Grey's Anatomy Review: Looking Grim

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Did that just really happen?

Okay, let’s back up a few minutes and discuss “Migration” - and not just the crazy ending we just witnessed.

Webber Works It. I have always been a big fan of Richard. He’s had such a presence throughout this series, almost like a father figure to all of these doctors, not just Meredith. This hour had Webber helping Alex get everything he wants. And what he wants is Johns Hopkins. It’s pretty great to see the underdog, or evil spawn as Cristina says, come out on top. He has worked hard for it and deserves it. 

Seattle Grace is looking like it might be less crowded next year...

Callie and Teddy

Can You Go Back? Cristina was weighing her decision and taking into account all of her options. Mer wants her BFF close to her but Yang is set on leaving. After an old school on call room hook up with Owen, Cristina makes the decision to head to the Mayo Clinic. Looks like these two are officially done.

You Should Make The Decision With Your Husband. Meredith wants Seattle, Derek wants Harvard. Grey finally consulted with her husband instead of her "person,: and the two are heading off to Boston. Derek will become the head of Neuro at Harvard. 

Starting Over. Who knew crossword puzzles could be so much fun? Ben decided to pop the question to Bossy Bailey before getting the news of a job offer 1,000 miles away. It took so long for Bailey to get her groove back, she can’t lose the adorable Ben. I won’t have it!

Besides, who do these docs think they all are leaving Seattle? Not cool!

Ben and Bailey Photo

Lonely. The only doc not heading somewhere for a better job is poor Kepner. Girl failed her boards, got her job offers pulled and even lost her current gig at SGH. How awkward was the firing between her and Owen? 

April headed over to the bar to drink her sorrows away and freak out on Jackson before running out. Are we losing April, too?

Is Slexie Coming Back? After dropping the L-bomb on Mark last episode, Lexie used her few minutes of screen time to act awkward. Mark is torn between Julia, who can give him everything he wants, or Lexie who he loves.

Who should he choose? If I was making the call, Lexie would be the winner. You hear that, Shonda?

Life in Peds

OMFG. When I glanced at the clock, I couldn’t believe the episode was just about over. I thought to myself: pretty solid. It advanced the plot for the finale. Nothing too surprising. Yeah, I was totally wrong.

In true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, the writers decided to shake everything up and keep us impatiently waiting until next week’s season finale. Most of the main characters boarded a small plane to head to Boise for a conjoined twin operation. Who would have thought that you would blink and the plane would be crashed? Definitely not me! 

People can say that GA has fallen off over the past few seasons. But if there is one thing this show does right, it is finales. They kill it every time - pun intended! (Sorry, I had to.) 

So what is going to happen to our favorite doctors? Will they all survive? Will the latest Grey’s Anatomy news be any indication? 

After Thoughts:

  • Callie and Arizona’s scenes were short and sweet. Maybe if some of our docs leave, these two will finally get some more screen time.
  • We finally got a glimpse of the Mer and Der dream house! 
  • How hilarious was Cristian pretending to be April on the phone? The voice was perfect. 
  • Who would have thought that Ben proposing to Bailey would not be the biggest news to come out of this hour?
Doctor Teddy Altman Photo

Let’s discuss it. Will Mark and Lexie get back together? Are all of the doctors really going to leave Seattle? Are Yang and Hunt done? This is all under the assumption they survive the plane crash!

One week until the season finale. Make your predictions now and hit up the comments to let us know what you thought of “Migration.” Can you wait until next week? I know I can’t! Don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page for the best from this episode and the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table for the staff’s thoughts on what’s to come for the rest of Season Eight. 


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Watch the US promo for "Flight" on Grey's Gabble (or elsewhere). At 16 seconds you'll see a shot from above of Mark hugging Meredith with Lexie's arm sticking out from under the tail of the plane where she's stuck. Just the way the shot is setup makes me think of a death scene with a slow pull-back. So my guess is it's Lexie who dies next week. She's trapped way worse than Arizona, who appears to be under an engine. And it would impact more people at the hospital than Arizona's death. They'll leave Arizona and Derek as the cliff-hangers for next season.


I think the problem is that you thinks as fans, and not as a "writer". Shonda built up a storyline for Mark and Lexie and a storyline for April, but she couldn't do anything with Arizona and Callie, there weren't any interesting happanings with Shonda will not kill Lexie, or April! plus Lizzy Caplan is pregnant, plus this last epsiode was especially a tribute for Arizona. And we can see Lexie next to Mark in the promo of season finale!


