David McCallum Signs Two-Year Extension With NCIS

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David McCallum will return to NCIS for a 10th season next fall, and an 11th the year after that if the series continues on CBS. The original cast member agreed to a new, two-year contract this week.

McCallum is one of four original cast members whose contracts are up at the end of this season, along with Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray (who joined during the first season).

During the quartet’s previous renegotiation two years ago, McCallum again was the first to reach a new agreement at the end of April. Talks with the other three stretched past the upfronts into June.

Gibbs and Duck

There is indication of that scenario happening again this year, with Weatherly, Perrette and Murray all in various stages of new negotiations. All ultimately re-signed then, of course, and are expected to again.

The rest of the cast, including leading man and executive producer Mark Harmon, is already under contract through the conclusion of NCIS Season 10, which was recently announced by CBS.

The Scottish-born McCallum, 78, has been a TV institution for decades, most notably in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Sapphire & Steel, and now our beloved Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard on NCIS.

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Thank you for not getting rid of Duckie, If they need to get rid of anyone let Tony or Vance go but keep the rest. I love that show.


I watch this show all the time and love Ducky. He's my favorite character so I'm thrilled to see that he'll be back next season. We love you David, you're the best!


Ducky is great and good chemistry with cast. Ms lee is a smart a_s. She should not be a new Mrs Gibbs. Tim should just one time punch Tony, just for the h+ll of it.


I love the show and never miss it. I collect every season. I wish Jamie Lee Curtis would leave the show. She over acts and it seems that she always has to be right in Gibbs's face when she is around him. She is to old for him and I just don't think she isn't a good fit. Besides, she isn't a redhead.


I agree with most in the beginning jamie's character was not right for gibbs but she is growing on me. I also think that she came on the show because mark and jamie did freaky friday together and became good friends and with mark harmon being a producer on the show I bet he had a say in who his next girlfriend would be and said lets get my friend Jamie to come on and play that part cause we had chem. in are movie. But the show characters are so different then what we r used to that to us it feels like it doesn;t always work. thats my guess.


Ducky will be back. I saw an earlier comment about what they did with Kate, bringing her back as a ghost. Sasha Alexander is in no way affiliated with NCIS anymore. She's not under contract so if Ducky is under contract again, he's not dead.


Ducky is awsome and i am watching NCIS right now!


i too had to get online and check on david mccallums status on ncis as i am also a big fan of his. there are alot of hotties on ncis, but he tops them all. i may still be considered yound even though i am in my mid forties now, but for a man his age he still has that thing that draws a woman to a man. i love you david maccallum!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to watch again in the fall


After watching the final episode of the 9th season, I searched online to see if David McCallum was returning. I have also watched him since The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and he is irreplaceable as are the rest of the cast. Hopefully the fans won't be disappointed.


Love Mr McCallum, also watched him in Man from U.N.C.L.E. on the
BBC which started in 1965 in England. I was 11 then and watched anything
and eveything I could with Mr McCallum and still watching him up to
the present day (2012.

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