Gossip Girl Caption Contest 209

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Welcome to the 209th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. Yep, 209... what a run! If you're new, this is where our readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama. So who won?

Your Caption Contest winner, featuring a photo from "The Return of the Ring," is girlonfire.

Congratulations and well done. The winning entry appears beneath the photo. Honorable mentions go out to joenes, About_150_times and Betty Draper. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck next time!

Chuck and Bart Photo

Bart: Son, now that you have turned 21 it's time I finally tell you about the dark Bass family secret.
Chuck: Holy moly, what is it?
Bart: You have a long lost half brother. His name is Lance.

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chuck: i thought you were going to turn the bass industries into a family buisness, why would you shut me out like that? bart: because im bart bass chuck: hey! thats my line


Chuck Bass: I love you, Dad.
Bart: Well, that's too bad.


Chuck Bass: I love you, Dad.
Bart: Thank you.


Bart: Chuck the real reason I left was because....I well....Blair and I....
Chuck: WTF not again....I know Bass industries is a family business but come on!


Bart: Son, I’m gonna tell you a story. The story of how I met your mother…
Chuck: Which one? The one who pretended she was dead for 18 years, the one you hired and who slept with my best friend or your ex-wife who adopted me? It gets confusing, you know.


Bart: Charles, I assume you saw my will and the last wishes. Tell me. Did you honor my final request? C: Of Course, Dad. I didn't understand at first, but, yes, I recorded every episode of American Idol. Full disclosure, though. There was this time awhile back. I kinda fell off the grid and got shot. I think Glee cut into the first 5 minutes of the last episode. Bart: THE FINALE!?! You are a weak disappointment, and you are no longer apart of Bass Industries. C: But you weren't even dead... and they probably have an app for that by now!


Chuck: I would've done anything for you. All you had to do was *ask.*
Bart (explains patiently): If I would've asked it wouldn't have worked- you would have been too willing.
Chuck (shakes head, stunned): No....
Bart: I can't let my feelings cost me everything I've built.
Chuck: Even if it means losing me instead?
Bart: Especially then.


Chuck: Three words. Eight letters. Say it.
Bart: I-I-
Chuck: And Blair wondered where I got my commitment issues from.


Chuck: Three words. Eight letters. Say it.
Bart: Chuck Bass. I will never say those three words to you.
Chuck: And Blair wondered where I got my commitment issues from.


Wow, the return of bart and chuck has really brought out the best in everyone! I don't think i've read so many genuinely funny quotes for the caption contest in a row, like ever.
About 150 times- yours is so funny! Ha, adorable.
Arnie- that really does sound like Bart and Chuck, damn xp
Stella- oh my God. that sweater. those yellow pants. seriously. good one.
QueenMab- yep. that sounds about right. I love this!
May 29th, 2012 12:25 AM
Chuck: So Dad, who's my real mother ?
Bart : Don't Ted Mosby me, I won't tell. But the best one, by far, bar none is:
May 28th, 2012 2:07 PM
"Chuck : Can I at least have a hug ?
Bart : Please. It's not like if you were my son.." L-o-v-e this. In a crux, perfection.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.