Gossip Girl Season Finale Promos: Friendships Destroyed?

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Gossip Girl's turbulent fifth season comes to a close next Monday. How will it end for the Upper East Siders? Two promos for "The Return of the Ring" are already fueling major speculation on multiple fronts.

According to the CW synopsis, "when Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare."

Did she or did she not send in the diary page? When B retaliates, will their friendship be fractured forever? And how will it impact the epic choice Blair must make between the men in her life?

The possibilities are limitless and the theories running wild, especially after seeing the promos below.

With these storylines and so much else up in the air - Bart's return and its impact on Lily and Rufus, Lola and Nate's future, and Ivy (in general) - the final chapter of Season 5 is not to be missed.

There's also the return of a familiar face, as seen in the photo gallery we posted moments ago.

Check out the U.S. and Canadian promos here and leave a comment with your take on each ...

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GG started when the story of Dan and Serena started. It did not start with Serena and Blair or Blair and Chuck or Nate and Serena or Blair and Nate, coz they were childhood friends. They might have gotten tangled up in a web of romantic relations but no other love story marked the beginning of GG but that of Derena. DERENA= GG ALPHA and OMEGA


Unfortunately there is no miracle for Serena and Dan! Their relationship has gone from the moment when Blake and Penn broke up their relationship, at the beginning of season 4. The producers did not want to finish the relationship between Serena and Dan for propaganda reasons by now. Now was the last chance to Serena and Dan are together, of course it did not happen! The guy with whom Serena has sex is not Dan, but an ordinary guy who was caught Serena, imagining that he is Dan!




DARENA!!!!!!!!!!!! Georgina, please stop getting in between Dan and Serena this time around!
I agree with Zoran, the Darena trip to Paris failed due to her so this time she better make amends by finding a way to get Dan and Serena on a trip together FINALLY!!!! In 5 seasons, its long overdue!


From the spoiler I read...Blair does not make the choice, Chuck does. Blair asks him if he is really able to give her up...he tells her yes and gives her the ring, basically tells her get out of my face. Only then does she go to Dan.


@thefan is it? still looks like dan to me.
if it's not, she still does kiss him in the shot before. oh and it's not diana blair's talking to about finding serena's secrets, is it? the clothing and the hair fit... i want her gone! i hope it's just georgina


All the posts that say Serena is cheating with Dan are wrong. If you slow down the clip of her kissing in the sex scene, you will see clearly that it isn't Dan. It's the guy from Cobra Starship, who looks like Dan. My theory is that the real GG is going after S and B with a vengeance and trying to break up their friendship.


Blair and chuck
serena and nate :) Hope serena and blair's friendship will not be destroyed just because of dan.who btw is getting worse this season.


Ok, I won't talk about my opinions on Chair, since I already did in the recap earlier, but I would like to express my saddness for Blerena. I mean, they are the real core of the show (and you can't deny it, whatever your ship is) and it is just destroyed for a guy (who I actually dislike, since, as someone said before, he never paid for his actions, while all the other characters did).
Besides that, you can now see that this whole season is just a copy of the other ones, pointing out the incompetence of the writers. Bar sex again? Really? And of course this is not the first scene they copied and little modified... This is soooo lame!

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