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Grey's Anatomy Episode Trailer: Who's Leaving?!

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The job offers are rolling in ... but who might be leaving Seattle for good?

Who is staying and who is out the door? The four residents who have passed the boards, as show on last night's episode (see our Grey's Anatomy review) have received offers all over the country.

It's decision time, and looking ahead to next week's "Migration," Alex and Meredith are both clearly embroiled in conflict regarding their careers. Can Derek really be serious about leaving the hospital?

That one clip could be deliberately misleading, but there's a lot up in the air.

Elsewhere, following her surprise admission last night, Mark admits to Derek that he is torn between his love for Lexie and the fact that Julia can give him everything he's ever wanted out of life.

Ben plans something extra special for Bailey, but she is preoccupied with her work, Arizona encourages Nick to have surgery, and a honeymooning couple complains of mysterious symptoms.

Watch trailer for next week's Grey's Anatomy (the second-to-last episode of the eighth season), check out our Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers page for updates, and comment below:

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I don't think that is Richard, Teddy or Derek just seems to obvious to me. Hope it's not Callie, Arizona or Mark though


Does anyone know if Sandra Oh EVER talks about what's going on with her? I can't remember the last time I've seen an interview of hers anywhere.


I also think teddy dying would make christina and owen closes assuming sandra oh has agreed to stay on... she is the only one who hasn't talked about it.


they already said its not mark... i think teddy or the chief is a good possibility... they chief dying sets up a reason for mer and der to leave if they have decided to not return next season. and teddy hasnt really had much air time.. last time a character took a cut like that T.R knight left the show... but when i read this i went straight to derek... ellen pompeo already said in an interview on ellen that if they offered her another contract she would accept... patrick doesnt seem to feel the same from what i read so that would be a way to have mer without derek.. but i would rather it be teddy and christina stay on as attending.


i loved Dr.Grey and Cristina squealing :D


Now that I've read OldHead's comment, the scene where Richard was talkin' about his flight to New Orleans with Mama Avery suddenly came to me. And isn't the title for the finale "Flight"? And isn't there a rumored plane crash? :/ :/ :/


I think it could be Mark who dies--"well loved" as he is. I think he's sick, which is why he looks so thin and drawn, and is not renewing his contract. Then Lexie could freak out and disappear (with her horrible bangs! cut those, girl!). Others can leave, for example, Kepner could realize she wants to work at a religious hospital and that's why she's celebrating, having found a way to combine her profession and "relationship with Jesus"; Cristina, Karev, or Jackson could take a fellowship elsewhere (not Meredith, or the show is over).


@loralee Mer/Der might stay or not but it´s not about more money. He wants LESS time on Grey´s to compete in all his racings (his other and greater passion than acting) I doubt they would pay him more for less time but safety might be an issue. Why bank on an actor who willingly risks his health and life with such a dangerous hobby and might cause production delays if he gets hurt? ABC might not agree.


I think that teddy is the one leaving GA, if not, what other reason will have christina to stay in a hospital that she´s not going to be de cardio godess!! I really hope she stay!! she´s amazing!!!


@GreyGirl As viewer's we are sometimes left to make assumptions, such as whether Jackson and April used any form of birth control, or not. Let's use logical reasoning to decide which scenerio is more likely. 1. April had no prior plans to give up her virginity, it is doubtful that she is taking birth control pills, and unlikley for her to be packing condoms in her over night bag. 2. Jackson is probably not likely to be carrying condoms around i his pocket when he is hanging out with April, or when he is taking his boards. Remember, this is Jackson, not Alex Karev or Mark Sloan. 3. I doubt a high-end hotel stocks their rooms and bathrooms with condoms. I did not see a vending machine for condoms in the bathroom, did you?

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