Grey's Anatomy Review: Carpe Diem

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There are a few things that I am certain of. One of them is that sitting through that oral board exam has got to be seriously awful. Seriously. The Grey's Anatomy residents faced their proctors for three sessions of the test, all while facing issues of their own. So who passed and who failed?

Time to discuss "Let The Bad Times Roll."

First things first. The boards seem like the least fun part about becoming a doctor. I was nervous watching the residents answer their questions. All five of them were in pretty tough situations. Meredith was sick, Cristina was fighting with her proctor, Alex missed his first session, Jackson could hear his mother next door and April was freaking out.

According to the statistics, one in five fails. So who was the loser? April Kepner.

This doesn’t become as too much of a surprise. In fact, it was debated in the previous Round Table, with viewers hoping that April would be the one to fail. What did you think of this outcome, TV Fanatics? Was this the too obvious road to take? Would you rather someone else have failed?

Watch and Learn

Kepner... While we’re on the subject of April, can we talk about April’s big issue with having slept with Jackson and going against her religious beliefs? This isn’t something that we have heard about too much before and it almost feels like an easy way to cause drama between the newest hookup. The only way this will be fun is to keep the drama out of it. 

Have to admit though, the bathroom hookup was pretty hot. Talk about a stress reliever.

Feeny!! A couple different guest stars popped up in “Let The Bad Times Roll.” The most popular, William Daniels, better known as Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. Gotta love seeing him back on the TV screen. Jordan Belfi of Entourage fame played Arizona’s childhood friend with cancer. Here is hoping that we will see more of this man next week. 

It’s About Time. After some big bro advice from Derek, Lexie finally admitted to Mark that she is still in love with him. Did she have the best timing? Absolutely not.

Not only did Julia inconveniently walk up before Mark could say anything back, but she beat Lexie to it by telling Mark she wants to start a family with him? So what should Sloan do? Go with Julia, who makes a better fit for him? Or go with Lexie, a girl he has loved for years?

As much as I loved this, I immediately thought of Meredith’s speech to Derek asking him to “Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me.” Mer’s speech toppled Little Grey’s big time. Still super sweet, though, and iy gave us hope that Mark and Lexie will finally get back together. 

Sloan and Shep

After Thoughts

  • Did anyone else think it was weird that the oral exams were held in hotel rooms? I may not have thought it was as strange if there wasn’t huge beds sitting right next to him.
  • Who thought that Jackson was going to be the one to fail? There was never any doubt that it would be any of the others. They are SGH originals, remember?
  • Catherine and Webber made plans to see each other at the next conference. Are these two the cutest or what?
  • How much of a trooper is Meredith? Throwing up and still passing the biggest test of your life. Girlfriend is definitely a Grey.

So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Were you surprised that Kepner was the one to fail? Should Mark have a baby with Julia or go back to Lexie? 

Richard and Catherine Photo

Now the bigger question to think about: Who is staying and who is leaving? The four residents who have passed have offers all over the country. Who will be the one to leave us loyal viewers? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought of the latest episode. Don’t forget to check out the Grey's Anatomy quotes page and the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table, to be updated early next week.

Two episodes left, Grey’s fans. Until next time...


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Gostei do episf3dio, mas ne3o tanto quanto do anietror. Sf3 de aparecer o trio chate9simo Mark-Arizona-Callie, je1 tirou o meu humor. O bom de ver pela internet e9 poder passar esasas partes chatas. Eles me encheram tanto que eu acabo fazendo isso. Apesar de achar Lexie e Avery meio fore7ados, prefiro que ela fique com ele a ela ter que aturar a chatice do trio supramencionado. Ningue9m merece conviver com os treas e mais um bebea, que, obviamente, tambe9m deve nascer histe9rico. Ficar com Avery e9 uma forma de a Lexie se preservar. Acho que o Mark je1 mostrou o grande egoedsta que e9, ne3o vai mudar.Eu acho a voz da mulher do Chief muito chata!!!!!E acho tambe9m chate9simo isso de um ficar pressionado o outro a ter filho (seja o homem com a mulher ou vice-versa). c9 o tipo de decise3o que ne3o pode ser fore7ada!!!!




It was really unrealistic for any of the attendings to pass their medical boards after all of the drama in their sessions. If there was such an acrimonious fight between Cristina and the older doctor then she probably would have failed. Meredith's serious stomach flu should have made her fail. Karev's interviewer liked Karev's lateness and shaming so much that he offered him a job at Johns Hopkins? Really? Doesn't make sense. Also if all of these doctors really were so great as to get job offers at Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, they really wouldn't be at a small hospital in Seattle for their entire career, afraid to take any real risks. The show goes out of the way to give all sorts of undeserved praise to all of the doctors, so that not one but ALL of the Seattle Grace doctors are SUPERSTARS! C'mon! All of the doctors are constantly being marketed to the viewing audience as BRILLIANT! COURAGEOUS! LOVING! PASSIONATE! And their outspokenness and bravery never has career ending consequences! The show lets Cristina be brilliant, strong, outspoken and never reprimanded. Karev is obnoxious, outspoken, rude and never reprimanded. The reality is that MDs are complete conformists who shun gay doctors, shun outspoken female doctors, punish nonconforming doctors. Why not look at how the medical profession would dice and splice the MDs at Seattle Grace rather than revere them and treat them like superstars!


....... Christina. Sorry somehow I keep accidently hitting the submit button. I think/want him to go back with lexie, been waiting for it for weeks. And as for richard and catherine..... It slightly wierded me out, I had to keep reminding myself about his wife, but even then. If I was richard, even though my husband couldn't remember me and was seeing someone else, if I were to do the same it would feel like cheating to me cause of would remember our relationship and that its not over for me. I was tickled pink when I saw mr. feeney. I instantly heard eric matthews screaming on his high pitched voice "FFEEE-EEEEE-NNNNAAAAYYYYYY" LMFAO, I miss that show........


I loved this episode! Im not surprised it was kepner, although, for about ten minutes I thought it was going to be


I loved the episode! Im not surprised it was kepner, I did setup


@GA-Addict13: I agree, Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me or anything like that is not Lexie. Lexie's speech is so her. Loved it! It was perfect. Julia's interruption sucked but I know Mark and Lexie will end up together. They belong together! Kepner was so annoying in this episode. But I love hating her so I don't want her to die. I hope it's Teddy or Adele. I like them but we all know someone's dying so...yeah.


I am afraid it is going to be one of the two die on the finale. (I don't know if the 6 cast members mentioned have actually renewed contracts or not but in case they have ...) Mark Sloan dies as Lexie is holding his head in her lap telling him how much she loves him and his last words are how much he loves her. OR Callie or Arizona dies. I wonder IF these cast contracts have been renewed for 2 years because no one knows IF ABC is picking up Grey's for 2 more years (really they don't know) It could be hype to throw us off track and if so then Derek or Bailey dies. IDK maybe no one dies.


Everyone is talking about some Feeny guy, did no one notice that the dad from wizards of waverly place was on it! :D


That bathroom scene was so hot! It was executed perfectly (minus the whole jesus talk lol)!!

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