Common Law Review: Bringing the Bromance

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Common Law premieres Friday night at 10 p.m. EST on USA.

Will it continue this network's impressive string of hits? TV Fanatic critic Chandel Charles viewed the pilot ahead of time and has filed the following advanced review.


Get ready for your weekly dose of couple’s therapy.

USA Network is preparing to roll out another hit original series with the premiere of Common Law. Take it from this TV Fanatic: Common Law is uncommonly smart, sophisticated, edgy and all together hilarious.

Travis and Wes

Michael Ealy plays Travis Marks, a trigger-happy ladies man with a penchant for dating the women with whom he works. He’s a quick thinker with street and people smarts that he gained growing up in foster care.

Warren Kole takes on Wes Mitchell, a former lawyer who became a cop. Recently divorced as a result of his career change, he's been living in a hotel for the past nine months. His biting comments are a constant source of tension between Wes and the people around him.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that these two cops really know how to push each others buttons. And that’s exactly what landed them in couple’s therapy, at the direct order of their Captain, after Wes pulled his gun on Travis because he wouldn’t apologize.

Clearly, these two have some things to work through. And they'll do everything they can to try and convince everyone that they've worked through them.

Even so, don’t be surprised when these two manage to work together seamlessly as a team. Whether chasing down suspects or staging a counter-robbery at a convenient store, the partners are a force to be reckoned with. If there’s one thing they can agree on, it’s that they hate to see bad people get away with doing bad things. That’s the key, that's what makes their broken bromance remain functional.

They love each other and they hate each other. Indeed, Wes and Travis are like brothers. There will be screaming, yelling and the occasional fist-fight. And it will make for a fun and engaging hour of television each week. Trust me, you’re going to want this on your DVR this summer.

The only question is, will you be on Team Wes or Team Travis?

Watch Common Law - and check out the USA trailer now - this Friday at 10 p.m. ET/9 CT on USA and find out. Then tweet @CommonLaw_USA with the hashtag #TeamWes or #TeamTravis with your answer.


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Well the first 15min. are really good but apparently they have seen fit to put a virus of a sorts at about 15min. in at the commercial break to kill the DirecTV DVR the only way to get the DVR back online is to unplug it and let it reboot this has happened twice to Me. Common Law and I played it again and it die,s in the same place each time on the pilot and Ride along.If they did this on purpose so be it but if it is a screw up I hope they fix it soon I will only try one more TIME and then I,m done with it.


I really enjoyed watching the two bicker and then work well together. There is the right amount of humor to keep me watching. Thumbs up for common law.. Props to Ealy.


The hardest thing for me to do in every single one of the action crime drama's of NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Burn Notice, CSI and on and on, is to decide right away if the show is supposed to be, at what percentage realistic. I can only speak for myself, but comedy doesn't do it for me, like Psych, but NCIS because it's pretty, and I say pretty authentic, and witty, it falls into the very watchable crime drama's that I compare the rest to. The wittiness really comes through on Common Law, do to the actors being so opposite and it really works for me, but I think they're also trying real hard to make it an authentic crime drama at the same time, but the comedy prevails. I think it would really excel if were not totally a comedy, but borderline authentic real life. Real emotion, not just witty satire, and a plot that carries on into another plot that keeps relationships working with their girlfriends, whoever they might be. What's with USA and all these short termed series that last for 12 episodes; what one summer, one fall, one winter, and one spring. Too many to jumble, and your taking a chance too many will work spending all your time eliminating the good from the bad your going to have too many period. Greedy huh. Stick with you gut, and if the series shows good vibes over 6 episodes, make it a full length series, instead of all these short seasoned blurps. Were going to get bored quickly when we all need to slow down and live with something you've decided to stick with. Now you have a bunch of maybes. Burned notice is something that should be long termed, and so should Fairly Legal, and Common Law, and were going to forget about these because they're so short lived.


michael ealy in my living room. enough said!


I really enjoyed the first episode. While I'm slightly (really) bored of a procedural type show centering on cops I really loved the chemistry between the two leads. I also like that this is a relationship between equals. Yes we have bromance relationships in White Collar and Suits but they're between people that are not equal with one having more power than the other. Cop/criminal Partner/Associate that kind of thing. I thought it was pretty hilarious too. Though predictable in some places.


"Common Law is uncommonly smart, sophisticated, edgy and all together hilarious." No, "Common Law" is an uninspired attempt to mash together all of USA's successful shows, add in some "Lethal Weapon" and "Bakersfield PD" (a short-lived 1990s series that treated cops like married couples) in hopes of generating some ratings. It's not half as funny or real as "In Plain Sight", which USA just retired. "White Collar" is a lot smarter and more sophisticated, "Necessary Roughness" is edgier. This is just a trashy show for guys who like to see cops bantering, threatening everybody with guns for no good reason, and smashing things up. Bottom line: Not unwatchable, just not worth watching.
Honorable mention: Great to see Ms. Parker again!


I'm really looking forward to see this show. Looks good and we need new shows for the summer. This is going to be one, the other are Rookie Blue and Covert Affairs. So I guess we are going to meet here before and after epis. :)


Still waiting for a Suits/White Collar/Psych Crossover... now maybe an unprecedented four-way crossover 2-week extravaganza?? Hey, I can dream big.


Can't wait! I'll probably be on team Travis despite being more of a wes. Lol

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