Castle Round Table: "Always"

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Wow. Just... wow.

Following a terrific Castle season finale, we're back with a special edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, one that includes our friends at

They gather around below - along with Courtney Morrison, Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando - to gush over their favorite scenes, debate the most powerful moments and decide where they'd like to see Castle and Beckett go next.


What was your favorite scene?
Courtney: It’s the obvious choice, but the only choice. Beckett and Castle finally hooked up! It was hot, intense, and everything I had been waiting for. Plus, how amazing did Beckett look all soaked from the rain!

Jim: There were so many good scenes. But I have to go with Kate kissing Rick and her confession that he was all she could think of when she was about to die. Apparently all she needed was a near death experience without Castle around to make things click.

Chandel: The last four or five minutes were definitely my favorite part of the episode. I loved seeing Alexis' Valedictorian speech, especially transposed with the images of Rick listening and Kate resigning and at the swing set before finally coming to see Rick. I think that was a really beautiful way to end the season.

CastleTV: Castle telling Beckett she needed to stop pursuing the case, telling her again that he loved her and unable to contain his emotions. Stana was amazing in that scene but Nathan owned it!

Christine: The whole montage from Alexis graduation on was just incredible but there was something about Kate saying "I'm so sorry, Castle. I'm so sorry," that pushed it to the front of the list for me. Add the incredibly hot kissing and it takes the top spot.

Castle RT - depreciated -

In this intense episode, what did you think was the most powerful scene?
Courtney: Castle breaking the news to Beckett about how she needs to stay out of the case and her response that she can take care of herself. They both portrayed so much emotion and they both killed it. Excellent job, Fillion and Katic.

Jim:  Castle's coming clean to Beckett and him begging her to drop the case. He and Ryan seemed to be the only ones who really understood the stakes.

Chandel: I think Kate calling Rick's name when she was hanging on for dear life, only to find that Ryan was the one there to save her. I think it's very telling about how much Kate needs Rick to be there and I think that was her moment of discovery.

CastleTV: The most powerful, that's so hard, there are several. Beckett hanging from the rooftop believing that Castle was there to save her.  Castle walking away for real. "The kiss" too but I think I have to settle on my favorite scene mentioned above. Such raw emotion from Castle, that was one powerful scene.

Christine: "Four years just waiting for you to open your eyes and see that I'm right here." That was Castle finally putting his heart on the line and yeah, Nathan Fillion definitely owned that scene. It was the scene I've waited for all season, even more so than the kiss.

Did Ryan do the right thing and where will this leave he and Esposito?
Courtney: I think so. He wasn’t out to get Javi and Kate. He wanted to be there for them. He wanted to protect them and get them the backup they needed. It was from a friendly place, even if it did get them put on leave. Javi is pissed now because he is out of work, but he will realize Ryan was just doing what he thought was right for the situation and that he was trying to have their backs. The bromance will be worked out and Espo will be back at work in no time.

Jim: Absolutely. Espo will forgive him, he is mad right now but knows it was hard for Ryan to go to Gates, but it WAS the right thing

Chandel: I think Ryan did the right thing. If he hadn't told Gates, Beckett would be dead, plain and simple. I think once Esposito gets a moment to realize this, they will begin to be able to reconcile and his initial anger at the perceived betrayal will subside.

CastleTV: You know, the right thing is often the hardest thing to do and I think that's exactly what we saw in that scene. We all know that if it wasn't for Ryan taking the hard road and doing what he knew would seem like betrayal to his closest friends, those who he would never hesitate trust his own life with... right now we would all be mourning a very squished Beckett. It may be a hard road back for our favorite bromance but I think given time Esposito will come to accept that the motivation behind Ryan's actions were right.

Christine: As CastleTV mentioned, many times doing the right thing is hard and frequently doesn't win you friends. Javi obviously would have walked through Hell for Kate but Ryan went through his own personal Hell for them both. I don't think the road back will be quick but they'll get there.

Were you satisfied with the ending?
Courtney: Absolutely! We got the much anticipated hook up, a face for Mr. Smith, a new villain to track, and an emotional personal cliffhanger with Javi and Kate being put on leave/quitting. The perfect set up for a finale. I can’t wait to find out when the two will get back to the precinct, if Caskett are an official couple, and what Cole Maddox plans to do to Beckett.

Jim: First time in months I was actually happy with how Kate and Rick ended (sorry I just can't call them Caskett). If you had told me last year that they would follow up on their feelings till this season finale, I would have laughed. Yet here we are.

Chandel: I was shocked at the ending and loved it at the same time. I definitely think that Castle and Beckett needed this moment, it's been a long time coming.

CastleTV: I think the worry about Beckett's life being on the line once again with the "big bad" out to get her for real this time is exactly where we were at the end of last season... oh... wait... did you mean the "almost the ending" part? At heart I am most definitely a shipper but only when it works, and it does. Enough said!

Christine: Very satisfied. Like Jim, I can't believe they made us wait for the finale to get to all of the good stuff but it was fantastic. Now with Caskett (I love the term Caskett!) as a couple, Kate having resigned, Javi and Kevin on the outs, and Kate unknowingly still being hunted, I can't wait for season five to begin.

Where do you want the Fall premiere to pick up?
Courtney: With Kate and Rick still in bed! I want to see the aftermath to the choice to finally hook up. Will these two become a couple? Hopefully but I definitely want to see the awkwardness that will come right after. Also, we need to get Beckett and Espo back to the precinct trying to get their jobs back. And, possibly a super fun and typical Castle case to keep things light.

Jim: With Rick and Kate attending Gates retirement and a new Captain asking her, to come back. While Gates softened over the season, she still just doesn't click for me. I miss Montgomery even more now.

