Glee Goes to Prom: First Look!

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TV Fanatics, you are cordially invited to the William McKinley High School prom... a week early!

Yes, in just a few hours, Rachel and Kurt will sing for their NYADA lives in front of Whoopi Goldberg on the ominously-titled Glee episode "Choke." But seven days later, these seniors will join their classmates for the most memorable experience of a young student's life.

What do the just-released photos from "Prom-asaurus" reveal? Slow dances for Will and Emma, along with Sam and a smiling Mercedes; a beaming Finchel, making its way to the dance floor; and Quinn not letting her disability get in the way of a performane. Or a beautiful dress.

Click through the fun photos now:

Sam and Mercedes at the Prom
Quinn at Prom
Tina at the Prom
Prom Dancing
Finchel Prom Pic
Principal Figgins Pic
Wemma at the Prom
Klaine at the Prom
Tina, Santana and Brittany

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They had to perform at prom last year, that's why they all went.


i watched the next peisode promo...y does finn shouting to quinn to stand-up??


wait, why did they make such a big deal about the prom last time if that was just junior prom? Isn't this the one they would care about? Plus, why did all the characters go to both juniour & senior prom? I thought some of them weren't in the same year level...


maybe this time quinn will get the prom queen...

Matt richenthal

@farsia2010: she's the first photo listed under the one of Sam and Mercedes.


i can't find Quinn, she said she will be dancing at Nationals, is she out of the chair yet?

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Glee Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Brittany: "And finally, all hair gel has been banned from the prom."
Blaine: [laughing] "Right."
Brittany: "I'm actually not joking. Hair gel wasn't invented until 30 million years after the Paleolithic Stone Age. And frankly, I don't like the way you look. Therefore, anyone who shows up to the prom wearing hair gel will be turned away at the door."

"It's clear that the three of you are incompetent fools, possibly even some sort of terrorist cell. So, as president, I'm gonna decide what the prom theme is going to be this year. And I think that it should be...dinosaurs."