Elementary Promo: Sherlock Holmes, Take 217!

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One hour of the new CBS schedule is Elementary, dear TV Fanatics.

The network retell the story of Sherlock Holmes this fall, updating the classic character in a number of ways:

  • He's living in New York.
  • In modern day New York.
  • His sidekick is now a woman, Dr. Joan Watson.

Jonny Lee Miller (in his British accent) and Lucy Liu will take on the iconic lead roles, while Aidan Quinn comes on board as the Captain in charge. Watch them all in action here and decide: Worth a spot on your DVR?

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That was not an earth quake. That was Conin Doyle fliping in his grave because of what they have done to his creation and characters. What a mess. Monk with a british accent. Lost me with this one.


bad bad and bad.You're right joyeful,CBS have already this show and it's the Mentalist.Simon Baker is excellent.CBS is a loathsome network.


I think their biggest problem isn't the awe inspiring Sherlock, rather how will they keep it up episode after episode, season after season. Not a lot of source material for that much TV. One reason why the 13 episode season is so excellent, no time for fluff.


A bad copy of the amazing "Sherlock" from BBC!!


Doesn't CBS already have this show? Isn't it called "The Mentalist"? It looks interesting, although everything's better with a British accent LOL. I'll probably check it out.


Will it be as good as the british version "Sherlock"? I don't know...


I will watch.

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