Emily Owens M.D.: Sneak Peek!

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Let's ignore the title for a moment, okay?

The CW changed the name of First Cut to Emily Owens M.D. at the last moment and... let's just say I'm not a fan.

Which is the opposite of how I feel when it comes to series star Mamie Gummer, who anchors Emily Owens M.D. as, well, Emily Owens M.D. She's a new doctor who quickly learns that life in a hospital isn't much different than life in high school.

Especially once she develops a crush on a fellow physician played by Justin Hartley. Watch a sneak peek from the series premiere now and look for Emily Owens to follow Zoe Hart on Tuesday nights this fall:

Elsewhere on The CW in 2012-2013:

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I believe those 3 are doctors about as much as I believe alien invaders from another galaxy can be defeated by a lone roguish, slacker, bad boy who suddenly realizes her must put aside his selfish ways and in so doing discovers the alien's one weakness that no one else has been able to discover. Imagine the quality of care you'd receive from a doctor who has 15 minute inner monologues that show only how vapid and self absorbed her thoughts are. Here's a hint. Want a show about idiot high school kids...? Set it in a high school.


I LOVE the title! (I wonder why?) LOL


Is this CW's answer to Grey's Anatomy? No BITCH, it ain't gonna work! Gonna be the First Cut off of CW! Justin Hartley needs to getting Passions back on the air!


Only watching this show for Justin Hartley.


They could have picked a better clip!


The show looks ok but what is with the god awful name. Emily Owens M.D should have stuck to First Cut..


Im not going to lie and say that the clip wasn't amusing, but i just cant see it as a CW drama, and cant believe it is paired with HoD. I get that they are both doctor dramas, but still.... Hope it doesnt affect Dixie's viewers.
Still can't see how this got given the green light (along with most of the other newbies), and TSC is gone...


I quite liked this little sneak peak! I love emily and Max(hartley character) being bff's! He as the cool kid and she as the out-sider! If they promote it well it can catch somr solid ratings! :D

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