I read an article where Chyler Leigh signed a 7 year contract when she came to Grey's in season 4. Hoping that keeps her on the show... LOVE HER! I cannot stand Arizona! She can go... I will be fine with that.


The comment Callie made to Arizona was "I will do what you can not do." I had to watch it again this morning because last night I was still processing it all. Arizona will likely be badly hurt-her wheelies will turn to wheelchair?? That would give the Callie-Arizona a different storyline. Derek is missing but can't see him totally out of the show because I feel GA will only go to 10 seasons and end so why cut out now? I was glad to see Yang and Grey walking around because if you need a doctor for an emergency then they are the best! Mark will be trying to save Lexi and Arizona, tough call for him. Wait until Callie hears the news....Teddy, Owen and Alex to the rescue. Who will be covering Seattle Grace with so many doctors gone? Love this show and will be ready for the finale as well as Seasons 9 and 10. After season 10.... then I will cry.

Sarah silva

According to TV Line, The Originals (i.e. Meredith, Cristina, Alex) are safe. Ditto Bailey, Jackson and Mark. So, if you had any of them in the pool, looks like you already lost. But you'll probably take it.
Webber and Derek are safe.
So therefore the only 2 options are Arizona and Lexie and as I said in my post I think it is Arizona for the reasons that I stated.


I am afraid it will be Arizona, Shonda can't force Jessica Capshaw to stay, if she wants to leave and stay with her 3 children and also I felt she is the one to die after her :never leave me" speech with Callie,
2nd choice will be Lexie, she had the worst, shortest Lines and scenes through this seasons as they did with George O'malley before killing him off, maybe Shonda is playing with fans emotions to let them believe that Lexie and Mark are getting back together when she is really planning to kill her off with a dramatic heart breaking scene when Lexie is dying in a plane crash surrounded with her lover, sister & brother-in-law
and also killing Lexie will give April her job back as she and Lexie were the only two who will be in 5 year residency the next year.
Least will be Mark and it will also be a heart breaking scene dying in the arms of Lexie after admitting to her that he loves her


My prediction: Arizona passes away... Karev takes her place. Derek is seriously injured, long recovery.. Meredith decides it is best to stay. Christina realizes she can work things out with Owen because she loves him, she stays. i don't know i'm making this up but I do think Arizona will die.. which will be seriously messed up for Callie.

Sarah silva

This was a great Penultimate episode!
So the only 2 people that can be the one to die in the crash is Lexie or Arizona and I say it will be Arizona and it is for these reasons:
They would not kill of Lexie after she just confessed to Mark last week that she still loves him, Mark will be so freaked out about almost losing Lexie that he will choose her.
Arizona made the 2 fatal mistakes that one should never make (this I have learned from horror movies..LOL) she told Callie to never leave AND she took Karev's place on the plane. So she is the one that will die!
I knew that as soon as Miranda walked over the Ben's bag and took the crossword puzzle out that he was going to propose! However now he will leave for California and Miranda will stay behind.
At the moment we have Mer, Christina and Alex all leaving. I think Webber having Alex play hard ball was cute in the way that it was like Webber was being like a parent to Alex making him realize how great he is. By doing so Owen had to release April from her position at Seattle Grace Mercy West Needless to say I was happy, however it was short lived as Alex was going to go to Hopkins but now he will stay as Arizona will die and now April will be staying as the funds will be there again. She is the most annoying character ever! Her tantrum at the bar when Jackson was going to kiss her was my last straw with her!
I loved the McDream house! I think they will stay in Seattle as the plane crash will make them realize whatever they need to that will keep them in Seattle.
So Christina sleeping with Owen was her way to say goodbye but I am sure she will remain in Seattle as well.


Why couldn't Owen get on the plane and he be the one that dies. I can't stand him, I have not liked him since he got off the ambulance in season 5. He can go away. And the whole Owen and Christina thing I am so over, move on. If Arizona or somehow Callie dies, I am done with the show. Kepmer can go too she annoys the crap out of me. I kind of liked how Webber was trying to help Alex get everything he wanted but it did surprise me he was trying to get him away from SGH.


Just because Mark is walking around and talking, doesn't mean it's not him. I find that it's usually the people who seem unhurt, who die in the end. Their body keeps them going because of shock to the system. Mark is scared for lexi so maybe when she is found to be ok, he'll just collapse and die. It happened on Private Practice a couple of seasons ago, a major character died all of a sudden because no one realized he was hurt and he was tending to his hurt child.

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