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WARNING: The scenes below contain MAJOR spoilers regarding tonight's episode. If you wish to watch "The Return of the Ring" without key details revealed, stop reading right here and now.

Two new sneak peeks from tonight's Gossip Girl's has been revealed, and are sure to spark discussion in the hours leading up to the fifth season finale. The new clips feature exchanges between Chuck and Blair.

In the first, she appears to have made her decision:

In the second clip ... the picture is far less pretty.

We won't know the full context (or obviously the resolution) until after "The Return of The Ring" airs, but when Blair confesses her love to Chuck, he appears to rebuff her, claiming that's not enough for him.

Appearing resentful for always putting her first, only to have her bet against him every time (an assertion that's sure to be debated in the comments below), Chuck pointedly says he doesn't want to be "Mr. Blair Waldorf."

Watch the scene below and share your take on it:

If this scene means what it looks like it means, what will the fallout be? In less than nine hours, we'll have our answer. In the meantime, share your predictions, theories and reactions with us below.

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wow.... really wonder what's gonna happen to her then... obviously season 6 will be all about blair getting chuck back, but i really wonder about the rest of the cast....


Who do you guys think is Gossip Girl???


Lily was stupid and snobbish as usual can't wait to see Ivy take her down, seriously the girl really didn't do anything wrong. Cece legit gave it to her. Lily's stupid, did she not see what Bart did to Chuck? And Dan taking Whoregina to Rome for the whole summer was too random.


I'm sure all the people who were like Blair's a whore, blah blah blah are now like OMG Chairrr, Blair and Chuck are so cute, etc. So stupid. Blair is stupid, Chuck's a lucky guy. I feel really bad for Serena, Dan is honestly scum. The way he treated her was definitely not Dan S1/S2 the writers destroyed Dan, same could be said about Rufus actually.


I don't know how true it is about Serena but someone tweeted that she left with Gabe on a train with drugs! :(:(:(


Dan rejected S but only after noticing that her phone was set to tape their sex. S is on a bus, bottle of white powder in hand and some guy (the singer guy) kissing on her with her saying "I don't care what your name is or something". Gossip Girl says as far as she is concerned, Serena VWD does not exist.


its a good thing next season is the last, because they obviously can't come up with new storylines...Bart Bass being an ass? been there. Serena doing coke? been there. Blair and Chuck trying to be together? been there, done that..Dan writing a book? already been done. I mean seriously...the only good part was the last minute of the episode. the rest completely sucked. I felt like I was watching old seasons on DVD. However,I am excited for Lola to take down Lily. I used to like Lily but she is just a bitch like her daughter has become....Serena probably expects everyone to come save her this time around too...I hope no one does...


@twilight, thanks for telling me the most important things! :-)


what about serena and dan then?


It seams like Jack has turned a new leaf. Is he really helping Chuck be happy and get back at BI? I really hope he is without any double crossing or deals.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.