Elementary on CBS: First Full-Length Trailer

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It will soon be Elementary, dear CBS viewers.

The network has released an extended trailer for its modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes this fall, a drama that will air at 10 p.m. on Thursdays and stars Jonny Lee Miller as the British detective who has moved to NYC and taken up the same kind of work in Manhattan that he performed in London.

Also starring Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson, the following sneak peek gives us a much closer look at the two main characters than the first Elementary trailer.

Why is Sherlock in New York? Why is Watson serving as his "sober companion?" What happens when a home possesses a safe room? Why doesn't Sherlock have any mirrors in his apartment? Watch now and decide if you'll give Elementary a chance when it premieres.

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@ Diana: Are you for real?? How can you say something so stupid and racist. So, if you don't like the idea of a female (chinese) Watson then just don't watch it and stay in your own "white" world. And you don't have to tell me that you just stated your opinion, you could have done that in a less spiteful way.


What a bunch of whining peeps! Imitation is a form of flattery! How selfish you are thinking so small! You worship the idea/story of Sherlock Holmes but you don’t want anyone to expand on it? Maybe just one person will watch the show and be interested enough to pick up a Sherlock Holmes book, and a fan is born. What a great spin on a great story, Lucy Liu as Watson. She is an amazing actress! She was so great in Southland, but I am sure you didn’t watch that either because in� your world� it was a rip off of something so great on BBC. Well your loss it was amazing show and I can’t wait for next season. I look forward to watching Elementary, with my glass of wine and Twinkie !


Elementary should be cancelled! This show sounds terrible with Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson. What is CBS thinking? There are no Chinese women in the Cannon. Dr. Watson has always been white!


Not withstanding the comment below, if someone offered me a role on a show like Elementary and offered $80,000.00 or more an episode... I'd jump into my hypocrite suit and sign immediately on the dotted line. I'd probably also spout how incredible the cast, writers, creators and the network are; how awesome the team chemisty is; how funny, and smart, and timely and challenging the show is; and how this new modern update serves as a homage to the greatest detective ever, and isn't just a copy of 47 other shows already on the air or an ersatz Sherlock. I mean come on. With that kind of cash I could buy a seriously cool medium room to watch the BBC version.


@_shhh- Americans can be incredibly ignorant - and this is seen in what many watch for entertainment. Yes there are a few smart ones, but huge swathes of the country are populated with people who mistakenly believe that President Obama is a Muslim (20%), who don't believe in natural selection (25%), who believe the sun revolves around the earth (20%), and who cannot name the three branches of U.S. Government (3 out of 5). So for these people we create shows like Elementary, Falling Skies, CSI, Real Housewives, etc. The BBC show is amazing. Those of us who watch it probably enjoy it with a glass of wine and a few quick witted friends. Those who watch Elementary are probably enjoying it with a Twinkie and a large diet coke.


This is shit!!!!!
Sherlock BBC is the best thing ever.
The people behind Elementary may as well take a dump on Doyle's grave!


I must add that although I will definitely watch this show, my only hopes is that the lead character becomes more lovable. He is missing that special finesse that every Sherlock character should have. Hopefully Lucy Liu and the other cast members can bring it out of him. Otherwise, the show will be doomed to fail very soon.


This show looks promising. I am looking forward to watching it. The Trailer was awesome!! Finally, we get to see more of Lucy Liu. She is an amazing actress. This is quite a twist on one of my favorites. It definitely has piqued my interest.


Boycott this for Scandal. Just started watching the new bbc version with Benedict and Martin and its AMAZING. Nothing will compare. They just decided to create this cuz they think it will be the new House.


and the best Sherlock Holmes ever brought to screen is not the BBC version, it's the USSR version, they even got various British awards for their series. it is old but it is still the best.

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