Criminal Minds Season Finale Preview: Who Will Die?

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The filler is over. The finale is nearly upon us.

Following a sleepy Criminal Minds episode, this CBS drama promises to up the stakes on Wednesday via a two-hour installment that centers around a hostage situation, a death and a goodbye.

Will the latter two be related? Will Emily Prentiss, who we all know is leaving, be the BAU member teased below? Who won't live to see the closing credits? Make your own predictions now and check out the official preview:

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Do not believe anybody will die. I read that they are ending the show with a happy note.


i think will is dying :(
it looks like it from the picture above on thr right corner when everyone is holding jj.


its not prentiss that dies. the producers said that they are leaving her exit open-ended so as to allow for a reaccuring role. this means its most likely Rossi or garcia, as i havent heard wether they've signed on for next season. i dont think MGG (reid) has signed yet either, but killing off his charchter, esspecially without exploring more of the mentel health issues they have been hinting around at, would most likely doom the show. if they wanted to have his charchter gradually deteriorate, i think they could get away with having him succumb to schitzophrenia and ending the show with him as a villan. it would be a series ender that no one would forget.


Wondering if Morgan will be the member to die....his death would have a definite impact on Garcia- his death would close their relationship- allowing Garcia to finally say yes to Kevin. I can picture him saving Garcia's life and losing his own. Derek's heroic death- similar to Bruce Willis in Armageddon- followed by Garcia's wedding, would be poetic.


I hope it's Derek. His know it all, God I'm wonderful character makes my teeth hurt.


Totally hoping it's Kevin that bites the dust...


Don't know who dies but I bet it will be either Penelope or prentiss because in the preview Penelope is the last one out of the exploding building and in the definition on TV it says that prentiss says goodbye but that could possibly just be code for dies. Also think that jj and will are going to get married. No matter who dies I will still watch CM because it is one of the best shows I have ever watched!


I think by the teaser that it is Garcia but NO WAY!! I can't believe it. If we have to lose let Prentiss, we've been though it before and can deal with that. But not Garcia, love that character. It is one of the ones that mirror someone we all know and love in real life. KEEP Garcia!!!!


u know it doesn't say "die" it simply says that one profiler will be gone...which was already cleared to be prentiss leaving without alot of drama. think about it..would there really be a wedding after rossi dies????


You know it could be Strass because she comes back too I believe and if she dies Hotch is next in line to replace her

Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 23 Quotes

Morgan: What are you afraid the place is going to fall down?
Prentiss: I'm afraid it's never going to be as strong as it was.
Morgan: OK somebody's heart isn't into it. What's going on?
Prentiss: I don't know. When I first came here, I felt like I was home. And now, it's just an uphill battle. People kill for opportunities like this. Am I crazy?
Morgan: You've got to do what's best for you. Follow your gut. What's it trying to tell you?

Garcia: Kevin brought another woman. I'm plotting revenge. Do you want to help?
Agent Rossi: No. Now you know I love you both, but this is Saturday and it is my day off. I prefer to love you from afar. So, have fun. It's my bedtime.
Dr. Reid: It's 9am.
Rossi: You're judging me?