Grey's Anatomy Death Watch: Who's Safe?

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As you've likely heard by now, the Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers revealed by EP/show-runner Shonda Rhimes herself have indicated that this very dark episode will claim the life of at least one cast member.

While we don't know who the major death is, we now know who it's not.

Handsome Avery

According to TV Line, The Originals (i.e. Meredith, Cristina, Alex) are safe. Ditto Bailey, Jackson and Mark. So, if you had any of them in the pool, looks like you already lost. But you'll probably take it.

Who does that leave? And who do you think dies? Sound off below ...

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april will not commit suicide...that's's a commandment. she's not going anywhere...literally since she didn't pass her boards. which, i do feel bad, but she would be the one character i wouldn't mind seeing go. jesse williams said this death effects him he wasn't on the show when 'george' died he didn't 'feel' the impact, which by his interviews he will this time. (granted anyone who's on the show now could be considered 'someone' to him) i think it rules out a few people. he's not that close with arizona, callie, or teddy. (i'm just really finding a way for it not to be arizona or callie) he has been close with april, lexie, and mark...and then, as with everyone, bailey and richard...and of course his mother...he has a bond with meredith, aka ellis grey's daughter, but she's not dying by the sounds of things. lexie's storyline has been light this year...reminiscent of when t.r. was killed off...but she has such potential for stories and we can't lose the photographic memory :) i'm leaning towards richard since he is becoming very close (ha! again, literally) with jackson's mother. they made plans to hang out and will be together and that scene was very specific to mention this so i'm thinking something happens with both of them...richard ending up the one to pass. (i do think adele will also die, but that could be the ringer for next season's finale just before the lull of the holidays)
i'm not sure i could get over it if meredith, callie, arizona, mark, or alex i'm 'hoping' i'm right...for lack of a better word.
also it won't be bailey...she couldn't even shoot bailey in the season finale a few years back. which she talked about in an interview, i believe on the dvd. so she's safe...i think.
zioks!! don't want to lose any of my grey's family!! 8 years of laughter, tears, and love haha


i think its gonna be Richard, cuz in the last epi, he and avery's mom were exchanging details about a flight in may for some conference. although, i feel it could also be owen. ironically, season 7's finale also had a plane crash...


The only way I see Derek being the one to die is that if PD's contract wasn't renewed. Saying that, not sure if Ellen would come back without Patrick there. I think it's interesting that everyone is saying Richard, and it does make sense. His death would impact everyone and it would be very hard to say goodbye to the Chief.


No one has mentioned this, but what about April getting pregnant from her tryst with Jackson?


My vote is on Nurse Boki. :-)


I think your right when you say a fire could spread through the hospital, a plane crash would be too obvious.


Did anyone ever stop to think that there's a fire that spreads to the hospital, and in their panic and "flight", the Chief, aka Owen, trying to make sure everyone is safe, is killed? The hospital is "a beloved character whose face has forever changed that has touched the lives of everyone", doctors leave for other jobs out of necessity, but they can return after reconstruction? Man. I should write this stuff...


Here is my take on it...the previous episode is called 'migration', meaning Meredith, Derek and Zola could be migrating to Boston, and then 'flight' so they could crash. We already know that Mer is safe, but could it be Der or Zola? I hope not... On the other hand, Callie and Arizona have already had their near death experience, so it couldn't be one of them. So has Owen, back in the army when the truck exploded, and plus, he has so much more to offer, maybe fighting to get Cristina back? I think Richard is very possible, but he has so much more to offer the show. And if Lexie dies, I will probably die myself. Teddy is also possible, she's just gone nowhere since Henry died. April, maybe she will commit suicude after failing the boards and losing her virginity. Or, they could just do what they did in Season 6, and kill off some of the supporting cast. Maybe Adele will finally bite the dust (I never liked her, I hope she dies soon). I also think it could be Stark, or maybe some characters will return, like Little Sloan or Norman, that really old intern that Karev had. It could be Eli, Ben or Julia just as easily though, or even Jackson's mom. Overall, my guess is either Teddy, April, Richard, or Adele. Yup


I predict it'll be the chief.
He's flying out to New Orleans.. dies in plane crash.
Then what if Adele becomes lucid and finds out Richard died? Like how Ellis became lucid...hmmm


@DKP is right, the plane that Richard and Jackson's mom are taking is gonna crash and I think Richard dies in it... Like seeing those 2 (him and Jackson's mother) make plans just left me uneasy, when has grey's ever made anything that easy?? On the other hand Lorreta tweeted that she will be back in season 9 so I don't know, she could've meant that her character doesn't die this season or that she'll be back for Richard's funeral... I hate how people just die or leave in this show.... Burke, George, Addison, Izzy (then they had the big massacre of 2010) and now someone else... It's gonna be sad And it can't be April, like really she has already had her thing happen to her which is failing the exam, killing her just rewrites that whole storyline and makes it unimportant.. I think there is more to explore on that front. Richard's job is done

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 24 Quotes

As soon as we get out of here, I'm getting the hell away from Seattle Grace Mercy Death!


Meredith: What happened?
Cristina: We were in a plane crash. Plane crashed!