Gossip Girl Season Six Press Release Teases Final Chapter

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Six years after the first Gossip Girl blast rocked the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl returns for its swan song next fall. The Gossip Girl Season 6 spoilers we posted last week offered some hints at what we can look forward to in the final chapter. Now the CW has issued an official press release as well.

Here's the network's official, very early synopsis for the final season:

"Gossip Girl Season Six opens with the Upper East Siders working together to find one of their own. Serena has gone off the grid, beyond even the reach of Gossip Girl."

Nate the Journalist

"Her friends fear for the worst and hope for the best, but even they can't imagine where they will ultimately find her. Meanwhile, Blair has offered Chuck her heart, but is her love enough to help him win back his empire?"

"Lonely Boy Dan has written a new book that promises to make even more trouble than the first, and this time he has no desire to remain anonymous. Nate is determined to finally reveal the true identity of Gossip Girl, thereby making a name for The Spectator, and himself."

"Lily and Rufus turn on one another when Rufus makes a surprising new ally who threatens Lily and her family. Anywhere else it would be too much drama to handle, but this is the Upper East Side."

"And when Bart Bass, Jack Bass and Georgina Sparks show up to raise hell, it's a fight to the spectacular series finale. Who comes out on top? That's one secret I'll never tell... xoxo, Gossip Girl."

What do you think? Are Chuck and Blair endgame? Will he and Jack dethrone Bart? Can Ivy take down Lily? How low will S go? Has Dan lost his mind? Can Nate succeed with his ambitious goal?

Share your comments on this week's Season 5 finale, what you're most looking forward to seeing in the fall, and how you see all these storylines playing out in the final season, with us below:

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Okay, it's obvious- Chuck and Blair will end up together, that's a no-brainer. But, I for one, really want Serena/Nate to get together again. I mean aparently season six, will be a lot like season one, and in the first season Nate was after Serena. And, he does state, that he'll always love her. I mean, it's not like I hate Serena/Dan, but- ugh. Serenate and Chair should be endgame. (NJBC.) Plus, Dan's in love with Blair, (since season 5) and he's only using Serena to get stories for his new book. But, you never know with Gossip Girl, they always toss a twist in there somewhere.


It will be Chair and Derena in the end, which is the way it should be. If that's not obvious by now, well, whatever. But there's a reason everything always comes back to those two couples. Nate/Serena was over a long time ago. The final nail in the coffin was Serena realizing Dan was the love of her life and always will be in S5. I don't get how Serenate shippers think she'll suddenly fall in love with Nate? It's always been Dan. And Nate will likely end with Ivy, I believe that's why she was brought on in the first place.


I love everyone in this show. Guys let's not forget this is a show, and the people in it are not who they are really like in real life, they're just playing a part. Sometimes people seem to forget that, But in all seriousness All I want is for serena and dan to be together and spend the summer together chuck and blaire are meant to be. and you guys who want nate and serena to be together why? You know nate on this show he's got one girl after the other, Like when he had blaire he got with ANOTHER girl straight away. All I ask Is that serena and dan are together, it would make my life I love this show and I don't care what anybody else thinks because i'm quite literally obsessed and I need them to be together :/ Dan And serena always had a thing for eachother they're first love, there was sparks. and personally I enjoyed dan's an serenas relationship so please make them be together! This is what I want to see for the last episode I really hope my wish comes true even if it is a tv show!


I really loved chuck and Blair, I really wished the writers did'nt split them up. They were the perfect duo in season 1. I never really took a liking to Dan, he always seemed to want to butt in everyone elses buisness and in doing so screwing things up. I do wish for season 6 Serena and Nate would get together because they never really had a chance to begin with. Personally I feel that Serena always wants things her way and MUST be the center of attention, even though she acts as if she is the wide eyed bambi doing no harm she really is the underlying trouble maker of it all and her disappearing just adds fuel to the flame


Wait a minute... Dan is the reason Serena's life sucks? That is such bull. Serena made her own bed, let her lie in it. And come on, Serena is not this great person: she is utterly utterly flawed and just as self-destructive as everyone else on this show. When she had the opportunity to get with Dan, she toyed with Nate AND Dan for an entire season, only to not choose either one of them to try to be with the professor. Serena always wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She is responsible for her own decisions and her own choices that she made. Her going off the deep end is one elaborate cry for attention.


I'm ready for Dan Humphrey to f**k s**t up. Hell hath no fury and all that jazz! Everyone else has gotten to play the villain it's his turn now.


Blair did not take even into consideration feelings of Serena to Dan, but she saw only her own interests! It is not the same when Serena had sex with Nate, because immediately after that Serena regretted she did. When Serena came back from boarding school at the beginning of a season 1, she did not want to be with Nate. In episode 1x1 Nate was waiting Serena in front of the Palace Hotel, in a conversation between the two Serena told him she did not return for him and that Nate is boyfriend of Blair. Also, Serena was only after 2.5 years had an affair with Nate (end of season 3). However, Blair did not heed to how her relationship with Dan affect Serena, and has not regretted it done! Blair has destroyed the love affair between Serena and Dan!


What I don't get is your all saying how blair didn't think of serena's feelings when she got with dan, and how serena always puts her first, but serena slept with nate while he was with blair, that's not exactly what best friends do. Tbh, they just aren't very good friends to each other, its not that blair is a bad friend or serena is, they both are. But I still love them all :D


i personally LOVE Blair and Chuck together and i hated Blair and Dan. The CHAIR relationship was passionate, shady, and very entertaining that just made the show so interesting. i loved that they were always on the same team and scheming together. i hope in the finale they end up happily together and have a wedding or a baby to keep them together forever. And i also hope all this terrible bad luck and heart break ends for chuck. don't you think hes had enough? anyways im very sad that this is the last season, wish it didnt have to end.


@ Elisa of course to agree with you! In season 6 will be very difficult to reconcile between Serena and Dan and Serena and Blair. This the end of season 5, as the atomic bomb was dropped on the UES, will require great skill from writers to write the end of that audience deserves. I do not know why but, when Serena and Dan became a couple, I immediately fell in love with two of them, and I hope I will stay in that way until the end of the series. In season 1 and 2, we do not see any sex scenes between Serena and Dan, but even so, their love scenes were perfect! I hope that in season 6 will happen two weddings - Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair! That would be a perfect the end of the series!

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