Chandel: Definitely the morning after. The fans deserve to see the immediate aftermath.

CastleTV: With Beckett leading Castle off to the bedroom. We saw just enough to know that that's what was happening but it would be nice to know that there's no doubt. What I don't want is to suddenly skip the first three months of their relationship but Andrew Marlowe has proven himself enough by now to know that we know that's not going to happen.

Christine: I'd love to see it pick up EXACTLY where it left off. If we can't have that then I want to see them waking up together. Oh, and I want to see Rick's reaction when he hears that Kate resigned. September can't possibly get her fast enough!


Wouldn't it be ironic if Castle and Beckett woke up the next morning in bed in the same position they were in "Cuffed"? Becketts hand on his chest and the other arm around the back of his neck. But no handcuffs,and no shock, just a smile on both of their faces. That would be a nice introduction to season 5! By the way, Pan Am was canceled,so Michael Mosley( who played the part of Ted the pilot) can come back and play the part of the Triple Killer again! Just love Castle!

Josie leeds

Excellent season finale! Just enough tease to bring us back in the fall but still enough ends tied off to satisfy.I disagree with the Gates-lovers. She's a distraction and an irritant and *I* don't even work for her. Either mellow her out to a tolerable level or write her out.I concur with the previous poster to bring in someone else that wants Kate, et al, back. Espo & Ryan will be fine as soon as they have some time to think it thru--probably no longer than mid-first episode, new season. As for the long awaited coming together--hallelujah! Now, we can get on to something else. Here is where it gets tricky--the writers can REALLY make or break this show with how they handle "Caskett". They can either do a classy Nick & Nora Charles or they can go down the tubes with a "Moonlighting" scenario--which, regardless of reason, was still crappy.


Only one thing, now that Caskett are together, I want Esplaine too... or else find another woman for Javi... man he deserves love too...coz Javi is wonderful... After Castle and Beckett, he is ma fav character...:)


Season 4: Episode 23: Is a big winner for ABC! This season now moves us into the real meat of Castle and Beckett, relationship,and their partnership. If the kiss from the finale is any indication of what's ahead, it is going to be spicy "season 5," for sure, with just the right amount of humor and intrigue! Bravo Castle! Bravo!


While I agree with every wonderful thing said about Marlowe, the director, the actors and music, etc. consider--the show would be nothing without Nathan Fillion. He owns it everytime he's on screen. From mischievous little boy, to love-sick adolescent to heartbroken man, he has delivered for 4 seasons.


I actually like Gates, but it's clear that the writers can't figure out what to do with her. Penny plays a worn-out cliche ("the captain who's tired of explaining your crazy antics to the commish") but plays it very, very well. It seems new and fresh with her. If she appears more often, she'll be fine. Plus we'll see progression in her character.


Ryan did the right thing. In Headhunters, Castle does basically exactly what Ryan does, and we cheered for it. Esposito was in the middle of calling for backup when Maddox jumps him. He'd have been in trouble anyway. He's supposed to be mad at Ryan for having called 20 min earlier? As a writing decision, I love that the two are going to have some tension for a while-- we're so invested in their bromance that it'll be a fun ride getting them back together. Maybe Lanie will help them mend fences? Best scene, by far, was Castle's emotional breakdown/showdown with Beckett. Fillion is a master. He makes Castle's seldom-seen serious side absolutely believable. And Stana-- if you've seen her in public, she's absolutely nothing like Beckett. Her performance as Beckett is always great, but that scene was superb. She does more with her eyes than most actors do in a whole scene. I actually like Gates, but it's clear that the writers can't figure out what to do with her. Penny plays a worn-out cliche ("the captain who's tired of explaining your crazy antics to the commish") but plays it very, very well. It seems new and fresh with her. If she appears more often, she'll be fine. Plus we'll see progression in her character.


Moonlighting died for lots of reasons that have nothing to do with David and Maddie hooking up. Writers strike, plus the actors hated one another, plus the show had already jumped the shark. The hookup happened because the show was desperate. With Castle, the writers did a great dance, and now they're together. Bravo! I have no doubt they can make it work. The playful banter that makes the show so great doesn't require that they be together or apart. Now it gets lighter and more fun, more like seasons 2-3. If they'd waited, the banter would have been an empty promise (a "Ponzi plot" as Castle called it), and the show would have gone downhill. One quibble: Beckett never actually said, "I love you." Just sayin'.


So, is there any buzz about the show garnering some Emmys this year? They're well deserved. Agreed, Nathan tore my heart out a couple of times and I'll never take that for granted, but Stana continues to really surprise me. She's underrated as an actress... when you compare her off-show bubbly and girlish demeanor to - everything Rick loves about Kate - wow. She can act all right. Her body language and voice change completely, not just her expression.
My one quibble is: Kate hanging by one hand for what seemed like an eternity. Yes, I know it felt like an eternity to *her*, but it was slightly too long to *ahem* suspend disbelief.
I like Gates! We just need to get to know her better. And I think if she sees Castle applying himself to earn a badge, she'll warm up to him. It's good to have a challenge and an antagonist in the authority figure. These cops bend rules, and much as I miss Montgomery, it's better not all warm-and-fuzzy. Additionally, since cat's leaving the bag re Montgomery's past, I wonder if anyone will be brought up on conspiracy charges... yikes. Wouldn't you want a bulldog like Gates at your back? PJJ's a wonderful actress - give her time!


"could there be a possibilty, that the whole kissing scene was her imagination?" Nope. Not a possibility. Andrew Marlowe has already said in interviews right after the finale aired that he wouldn't do that to fans. This was the real deal and I'm thrilled. Absolutely the best finale of the year. I've never wanted a summer to go by so fast!

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