Gossip Girl Season Finale Promos: Friendships Destroyed?

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Gossip Girl's turbulent fifth season comes to a close next Monday. How will it end for the Upper East Siders? Two promos for "The Return of the Ring" are already fueling major speculation on multiple fronts.

According to the CW synopsis, "when Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare."

Did she or did she not send in the diary page? When B retaliates, will their friendship be fractured forever? And how will it impact the epic choice Blair must make between the men in her life?

The possibilities are limitless and the theories running wild, especially after seeing the promos below.

With these storylines and so much else up in the air - Bart's return and its impact on Lily and Rufus, Lola and Nate's future, and Ivy (in general) - the final chapter of Season 5 is not to be missed.

There's also the return of a familiar face, as seen in the photo gallery we posted moments ago.

Check out the U.S. and Canadian promos here and leave a comment with your take on each ...

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You know what, @Zoran, optimism is the only thing that keeps me going. Really, I'm torturing myself and my best friend (who actually has never seen GG) with hopes/dobts/fears and assumptions. And that's my last one, supported by the sneak peek. In my opinion, Blair goes to Chuck to try to control the possible damage of the diary blast, saying she didn't mean to hurt him or whatsoever. Chuck tells her that she has to decide and that he wants to move on. Then, really upset, Blair goes to Dan who yells at her whether she wants to be with him or not. She says "of course", but just because she fears that she has lost Chuck for good. At the party, Blair goes to Chuck and tells him that she still loves him, but he doesn't believe her (quite justified, uh?) and says again that he can't always go along with her wishes. Besides that, it is possible that Bart took over again the Bass industries, so Chuck may feel inferior and says "I can't be Mr Blair Waldorf" (I don't know if it refers to the fact that he can't always please her or to the fact that he feels inferior). Yet again, she goes back to Dan, but he is, like Chuck, tired of always waiting for her desicions, so he goes to Rome without her (maybe there may come Serena in the way, but I'm not so sure). Chuck decides to go somewhere (maybe Montecarlo?) for the summer with his uncle, and by his own surprise, while he was playing at the casino, he founds a gorgeous Blair that asks him if he's ready to bet that their relationship will finally work.
Well, I'm not so sure on what happens to Serena, since this whole "real/fake Dan" thing confuses me, and there may be some holes in my assumption, but that's basically what I'm hoping. I really don't know, I just have this very strong feeling that Chair will reunite, even though I know I'd better not get my hopes up too much.


Again I watched American promo several times, and I think that Serena and Dan still have sex at the bar. However, at the very stage actor who has sex with Blake, is not Penn, but his doubler. Therefore, doubts arise whether it was sex between Serena and Dan. On the promo definitely we see that Serena dress unties off by Dan, after continuing with kisses. But, when Dan takes off his shirt that is not shown, probably because of the doubler. Also, I do not see clearly, before the sex scene, Serena has a ring on her left hand. During the sex scene it is very well seen, but before that nowhere do we see Serena wears the ring. As for the spoiler, which is published here @ Celine, now I'm not sure it's 100% accurate (thanks @ Elisa), because they have not describe events that are visible in all three promo videos. Whoever wrote the spoiler did not know to what the evening event Eleanor is going. From the last promo it shows that the party is devoted to Blair mother, Eleanor.


@ Elisa I hope you are right, and that is a fake spoiler. I admire your optimism, you restored to me at least a little hope!


I know that it may be quite exaggerated, but you have to consider every possible customer’s thoughts, while you’re thinking about a marketing strategy, don’t you agree? I know you are a Chair fan like me that would love to see them happy together again, and it wasn’t absolutely my intention to attack you. :D


@Twilight, in my opinion, the spoiler you read is a fake, considering that I read on the #Save Chuck and Blair Facebook fanpage that some fake spoilers are around. I think so because I doesn’t actually make sense – when then does the casino scene take place? And, moreover (for the millionth time), why did Harry Winston choose Ed and Leighton to promote the brand? It isn’t enough the reason: “well, they used it in the past seasons and it came back for the last episode of season 5, but just as a ring of closure�. It’s silly, because they could have chosen someone that bought it recently and had a happy ending, not someone that bought it years ago and in the end they turned out to break up for good. The ring would have been then associated with sadness, since there are a lot of GG viewers that are (proudly) Chair fans. The possible customer would think: “look, it’s Chuck and Blair’s ring! Should I buy it? Mmmh, maybe not, what if it’s misfortunate as theirs?�. I know that it may be quite exaggerated, but you have to consider every possible customer’s thoughts, while you’re thinking about a marketing strategy, don’t you agree? I know you are a Chair fan like me that would love to see them happy together again, and, anyway, it wasn’t absolutely my intention to attack you. :D


The only one who destroyed her friendship is blair. I really hope serena gets revenge blair is a whiny slut, she deserves to end up alone. TEAM SERENA!!!!!!


It isn't Dan. Trust me. I slowed down the video to a second by second frame. Clearly, every frame shows it's the guest star from Cobra Starship. Not Dan. She's not kissing Dan in the shot before either. Unless, they created that scene as part of her imagination, but trust me, Dan is not cheating on Blair with Serena.


writers yohooo............whose name appears 1st on opening credits........its serena but as dorota has properly observed that serena is left alone and GG predictably labelled her as irrelevant.......... dont make serena a guest star pls.......... i miss the star serena..................imagine if blair were put in that situation of serena in season 5 she would have a fit and be super mad but serena is just calm and lonely............mercy


Over the years we've gone from N/S/B to N/B/C and N/S/D triangles (with Vanessa and Jenny thrown into the mix too). At least in the first 3.5 seasons there was stuff going on outside these main triangles/quarandles. Now the show is a flipping mess. It's just love triangles, re-used lines and stupid hollow soapy bull crap. This season basically ALL we've done is gone from Chuck/Blair/Louis to Chuck/Blair/Dan to Dan for a short period only to go BACK to Chuck/Blair/Dan and now, I fear, upon the wrap of that we'll get Dan/Serena/Blair. Not to mention off in guest star land, Nate has been stuck between Diana and Lola (snooze). Fans have been tired, especially of Blair's triangles, for many episodes now. I hope somebody can come and fix this mess! Give us somewhat believe plots and something other than this endless parade of love geometry and guest stars. Hell, anything BUT a Dan/Serena/Blair triangle, pleeeaaassee!


I agree with you! You know that I am one of the biggest fan of Serena and Dan, but that is what it is. If it is true what has been published for 24x5 episode, no more Serena and Dan! The most beautiful couple in the series, the most romantic, sweetest - Serena and Dan is no more! The only way that Serena and Dan get together in season six is that Serena is pregnant. Serena thought she had sex with Dan, because she was drugged and drunk. But this is not the right way to Serena and Dan are together. Serena and Dan to be together, because they love each other, and not because she is pregnant. Chuck gets Blair, but she wants Dan! Dan wants Blair, but he with Georgina chasing GG. Serena wants Dan, but she is alone!

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