out with the truth, and didn't hold back, between her mother's information, and his love for her, and why he was protecting her- he cared. These are two very good actors!
I want to seem them pick up the pieces, and hope that Castle has some extremely helpful friends that can lead them to the Dragon, and keep Beckett safe. She has a target on her back, and quitting her job just isn't safe enough. I wasnt to see Castle pull in Espo and Ryan, to help protect and solve the case, along with maybe a PI firm?
They can make this show work in so many ways. I don't want to see them a one night stand, but a common ground thta they love thier work, and love being together, supporting each other along the way.


Well, I loved entire episode from Kate, Javi, Ryan and even gates to Castle...but for me, Nathan owned it.. He ROCKED the finale with his perfect emotions when he confessed his love again and when she kissed him, he was literally in shock as if it was hard to blive for him, she actually said it.. I absolutely loved Nathan's performance and Stana was awesome in the end scene..I never knew she would confess like this, as I know she is not a "TALK" person like me, I know how hard it is...:P


I haven't read all 39 comments but here is what I would like to see in the first episode back--Castle walks into the kitchen the next morning and his daughter and mother are sitting at the table having coffee asking him how last night went. Castle just says 'ok' and then Beckett walks in in one of Castles shirts. The looks and small talk should be great.

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