Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: You Again!?

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Guess who's back.

Promotional photos for next week's Gossip Girl season finale have been released, and wouldn't you know it, Georgina Sparks (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg) returns yet again to shake things up.

Her latest reappearance comes as a bit of a surprise, as she's been MIA in episode synopses and Gossip Girl spoilers this spring. What do you think G's return portends for Dan, Blair, Chuck and Serena?

It could shed light on the bombshell dropped at the end of last night's episode (see our Gossip Girl review), given her connections to the infamous laptop. Could G have leaked the diary page and not S?

We'll find out next Monday as the fifth season comes to a close.

For now, follow this link for two season finale promos and click to enlarge photos from "The Return of the Ring," including shots of Chuck and Bart, Chuck and Blair and Dan and Blair, below:

Georgina Sparks and Dan Humphrey
Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf Picture
Return of the Basses
Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf
Chuck and Bart Photo

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I do not believe that Blair talked to Georgina about the attack on the Serena. Who was the friend of Georgina, Blair or Serena, of course Serena. To whom was Georgina left the laptop of GG, of course Serena. Georgina would not help Blair to destroy Serena. Georgina wants to reconcile with Serena and to be friends again, as before!


Im so over G. Her appearances are so contrived and generally dont fit well into the storyline. Shes just thrown in for dramatic effect.


i think blair has sent georgina to dan to find out whats going on with him and serena to leak on gossip girl? the whole 'dair' relationship doesnt look like its going so great afterall... i think blair will tell chuck how she feels and they will get together...ITS ABOUT TIME,!


so this is who Blair was talking about when she said "I want information on serena to destroy her" or something like that. How sad this season had no appearance from Jenny, Eric or Vanessa :(

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