Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Damage Control

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In this sneak peek from the Gossip Girl season finale, Blair reacts to the alleged blast the title character sent out at the end of "The Fugitives," and the reaction is not a positive one.

After lashing out at Serena, B quickly turns her attention to what else is out there.

With her frantic, younger boss in full damage control mode, Dorota hesitantly out that proactively responding to every damning thing she's ever written could prove to be a difficult task.

That is a lot of damning, to say the least. Check out the clip below ...

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this promo relieved me because at least blair and serena does not turn their on each other. I hate it when 2 of them fighting!:)


Serena probably DID scan in the diaries, but hadn't had a chance to use them. Then, the laptop gets taken by the real GG (or so we are led to believe), and then Serena and Blair make-up, but GG uploads the treasure trove of diary pages that she finds on the laptop, and hell is going to ensue :) I'm still calling Serena's suicide.


@Crazychicke If you think about it there is really nothing left to tell about gossip girl unless it is have family drama .. I think the only thing they went wrong ka that t surrounded serena's life too much and her family problems , like nate's from a high power family he can have way more worst things that has happen to me .. Chuck his just going in circles , Blair's is too happy unlike her mum cheats on Cyrus for her dad but I doubt it :/ but you know it seems like they just really need to bring back how it was in season one but only time can time :)


seriously pissed if derena hooking up is true - so out of character of dan... interesting new development that blair wrote her thoughts down in diaries.. and that S actually knew how to use the scanner ... Team Dair, but I want to see Chuck happy and if that's with Blair (as friends) then I'm happy with that. Hope the storylines get better for season 6 and it's not all about chair/dair... i want some new stuff please!! and no more fmaily drama/divorce/missing siblings/newsiblings crap... S's family is almost everyone in UES! I hope Dan takes the Rome offer... with or without blair.


@Chiara I think Safran knew he was leaving the show months ago. He also knows that pretty much ALL the GG fans hate him. (Both ships) so, he's screwing with everyone by totally trashing the show and all it's plot lines. Where I come from, it's called "little Napoleon" syndrome.


I read that the final scene will be with Chuck and Blair in a casino placed in...Montecarlo. If this script is true well ... Safran is ridicolous. Blair divorced from a Grimaldi two months ago and she'll spend her summer with Chuck in Montercarlo?


do girls in their 20 still keep diaries? either way I love how all her diaries look so perfect and similar.


i think you may be right. it makes sense.


i dont think B wants dan
i think Serena wants Dan , Dan wants Blair , Blair wants Chuck, Chuck doesnt want Blair anymore and goes his own way like he should!

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