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Last week brought us two major events, with a Law & Order themed episode and the death of a beloved recurring character, Starburns. In "Course Listing Unavailable" we learned more about thr latter and how he affected his fellow "human beings" at Greendale College.

Oddly enough, it all started when Starburns' "lawyer" (I put this in quotes because, really, who knows?) showed up and gave Abed the ashes and a video of his post death-wishes.

Chang Takes Over

Troy was incredibly uncomfortable with the topic of death, so obviously Britta took this as an opportunity to play psychologist. You gotta love how shameless she is about it. It may be annoying at times but at least she commits to the role. And then you get the obvious Jeff rebuttal jokes, which are usually entertaining. I seriously thought she might've stuck the faux starburns onto her face with superglue. 

I truly love the Dean and how silly and crazy he is. Singing "C'mon Eileen" while doing remedial tasks just to make the day go by and dressing up in costumes to break crappy news? Classic Pelton. He knew the group would flip out when they found out they had to attend summer school. He just didn't anticipate it would be at Starburns' memorial service.

I like how he was pinpointing why each member of the group would be able to soothe over everyone else. Annie and her sweetness, Shirley and her religiousness, etc. Too bad all they did was get everyone all riled up!

Again, Chang was somewhat on my nerves. I'm over his security team and his back and forth hatred for the group. Why was he so desperate for them to get kicked out of school? I much preferred him when he was living in the vents with Annie's boobs. Also, his squad is prepubescent, as Jeff said, and I find it creepy.

In the end, the true lesson to be learned from any death is that you should appreciate your loved ones even more. As the group sat miserable in Troy, Abed, and Annie's apartment, Abed mused what would have happened if they had chosen a different timeline in "Remedial Chaos Theory." But then he mentioned something so very true: "We're together, that makes this the perfect timeline." For more lines from tonight's Community, go to our Community quotes section.

What did you all think of tonight's episode? Hit the comments.


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Childish gambino

easily my LEAST favorite episode of Community to date...and i get that it was mostly filler/setup, but still I barely found it even slightly entertaining


Entertaining episode.


We see silly thing also coming back, like the timelines, Britta and Troy, Annie and Jeff (on the dreamatorium episode)... if you really follow the show, you can connect all those subtle dots and make the story more coherent, even for your surprise. EVERYTHING HAPPENDS FOR A REASON AT COMMUNITY COLLEGE, even if we can't see it now. I have great faith in this show and I finf myself hopefull every thursday night waiting for the latest episode to come up. Is one the few TV Shows that I re watch over and over and still find funny...


What I like about this show the most is how STUPID THINGS are connected. In the wright way. I mean, we saw Chang being all "double personality like" at the beggining of the season, with the One Chang loving the study group and the Other Chang hating it. I guess that the next episode (acording to the synopsis posted earlier here) we will see his darkest side coming intosurface, if we haven't seen him before. I really like how they are exploring Abed and Chang even more and leaving the love triangle on the background for now. I'm really hopefull for next episode, I bet it'll be CHANG-TASTIC!


I actually prefer this Chang. I like when Chang has a purpose (however demented) and direction. Having Chang be ridiculous just for the sake of being ridiculous kinda got on my nerves. I enjoyed this episode. And just one more thing - whoever writes the music for Community should really get some recognition. The Glee-hate episode was full of original songs, this one had the Starburns song - it's all really, really well done.


I was disappointed in this episode (compared to others). But I agree with lugasa, I think this is leading up to something. Well, certainly having the gang suspended must be leading up to something. But I too hope it's something good. Because I don't see the point of having Starburns dying as part of the story. I liked Chang best during the first season, and I hope they get a fourth season and that he gets to be a teacher again, not insane, not envious of the group, just the old arrogant, sadistic Senor Chang. I did like the end of this episode, with the timeline brought up again and Troy saying they were in the perfect timeline (I don't remember who said it, but it definitely sounds like something Troy would say).


Just to correct you really quickly, it wasn't Abed who pointed out that they were in the perfect timeline, it was Troy who said that.


there's a plan brewing here, even bigger than pillows and paint balls. i just hope it would end in a memorable climax. you know, this really reminds me of Disney's animation show Recess. there they call them "the destructive six" but here we called them "green dale's seven".

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