Castle Season 5 to Focus on the "Aftermath," Creator Teases

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched the Castle season four finale. Seriously... STOP!

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Okay, phew. That was close.

On "Always," Castle finally went there. Or, should we say, a dripping wet Kate Beckett finally went there, answering the prayers and pleas of millions of Caskett fans. How will this hook up affect season five?

Creator Andrew Marlowe tells Zap2It that there won't be any kind of significant time jump because "I think everybody is going to want to see what the aftermath looks like."

In fact, the Castle producer adds, there may not be any time jump at all: "[Fans] are going to want to see what it looks like when they wake up in the morning. And I think that's a promise that we have to honor."

Don't expect any sudden second-guessing or back-tracking, either. Marlowe sounds all in with the decision it took four seasons to reach.

"We're looking forward to... dealing with the two characters in a relationship, what that relationship is going to look like and the challenges that they're going to have," he says.

Read the full interview with Marlowe now and then give the Castle season finale a grade:

UPDATE, 7/9/12: Marlowe has confirmed that the Season 5 premiere will pick up immediately, and also that he has every intention of keeping Castle and Beckett in a "relationship."


I really love that funny staffs between castle and kate. At least they are together now. It will be nyc if there is over 50 season of castle.


I actually thing that if Castle's father was really a csi agent once (linchpin), maybe beckett's mother's murder might be related to it?


I can´t wait for season 5 to be aired
september! please come back soon!!


Blame My Wife: New Castle Fan One thing is clear - that it is an upper level official, the mayor is a good hypothesis! (1.) Because that would explain his insistence on keeping Castle close to Beckett - this was a strange piece from its inception, opening up discussions about Beckett and events during the "weekly poker game!" (2.) The "panic room" was part of the episode where a dirty bomb was introduced; (3.) Alexis is going to have to adjust to the level of commitment that is and will develop between Kate and Castle; she (Alexis) will no longer have daddy all to herself, and (4.) Castle's role will have to change at the 12th precinct if he hopes to stay close to Beckett, under Gates command - I would not be surprised if he doesn't get a badge and a gun, and trains to become a real "police consultant" per a fixed order from the Mayor; and (4.) Martha is proud of her son, and realized very early on - that Beckett was and will be good for her son - long term. Lastly, the person after Beckett is at a much higher level then a Mayor, in order to engage special forces operations personnel, which means he is likely a Congressman, and sits on the military and pentagon committee, more than likely the committee chairman.


I love the humor, friendship and attraction between Castle and Beckett; The finale had a lot of power and depth- don't bring back too much "clever joking" that gets boring;However, I in the finale Beckett went off the deep end too much drama- her showing up at Castle's place seemed phony- she is still a driven cop and will not stop looking for her mother's killer. I hope that Season 5 will have a surprise/not predictable- that although they hooked up for that night, they will not have been together for "3 month" period- maybe a flash back to waking up together, but knowing they need to sort their life out- what does Beckett do? Can Castle's connection with the mayor help Beckett get reinstated?- speaking of reinstated. PLEASE GET RID OF THE CAPTAIN- SHE IS THE WORSE CHARACTER, ALL SHE DOES IS YELL.


i m reallllllllllyyyyyyyyy happy with season finale... ofcourse i was obsessed with Rick n beckett affection n heat...
but the writer was justtttt streching it n sometimes i thought it wasnt worth watching anymore.. plus from first season till fourth....the story line became more serious n the raw humour n nice moments seem to get missing a lot more.... can't wait for season 5....i think the writer will really have to work hard to develop that intensity between these two characters...n to keep them together that way....


Awesome Finale! Thank God it's nothing like Bones: no real discussion about why they were estranged, a secret hookout, and 'Oops! I'm pregnant.' Talk about a nightmare! I trust Castle will continue in it's tradition of solid storytelling with continuity intact and not remotely suddenly travel the trainwreck track of 'Booth & Brennan.'


I can not wait for season 5 to be aired - I am also looking forward to seeing if Rick - has any mor of the Serenity crew as guests hee hee :)


can anyone tell me that has the shooting has started or not foe castle season 5


I have several feelings about this season finale...
I don't know how many times I watched the two most important scenes of 4x23 episode, always crying first and screaming after.
I have the feeling the Caskett end-up was too rushed.
I LOVE Castle speeches, Castle behaviour... I LOVE that his voice breaks when he tells her (again) that he has always loved her, or his face the minute after he turns off his wide screen and Beckett knocks at his door.
On the other hand, I don't understand and appreciate the behaviour of Beckett: the love of Castle is important only when/if you are no more a cop?
She accuses him of betrayal, she let him go away as miserable as possible, she follows and confront this killer alone and risks to die as the stupidest cop ever. For these reasons her "sweet" words to Castle, her wanting him "so badly" sound so fake to me... I'm so worried that at beginning of season 5 she wakes up (if there is any bed in the mind of Marlowe... and I remember that Castle planned to spend the night with movies Beckett agreed to watch together) and realize that she made a mistake or wasn't completely ready to love him in the way he loves her. Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but I know that Beckett can be an hero as much as she can be totally selfish.

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