Castle Season Finale Clips: How Am I Still Alive?

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Has the other shoe dropped on Kate Beckett?

In one of the five clips posted below from Monday's Castle season finale, the beautiful detective thinks back to her shooting, connects it to new information regarding Captain Montgomery and wonders what it all means.

The episode, titled "Always," will bring Beckett closer than ever to the man who gunned her down... while also bringing her closer than ever to Rick? Yes, if certain scenes in this Castle trailer are to be believed.

Watch it now and then check out the following sneak peeks:

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Best Show on TV....the GREATEST cast and crew on tv. The writers are the best. And Caskett....the romance and chemistry between the two is so real. Can't understand how this show hasn't gotten the Awards it deserve. It gets better each season.


I would love to know how both Stana and Nathan reacted in real life to that really sexy scene at the end of "Always"


How do I get that clip of the ending kissing scene?


I can't one single clip


I didn't read the bottom commment on page , with a link to EW, I went there, and its the same -great one that I saw ..Nathon makes you beleive he really is in love with her and emotions show. Wow.
check it out..


Good clips from above.. enjoyed them all, sounds like the ad tv clips from Ctv, in Canada are misleading or can twist the story in the promos.
I just watched a clip released on Wetpaint-castle spoilers, and it is where Castle tells Beckett his love to her with tears in his eyes, and begging her to let this go..they will kill her, and she's shocked he knew or is involved.. is an OMG scene.. and can't wait till Monday.. think that the final will open the door to a great -and renewed season 5.


Holy cow! When will Monday get here?!

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I keep waiting for that other shoe to drop. What if this is that other shoe?


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