Gossip Girl Spoiler: Who Sees G.G.?!

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On the April 30 episode of Gossip Girl, the gang got closer than ever before to laying eyes on the titular character, only to have her sneak in and out of Diana's sketchy sex mansion with her laptop undetected.

Well, on Monday's season finale, someone will "see" Gossip Girl.

We don't know who, or in what context, but that's the latest intel. Has her luck finally run out after nearly running into the Upper East Siders in "Raiders of the Lost Art" and regaining control of her site?

We'll find out. Who do you think it is that sees G.G.?

Nate and Blair Pic

Meanwhile, we now know for certain that the much buzzed-about final scene of the episode will feature two characters - one male, one female - and said scene does not take place in New York City.

Which we pretty much already knew at this sage, but still.

These two new additions to our Gossip Girl season finale spoilers page, courtesy of Michael Ausiello of TV Line, should only fuel speculation as to how the fifth season will conclude on Monday night.

Sound off with theories on all things Gossip Girl below.

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@zoran It doesn't add up? Why would a 40 year old women gossip about a 16 year old girl in the first place? And how would she know about everything? Dan hasn't been on any post or has posted on besides the video but that wasn't him it was Georgina .. Sooo why would Alison post stuff about Jenny? Her losing her virgintiy to chuck? There is soo many reasons why it doesn't add up .. Maybe it's Vanessa idk but it has to Be an outsider that we know or any insider that we know but don't see as much but has been there from the start.. Because it can be a parent. But I really do this it's Dan Always have since the first ep


I feel a HUGE letdown coming my way...if Blair goes with Dan to Rome, then how will there be hope for Chuck and Blair in only 11 more episodes??? UGGGGGGHHHHHH Maybe the casino scene means Chuck and Blair eloped in Vegas??? At this point, I'd be happy with that even if it means no Chair wedding...


Even if there is no chair reunion can we get Ed and Leighton together in real life! It's amazing to me how two people can be matched both on and off screen! Their chemistry is just unbelievable!


It will very probably be Serena who sees Gossip Girl, or, Blair. About the scene that does not take place in New York, I think they went to wherever they were (B and C) to somehow get Bart to stay (the Canadian promo shows Chuck having a fit at him) and they part ways later, as Chuck doesn't "want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf".
I could really care less about who Blair ends up with at this point, though. What really interests me is Serena vs GG.


I find it odd that the producer's gave no scenes or any specifics on Blair and Chuck but rather Dan and Blair with a mention of Chuck but only in reference to the triangle. But then there are the released photos with Chuck and Blair which we know is Gossip Girl's way of attracting viewers: introduce epic chair scenes so fans flock in the hope of a reunion only to cruelly snatch it away after 10 minutes. So it's rather difficult to tell what is going to happen. Ratings wise, Dan and Blair would be risky because there are so many chair fans who will feel as if after 5 years of emotion they've had enough of being mind-Fd. But with this season, who knows!


Georgina shows GG's picture to Dan.
According to the leaked spoilers.


I just saw this on Ed westwick's fansite,
Can we please get some good news about Chuck & Blair for the finale? Everyone is ready for them to finally reunite. #GossipGirl — @wrightst3
Well, I’ll tell you one thing: the odds of them reuniting are certainly better than things smoothing out between Blair and Serena. At least by the look of the clip from the finale I’ll be posting soon. Hint. Hint. Actually… that’s not a hint at all. It’s pretty much clear what I’m saying.


We can assume that, because not shown that Nate and Lola had live contact with GG. However there is something else that I can remember right now, GG helped Nate to find out who wanted to kill him. It is possible that Nate, out of gratitude not to reveal the GG! Although Nate is not so smart! My remark on the Dan referred to the fact that we did not see how he came into possession of the video.


It makes no sense that Dan and Blair go to Rome together. Episode is called the Return of the Ring, and Leighton and Ed have opened in Shanghai Harry Winston jewelery! Return the ring can only refer to a ring that was bought Chuck for Blair in season 3! There is information that the end of 24x5 episode filmed abroad, possibly Italy, but if it is not there with you discovered , you have to wait until Tuesday.


@Chiara, even if it is Dan and Blair they definitely shot in here and made it look like Rome, but I'm pretty sure the casino scen with Blair and Chuck is the closing scene so still no chance for the lonely boy! And @Zoran, Dan sent in that video via his phone and through email but Nate and Lola physically gave back the GG laptop so they must have seen her somehow to do that, right?!

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