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Bart: Hah. You blinked first. Say goodbye to Bass Industries, son...


On a related note, anyone see these pictures of Conner Paolo (Eric) from a Tyler Shields photo shoot? Ow ow



Chuck: So Dad, who's my real mother ?
Bart : Don't Ted Mosby me, I won't tell.


The constest for who can stand stiffer for longer starts now!
Chuck: Let the best man win.


Bart: See! I'm standing in sunlight. Hopefully this finally proves that i am not a vampire.


Chuck: I rule Manhattan now, I'm the face of this city.
Bart: Oh please, the Empire, it has had more owners in the time you have owned it than America itself.


Chuck: So, did the doctor actually say that your face would crack if you smiled?

Bart: Of course - why do you think I'm always this expressionless?


"Chuck : Can I at least have a hug ?
Bart : Please. It's not like if you were my son.."


Chuck: I can't believe I got you a father of the year mug.


Bart: "Son, I'm glad you adopted my style."
Chuck: "I figured, since you were gone, someone had to hold on to that 'suit jacket yes but only one button down' style. But now that you're back, excuse me please. I have a scarf, yellow pants and a dolphine sweater to look for."

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