Fox Renews Touch, Axes Alcatraz and The Finder

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Shortly after picking up five new shows for the 2012-2013 season, including a comedy from Mindy Kaling and a drama starring Kevin Bacon, Fox has announced a couple other fall schedule decisions:

Touch has been renewed. Alcatraz and The Finder have been canceled.

Marty and Jake

Touch, which features Kiefer Sutherland as the father of a gifted, silent boy, joins Bones and Fringe as dramas that have been picked up new seasons.

The Finder, meanwhile, will air what will now be a series finale tomorrow night.

These were really the only three shows remaining on the Fox bubble, as the network will unveil its official fall/winter schedule on Monday in New York City.

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The Finder is a strong character driven show. I am extremely dissappointed in Fox for not promoting the show well. They canceled the show way to early for it to even get going. How is American Idol still on and yet the Finder isn't?


Could bring back the show with Leo leaving the bar to Walter, willow finding out Leo's dead and returning, and have cameos from people trying out for his assistant, The Rock, Mr. T, Mr Bean carrot Top,......???


We really enjoyed "The Finder" Canceling it is a HUGE MISTAKE! As a middle aged couple, there are very few decent t.v. programs. We wish you would reconsider it's dismissal.


Cancelling The Finder was a bad decision. The characters were really starting to develop; giving the show more depth. This is crazy.


I am very disappointed that The Finder has been cancelled. The story lines were great and there isn't another show like it, it is different and unique and the characters are brilliant. You need to listen to the audience who bring in the ratings and stop axing shows people actually enjoy!!!!


It so stuped thay shut down they finder that wus a graet show


So disappointed to hear that Touch will be renewed...while the Finder and Alcatraz are cancelled. I agree with the general opinion...stop cancelling the good shows!!! Like Liz, I also didn't know about the Finder OR Alcatraz until I stumbled onto a few episodes on Hulu. However, I couldn't hardly turn a corner without being slapped in the face with a commercial spot about Touch. Marketing was definitely NOT there for the other shows :(


Is there a way we can bring The Finder back?? it was an excellent show - perhaps too cerebral for the younger 'beautiful people/sexual content' crowd, but with far too many reality shows on television we need something to engage us. Please revive this show!


...sorry, I meant "to hack!"


I liked Kiefer Sutherland in "The Lost Boys", but that is it!! HOW DARE YOU IGNORANT, LOW-INTELLIGENT IDIOTS THAT SIT AROUND THE CORPORATE TABLE AND DICTATE WHICH SHOWS TO KEEP AND WHICH SHOWS THE HACK?!!?!? Please, please bring back "The Finder"!!! Hmm, "Fringe" is on the way "Bones", too?? This sucks!!