Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Choice is Clear ...

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We still don't know who Blair chooses ... but we do know the choice is clear.

That's according to show-runner Joshua Safran, who assures us she will choose one Gossip Girl guy over the other by the time the season finale, "The Return of the Ring," draws to a close.

The May 14 event will NOT feature a cliffhanger when it comes to her choice between Chuck and Dan, E! confirms this afternoon ... Blair Waldorf makes a clear choice between Dan and Chuck.

Dan, Blair and Chuck

Who do you think it is, based on this and the rest of the Gossip Girl season finale spoilers we've posted so far? Share your comments with us ... and vote for who you want her to be with below:

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it will be chair, as it should be
the writers finally got the fact that they should bring this show back to the basics
and dair was insulting for everything that GG stood for


@ChairFTW i agree with you.It's insulting that dan is in the "competition".Dan and blair are just gross and i can't understand why they make them happen as a couple they ruined their "friendship" which i never care about.Anyway chuck and blair forever even if she doesn't deserve chuck anymore.


Lol epi 5x23 hasn't aired:) ChAir FTW also thank Goodness Blair's character seems to better:) she wasn't annoying this episode


Definitely Chuck and Blair! The only attractive point of GG!


When did you watch 23x5 episode? 23x5 episode will be aired tomorrow 7th May 2012th. How do you know that Dan and Blair are still happy together in a 23x5 episode when is not aired yet? And if you watch 21x5 and 22x5 episode would know that Dan and Blair are not happy. On the contrary, their relationship is bursting at the seams. Of course, the weakest link of is Dan, as might be expected. The only realistic for Blair is to choose Chuck, if you do not understand, again see 100th episode, and everything will be clear!


That would shock you after.she went from undying love for chuck for what 4.5 seasons to dating dan


bossysara - How would it be illogical for Blair to choose Dan? If anything, Its ILLOGICAL for her to choose Chuck. Especially since.. she's still very happy with him in 5x23, you think it makes SENSE for her to leave him and be with Chuck one episode later??! The writers have been TELLING us that she lost herself during the hotel and princess fiasco, and that she NEVER felt like an equal in her past relationships. I'm sorry, but you have got to be dumb if you think she'll choose Chuck. I'm not saying they can't be together in season 6, but definitely not in 2 episodes. There isn't even a choice to be made...the writers LOVE to mislead us. It fuels the ship war.


if they make Blair choose Dan, I will officially STOP watching. like for real. It would be too illogical.
I mean, I like Dan, and I kinda like Blair and Dan together, but its so obvious its just to please the fans. And since they've already promised that Chair is end game, it would be REALLY STUPID if they make us wait, and make Blair choose Dan this season's end. Like REALLY stupid.


What I love the most about Chair is that it was always supposed to be Blair and Nate for me, as I read the books and was infuriated the night the limo scene aired, but Ed and Leighton had such amazing chemistry that I changed ships, which I NEVER do. I still wouldn't mind a good Nate/Blair/Chuck love triangle but I would always root for Chuck. The Dan triangle grosses me out, I hate that Chuck and him are even competing for the same girl, it is disgusting and weird. Chair has some of the best chemistry I have ever seen and I watch tons of tv shows. They are both each other's favorite actors to work with. Also, in a lot of shows, the characters that have the great chemistry are dating in real life-- Seth/Summer, Pacey/Joey, Lucas/Brooke (until they divorced), Jess/Rory, and probably more that I can't think of right now. But Ed and Leighton aren't even dating. It's amazing that they have that kind of chemistry. I don't think the writers could not have them end up together. they are undeniable.


In this case the proof is in the show and this whole show became stupid and it makes no sense

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