CW President Talks Future of Gossip Girl, Supernatural... The Selection?

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Immediately following his network's Upfront presentation in New York today, CW president Mark Pedowitz looked forward and looked back in press conference with reporters, yours truly included.

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Among the topics covered:

  • Pedowitz lamented the demise of Ringer as a "serialized" show and said it may have worked better if it ran consecutive new episodes: "The show was well-crafted, well-produced, well-written, but... after it finished a run in the fall and came back in January, the audience went somewhere else. And it just could not find the 18-34 demo that we hoped.”
  • Such thinking is why The CW will air Cult in midseason, running all 13 new episodes in a row.
  • On Supernatural, which has made the unusual move back to midweek: "I'm not looking at Season 8 as the final year in any way, shape or form."
  • On the final season of Gossip Girl: It may be 10 episodes, it may be 11. But the goal is to conclude its run in 2012 and include a retrospective at some point.
  • The Selection is not dead. It even air in January, but is being retooled, with only Aimee Teegarden guaranteed to remain part of the cast.
  • Yes, new episodes will not air until October across the board. But this will mean no reruns until December, with the exception of Thanksgiving week.

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Having read the book on which The Selection is based I don't think it's going to make a good TV show. I can't believe that people are actually comparing it to The Hunger Games. Aside from the vaguely dystopian approach in the selection, they have nothing in common, one being amazing the other one just...uninteresting.


First of all, I am in no way a fan of sappy love stories. I am more of an action kind of girl. I love dystopia when it contains deaths and action so I am shocked to be excited for The Selection. But there's actually just one reason why I want to watch it: I WANT TO SEE PETER PEVENSIE! and seeing this news about only Aimee Teegarden keeping her role is devastating. I wanted to see it because of its wonderful cast and now, I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to see something quite as shallow as this one without a cast to make up for it.
The others on the other hand,Gossip Girl is getting tedious so not quite so while Cult looks interesting enough but I am not as invested in it as The Selection.


Ugh, Aimee Teegarden is who kept me from being interested in The Selection before. Can't believe she's the only one guaranteed to keep the spot. As for people losing interest on breaks, the problem is after Christmas there were breaks constantly. They lost many non-dvr viewers (which is all the ratings they follow) simply because people never knew when a new episode was on and when it was a rerun. If you watched more than one CW show it was exhausting to try to keep up with what show was new and what was a rerun because every show was different, even ones on the same night. It was easily the most idiotic schedule I've ever seen for a network.


Yo MTV, Pick Up the Secret Circle (facebook page) Join us and save the circle!


Well, if u lose interest during the break, then that means the show is not that good. I mean, for example, the breaks between seasons of HBO's series last almost 1 year but I don't lose interest on, let's say, game of thrones or boardwalk empire, and I did lose some interest in true blood, which has been lacking in the last seasons


Well when you know that people don't like to wait for two months until a new series starts again then goddamit send it in a row!!! Ringer was awesome and I watched it even after the break but I can understand people who just lost track! I'm really mourning over that show! :(....And I want 11 Gossip Girl eps!!!

Sarah silva

Personally I do not buy the demise of Ringer and TSC being the long breaks they had, all the other shows were fine I think that the CW higher ups had to cancel shows as they had too many new ones and they just chose 2 to cancel. Sadly they were 2 of the shows that I watched.
If he gave the long break excuse for lack of viewers and said people gave up and went elsewhere, then technically he is doing the same thing by not having the shows start until October. As some people (not me I will tune in whenever 90210, HOD, Arrow and TVD start) will get fed up that the shows are not starting in September and will use those time slots to watch other shows and I am sure give up on the CW.

Sarah silva

He also said that part of Ringer's demise was it was too confusing to people. It was not confusing at all!
He did not mention the Secret Circle at all.
Personally I think giving Cult a 13 episode season is a mistake. However I like the idea of no repeats. It is not yet on the midseason schedule but the only place it can go is Fridays at 8/7c after ANTM is over.
Personally I think Beauty and the Beast, Carrie Diaries and Emily Owens MD will all be cancelled this time next year and with GG ending and hopefully finally putting ANTM out of its misery will open up alot more space next year.


yep the breaks killed theSC! They had more than 2.0 mil viewers at one point! And airing 3 eps and than break it fo 3 weeks didn't helped the show! That is why VD viewers went away too! Glad the Selection is still in game! It has potential, but it depends on the script!


@marisa1983 how true.
Same for Secret Circle. It wasnt the quality of the show. It was the number of breaks. People lost interest because of all the waiting. If ure a secret circle fan, can u join us by writing on abc family network's facebook page wall? Were working for them to consider picking the show. Secret circle really needs to be moved to another network where it should have 13 episodes each season so there wont be annoying long breaks.

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