Daniel Gillies Teases "Hot Mess" of "Tragedy" on The Vampire Diaries Finale

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For those of you who have not yet watched The Vampire Diaries season three finale promo (below), consider this a SPOILER ALERT.

Daniel Gillies will return as Elijah on "The Departed." What brings this Original back to town? Gillies wasn't exactly forthcoming in a recent chat with E! News, but he did refer to a "hot mess" of Mystic Falls events, added that Elijah will be needed to "restore order" and:

"It's deeply tragic. You can expect some tragedy. That's all I can really say. Whatever's happening with this group of people is about to be changed forever."

Quadruple gulp.

On a far more pressing, personal level, Gillies also chatted with the site about Isaias Quintana, a two-year old battling a rare form of cancer, and talked about the foundation he's set up to help the toddler.

Read the full interview with Gillies to find out a lot more about this important cause.

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I will miss VD this summer but at the same time, I need a break. I haven't seen the last season of True Blood, so when it somes out late this month on DVD, I'll be watching that and MTV's Teen Wolf, which is also a great supernatural show.

Sarah silva

I am looking forward to Thursday! I love love love this show!


if the originals die - I quit.


What's with all the cursing?! Grow up people. I don't think the tragedy will necessarily be about Elijah.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

If he starts to YET AGAIN preach his Elena-religion and how not worthy of her everyone is....uhh vomit. Also yes, more hype for finale. as Always. So far two out of two season finales of TVD have been horribly underwhelming and changed nothing. Not expecting anything good out of this one, even if its co-written by competent and awesome Brett Matthews.


Nooooooooo !!!! Im guessing the "Hot mess" and "Tragedy" quotes are him saying Elijah will ....gasp.... Go up in flames like his father.If thats the case then FUCK YOU Vampire Diaries !!!


Plec, seriously, you should have made d. Gillies a regular like a season ago. Don't screw up now, please, with something bad happening to Elijah. He is everyone's
Favourite character and he deserves another season in the show.


I am glad he is back, but hope its worth it this time, don't like them bringing in Elijah, just so he either leaves or gets daggered 3 episodes later.

Leon alexis

Who cares, you are fucker?!? Im still looking for my brother!

Leon alexis

Leon Alexis; Fuck, I have hair as he does.

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