Gossip Girl Producers Preview "The Fugitives"

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In their weekly preview video, Joshua Safran and the producers of Gossip Girl share some clips from "The Fugitives" and give us some insight as to how the heck Bart is alive ... and where we go from here.

Here's what we've learned from their episode preview:

  • Bart's car accident was ... not an accident.
  • Everybody's together again except for Dan.
  • Dan gets another shot at his Rome fellowship, and he asks Blair to join him.
  • This leads into a really fun story that has been in the writers' heads since the middle of Season 3 and will provide a different kind of twist on the history of Serena and Blair's friendship.
  • Nate and Lola are intent on exposing Diana's past, which she's not keen on.

Watch the video and share your comments below ...

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You know what, @Zoran? I was thinking about Nate's grandfather too during a dead moment at school this morning. He can be connected to both Diana and Bart, maybe because 1) he was a member of this sort of escort business (how should I call it?) and 2) he was Bart's competitor... that's the only thing that can connect Diana, Bart and Nate's grandfather... mmm, who knows! @Sara C, well, I noticed this lack of passion on Blair's side since the beginning of this "relationship", but now it's very very subtle. The other subtle thing is her love for Chuck, that never died, although she forced herself to think that she doesn't love him, but in every single look/action you can see love and a sort of desperation... I guess it's high time for her to face that and take the risk for good!




As "delighted" as Blair looked when Dan said she can come along w/him, she can't choose Dan. She just can't. The official Fugitives photo where Dair is kissing is incredibly unpassionate; just holding hands ! Just like those ridiculous "princess photos".


@ alice24, @ Elisa
Both of you are right, and I agree with you. Like you nice said @ alice24, Blair should be with Chuck, and I add - foolish Humphrey should return to Serena! @ Elisa, Thorpe is in prison and he was sentenced to 20 years. As I already wrote, the most likely rival to Bart is none other than Nate grandfather! The old Vanderbilt is a very dark man, and perhaps darker than Bart. He and Diana / Indiana hiding a secret, and it will be interesting to know which.


Nothing dramatic explanations we learn from producers. They only more confused the audience. If they intend to return to the old track a story, I do not know when they will do it. It seems that, in 23x5 episode, no significant changes will occur. Dan is still with Blair, the connection between them deteriorates, but they are still together? Or maybe Dan, though, will go to Rome alone? There is still no indication who will be new-old love for Serena? I do not understand the connection with 3 season, and its effect on friendship between Serena and Blair. If it had to do with the guys, then only where Nate and Carter Bejzen. Perhaps Carter Bejzen will still be new-old love for Serena? I think Nate is still busy with Lola. As for Chuck and Bart, I think I know who the opponent to Bart was. None other than Nate grandfather! Nate grandpa has to do something with Diana / Indiana.


In the last episode Dair had no chemistry whatsoever it was HORRIBLE...you could totally see the love Chuck has for her whenever he looked at her, or when he touched her hand, how adorable was that?? And she did not like Chuck getting attention from that girl...face it, Blair...YOU LOVE CHUCK


Why does she have to go to chuck? Why can't she be alone? Is this some twisted ode to twilight, where Blair can't be without a man? DAN: go to Rome, forget Blair because some broken toys can't be fixed. Have fun and achieve something other than loving Blair. BLAIR: if she needs to run back to Chuck to find herself. She weaker than I even thought possible. CHUCK: Monkey is the best thing to ever happen to you. Stick with the dog.


I can't wait until Safran packs up his pompous ass and moves it to Smash. SEE YA!


Blair, say NO. please.
girl had a pregnancy, then an unfortunate miscarriage, got married, got divorced...all chasing men. most of that is her fault. she chose to 'be with' someone, instead of working on herself. going with Dan to Rome will be another thing she does to 'be with' a man. that's why there should be hesitation in her voice. not so she can run to be with Chuck.
Blair needs to do Blair. not 'be with' Dan, or tend to Chuck's latest man-pain. not run around scheming unless she's trying to get on a committee that will further her career aspirations....whatever those are.
this was the girl that was trying to get into an Ivy League college. that had a job at W mag while having a full class load. an overachiever with ambition. WTF happened to Blair Waldorf? writers, return her ASAP please.


This is not the first time Blair's been like this. It was very subtle but in the last episode, all of her scenes with Dan when she kissed him or the like, it felt like she did it because it's what boyfriend and girlfriend do, rather than because she really felt like it. When she kissed him at the end of last episode, it looked mechanical, and she pulled away quickly, giving off the feel of "Ok, that's done. Now let's eat." Not to mention what happened next.
I read this in other forums but someone brought up how Blair's voice has sounded fake lately - not like the usual badass Blair but more like she's humoring Dan. I think she thinks she should want to be with him, or maybe even thinks she wants him, but her instincts are telling her otherwise.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Blair: That was your agent. She wants you to reconsider the program in Rome. Which is odd, because you told me they went with someone else.
Dan: Ah, well, yesterday when you ended up with Chuck I was a little nervous about leaving for the whole summer. And I know you told me there were other people there and it was not romantic, but... come on. It's Chuck.
Blair: So you lied to me.
Dan: I figured you would just think I was some jealous freak if I told the truth.
Blair: Well maybe because you are. But you don't have to be. You have nothing to worry about. Take the offer. It's an amazing opportunity and I would never stand in the way of it.
Dan: It means the entire summer apart.
Blair: But it's not like I can't come visit. Rome is just two glasses of chardonnay away.

Chuck: So the car accident was real?
Bart: I was lucky to survive it. But it wasn't an accident. I'd been threatened.
Chuck: By who?
Bart: A very powerful competitor of mine. I had information on some transactions of his that could have put him away for a very long time. But his threats didn't work.
Chuck: They had someone ram your limo with a truck? Dad, You could have gone to the police. You didn't have to—
Bart: Yes, I did. He'd made it quite clear that both you and Lily were fair game. Once I realized his threats weren't empty, the only way out was to make him think he'd already one. Once I got to the hospital tonight I figured that would be my best chance.
Chuck: So what, you just paid some doctors to switch off the machines? Hope Lily was crying so much that she wouldn't notice you were actually still breathing? What did we bury in that coffin?
Bart: Charles, I am here with you now, trying to explain.