Criminal Minds Review: An Unhappy Birthday

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Zzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzz. Oh, I'm sorry, someone wake me when it's over - this week's Criminal Minds episode was nothing short of filler. I know that the writers only had two hours left this season, but that's no excuse for just tossing one away.

This week on "Profiling 101" the team headed to a college to give a lecture about profiling serial killers. And what did the students learn? That the agents' lives are bombarded with tragedy and death day in and day out. Awesome. Raise your hand if you're shocked by this at all.

Rossi Stresses

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, because I really do think that the lives that BAU agents lead must be incredibly hard from a personal stand point. It's like psychiatrists and grief counselors, they have to find a way to siphon off that heaviness or else it consumes them. But just because it was interesting to hear more about what they do and to see the toll it took on Rossi doesn't mean I want them devoting the second-to-last episode of the season to what essentially amounts to a Q &A.

Also, a lot of the dialogue read like a PSA about what we should know about profiling. It was robotic and forced, albeit cleverly packaged.

But speaking of Rossi: how twisted and cruel is it of Tommy to reveal his victims on his birthday? On his birthday dude? Really?!? That's just cold, there's no other way to describe it.

I think it speaks to how good a person Rossi is that, in his desire to bring closure to the victims' families, he's willing to drag out Tommy's inhuman demands over time. It must be impossibly difficult for someone who's trained not to play into the whims of criminals to allow someone else to call the shots just to have a means to an end. I liked how the team played off of each others' strengths (the Garcia/Reid simultaneous "thank you" was gold), but I don't think that an entire episode should've been dedicated to this case. They could've managed to put something else in there, too.

Now at least we have a glimpse into how they're going to kill off Prentiss (or at least I'm assuming that they'll have her die in an explosion). Next week's season finale looks good, but I'm not sure if a standoff that ends in pyrotechnics was what Paget Brewster had in mind when she asked to be written off of the show. Any way you cut it, I'll be sad to see her go (but I know many of you don't share that sentiment).

I'll just be happy to have a regular episode back, with no more of this BS filler and wasted time. What did you all think of this week's show? Am I the only one who was underwhelmed? Here's hoping next week isn't a disappointment, too.


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Sorry but I have to agree with review this episode was kinda boring but I did like how Rossi wanted to give the victims family some closure I didn't like how was on Rossi Birthday poor Rossi but he a good guy to go though that every year to give those family that. it was also nice to hear a Gideon name come up. next week will be sad we have to say goodbye to Emily.


Guess I'm weird-I really kind of liked this episode. Just hearing the team explain their procedures in a technical was kind of interesting to me. I do agree a little more action would have been nice.
It is amazing to me that so many women could still be missing that no one had been able to attribute to "Tommy" that Rossi has MANY more years to spend visiting him to get the names & locations.
Got to honor Rossi for his dedication to getting the info and visiting the families-don't see how he could do that every year.
I will miss Emily-but look forward to seeing how the BAU adapts next season.


However they do it I will just be glad to see the back of Prentiss, roll on next week.


Sorry, Renata, your review was terrible!! I liked this was a great depature from killings and gore, and I found it interesting! The classroom setting and settling on one deranged serial killer and the flashbacks was informative and shocking that one abused kid could grow up to be so destructive and cruel. You were right on one point...leaving over 100 names, one at at time, to an annual visit on Rossi's birthday was sick!! Rossi should have held out for 10 a year, but that's neither here or there...just sick, and poor Rossi with that horrible duty. I'm not a Derrick fan, but I do like Emily Prentiss and will miss her. To kill her off would be stupid twice, but I like that she decided to buy a house and maybe just retire.


I actually fell asleep!!!! The episodes are not as good as they use to be:(


I don´t agree. I liked this episode, and it did have a case, just told in a different way, i love when CM mixes it up... I dont agree that the lecture was about "the hard life they live" i think it was a well done summation of their work, and i like the fact that Rossi made the lecture that day just to be reminded of why he does what he does. It wasn´t the best episode ever, but i don´t think it was a snooze or a filler.


Let me guess not a fan of the show I swear TV fanatic it seem like you guys like to write more about teenager drama show then adults shows Last night was sweet and a nice thank you to the fans. Next week looks good too :) i AM really going to miss emily


I actually thought it was a good episode, a nice change.


I liked that they used a lot more profiling in this episode. I feel like they haven't done a lot of profiling this season. The students questions felt forced and some of the responses did too. I thought it was a really interesting way to write an episode, but it needed a little bit more of something. Maybe if they'd had to chase the unsub or tackle him or just something else. I'm not gonna lie I played solitaire through a large chunk of the episode. The happy birthday song at the end was super creepy. It left you with a creepy crawly feeling in your stomach. I won't ever hear that song the same way again!


Emily isn't going to die. They have already said they're not going to kill her off. She is just leaving.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

Agent Prentiss: There's a lot about Rachel that tells us about the UnSub. She was young, so most likely he was, too.
Student: What makes you think that?
JJ: Well she lived in a shelter and had a part-time job, so she was a street kid, but not necessarily the reckless type. She wouldn't just go off with anyone.

Agent Rossi: Now these two girls couldn't be more different. But the one thing they both have in common is that they both crossed paths with the most prolific killer the BAU has ever seen.
Dr. Reid: What you need to understand is that no two killers are the same. They each occupy their own spot in the behavioral spectrum. Genetics, brain chemistry, psychology, they're all factors.
Agent Hotchner: But we believe this particular killer grew up in an environment so adverse he never had a chance.