Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Choice is Clear ...

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We still don't know who Blair chooses ... but we do know the choice is clear.

That's according to show-runner Joshua Safran, who assures us she will choose one Gossip Girl guy over the other by the time the season finale, "The Return of the Ring," draws to a close.

The May 14 event will NOT feature a cliffhanger when it comes to her choice between Chuck and Dan, E! confirms this afternoon ... Blair Waldorf makes a clear choice between Dan and Chuck.

Dan, Blair and Chuck

Who do you think it is, based on this and the rest of the Gossip Girl season finale spoilers we've posted so far? Share your comments with us ... and vote for who you want her to be with below:

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I am a Dair fan but since the writers haven't given them any sexiness & passion, I have doubts they will end up together. I do think that Blair's response to Dan's ILY was awful. At the very least, they are best of friends & he deserved a better answer even if she doesn't feel the same way as Dan does.
Although Dan is a talented writer, I feel that Chuck is behind the Rome internship offer. I also think that Chuck knows that Dan will need Blair at a specific time and he will purposely divert her. I feel this because of the way he used Alessandra in the past when he switched Dan's storyline for his new book to make it look like plagerism.


I don't see how Chair will fix it? What was good about the last ep was the plotting and the Blair witticisms. I mean what on earth are they going to do with Chair next season? Will everyone be ready to watch Chair be all lovely and sweet because that's never been them for long? I would've liked a Chair wedding to end this show if the whole royal wedding thing hadn't happened this season. It will just seem like a repeat. If Chair does return please don't do Derena again is all I ask? I would like to at least see some characters move on from their high school romances!!


Chair always end up together and this situation is no differrent.


Serena is referred to as a true friend of Blair, trying to help her, without revealing her secret (the pact with God). Of course Serena tried to return Dan, but she made it clear to everyone not to touch the love of her life (Dan). Thus, Serena made it clear to Dan that she still loved him. However, Blair was eventually ruined everything. If Blair relied to Serena and on her advice, she will be better!


Chuck and Blair belong together!


Oh Chair will definitely fix the show. Did anyone notice how great last episode was and how many people were raving about it? That wasn't dair that did it, it was Chair. If Chair is brought back the show will go back to its former glory.


Actually serena did enable Blair with the whole pact with god drivel and actually some of that was for her own ends so she could spend time with dan. Perhaps after such a terrible tragedy being a friend is just being there and being supportive. I agree the whole thing was mad and if the writers had been true to dans character he would have been the voice of reason. Again Chair was ruined with all the back and forth and Dair not written well enough to get off the ground romantically. Tired of the whole debacle. None of the characters are doing it for me this season and I actually liked them all before. I just don't think Chair is going to fix this show.


Bitch please, I bet all my money that she chooses herself.


@ FFS: actually, not all the fans felt that the Dair relationship was so healty like their fans like to say. Many felt that Dan was babying Blair, what with the princess stuff at the end of 5x19 and before that complying with her whims like the pact with God. People felt that a real friend would have told her that she needed to be more straightforward and also face the consecuences of her decisions, and that the reason why Blair kept going to Dan with her problems was because she couldn't go to Serena since Serena would have said to Blair how wrong Blair was, like it happened when Blair told Serena about the pact with God, while Dan kept enabling it.


No you know what's insulting - the assumption that the characters can't evolve and change and that we have to get the same tired old relationships all over again. It would actually be moronic to have Blair flit back to Chuck again. It would just continue to ruin her character and ruin a really good relationship with Dan. And by that I don't necessarily mean romantic but they had a great friendship which would be totalled. I loved Chuck and Blair but it got dull. Dair was great in concept but they havent been written well. I think the writers will bottle it and rehash Chair.

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