Grey's Anatomy Review: Looking Grim

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Did that just really happen?

Okay, let’s back up a few minutes and discuss “Migration” - and not just the crazy ending we just witnessed.

Webber Works It. I have always been a big fan of Richard. He’s had such a presence throughout this series, almost like a father figure to all of these doctors, not just Meredith. This hour had Webber helping Alex get everything he wants. And what he wants is Johns Hopkins. It’s pretty great to see the underdog, or evil spawn as Cristina says, come out on top. He has worked hard for it and deserves it. 

Seattle Grace is looking like it might be less crowded next year...

Callie and Teddy

Can You Go Back? Cristina was weighing her decision and taking into account all of her options. Mer wants her BFF close to her but Yang is set on leaving. After an old school on call room hook up with Owen, Cristina makes the decision to head to the Mayo Clinic. Looks like these two are officially done.

You Should Make The Decision With Your Husband. Meredith wants Seattle, Derek wants Harvard. Grey finally consulted with her husband instead of her "person,: and the two are heading off to Boston. Derek will become the head of Neuro at Harvard. 

Starting Over. Who knew crossword puzzles could be so much fun? Ben decided to pop the question to Bossy Bailey before getting the news of a job offer 1,000 miles away. It took so long for Bailey to get her groove back, she can’t lose the adorable Ben. I won’t have it!

Besides, who do these docs think they all are leaving Seattle? Not cool!

Ben and Bailey Photo

Lonely. The only doc not heading somewhere for a better job is poor Kepner. Girl failed her boards, got her job offers pulled and even lost her current gig at SGH. How awkward was the firing between her and Owen? 

April headed over to the bar to drink her sorrows away and freak out on Jackson before running out. Are we losing April, too?

Is Slexie Coming Back? After dropping the L-bomb on Mark last episode, Lexie used her few minutes of screen time to act awkward. Mark is torn between Julia, who can give him everything he wants, or Lexie who he loves.

Who should he choose? If I was making the call, Lexie would be the winner. You hear that, Shonda?

Life in Peds

OMFG. When I glanced at the clock, I couldn’t believe the episode was just about over. I thought to myself: pretty solid. It advanced the plot for the finale. Nothing too surprising. Yeah, I was totally wrong.

In true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, the writers decided to shake everything up and keep us impatiently waiting until next week’s season finale. Most of the main characters boarded a small plane to head to Boise for a conjoined twin operation. Who would have thought that you would blink and the plane would be crashed? Definitely not me! 

People can say that GA has fallen off over the past few seasons. But if there is one thing this show does right, it is finales. They kill it every time - pun intended! (Sorry, I had to.) 

So what is going to happen to our favorite doctors? Will they all survive? Will the latest Grey’s Anatomy news be any indication? 

After Thoughts:

  • Callie and Arizona’s scenes were short and sweet. Maybe if some of our docs leave, these two will finally get some more screen time.
  • We finally got a glimpse of the Mer and Der dream house! 
  • How hilarious was Cristian pretending to be April on the phone? The voice was perfect. 
  • Who would have thought that Ben proposing to Bailey would not be the biggest news to come out of this hour?
Doctor Teddy Altman Photo

Let’s discuss it. Will Mark and Lexie get back together? Are all of the doctors really going to leave Seattle? Are Yang and Hunt done? This is all under the assumption they survive the plane crash!

One week until the season finale. Make your predictions now and hit up the comments to let us know what you thought of “Migration.” Can you wait until next week? I know I can’t! Don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page for the best from this episode and the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table for the staff’s thoughts on what’s to come for the rest of Season Eight. 


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Was anyone else devastated when Cristina told Meredith she (Mer) wasn't her (Cris) person? It was like a stab in the heart to me. I completely agree with Derek; Meredith needed to make decisions with her family in mind, not her friend. But even he didn't go as far as to diminish Cristina's friendship. I was surprised to see Cristina so cavalier about it after all they had been through LONG before the cheating Owen came around. Ok, enough, I know (but it bothered me....apparently). I think April should be the one to die. I think she should commit suicide. All of the originals signed up for 2 years so we know they're safe. That would leave Lexie or Arizona and that's just too damn predictable. We would expect someone in the plane crash to bite the dust. We would not expect April to kill herself. If it's not April, it might be Arizona. Maybe Jessica Capshaw wants more time with her growing family :)


Christina is like the Iron Lady. She can't break! A plane crashes and she is standing strong. Unbelievable! Meredith too. It looks like Yang is going to help Mark rescue Lexie which I hope turns out to be a fruitful rescue. If Lexie dies I'm done. She's my favorite character though we unfortunately don't get to see much of her. Mark and Lexie forever!! The only character I can see leaving the show at this point is April Kepner. She dramatically failed her boards, she can't get a new job, and is "no longer the best candidate" at her current one. She regrettably lost her v-card to Jackson, thinks Jesus hates her, and is feeling pitied by her friends. She will probably leave. The question is, how will she go? I think Shonda has something juicy up her sleeve. I can't wait to find out what it is.


I hate to say it, but Lexie is definitely going to die. From all the spoiler/hints/rumors, as well as not really hearing anything from Chyler Leigh in interviews, and studying the promos...yes, she's the one. Mark looks like he's okay, but for all I know, he may kick the bucket too, from internal bleeding or something; I almost wish he would so I wouldn't have to seem him get together with somebody else. Shonda said it was going to be bittersweet and painful for them. I hate it. I feel like my time and patience has been wasted for three years and I've been slapped in the face. I rooted for this couple, they had the potential, promise, and chemistry despite a lack of a substantial story-line. I always had hope for them. Now it's going to pot. If Chyler wanted to leave, then I can't say much. But otherwise, it's just been a waste and a shame, for the fans, actors and the characters they portrayed. The impossible has been made possible on this show (which is also a slap in the face, considering the writers' lackadaisical attitude about Slexie when it shouldn't have been hard to come up with a good story-line for them for three years), so of course Meredith and Cristina don't look like somebody who's actually been in a place crash. The majority of the time there's usually nothing of anybody left. George got hit by a bus and looked like it; these people were in a place crash and, while a bit mussed and some bloody...well, it's kind of ironic and silly. But this is Grey's...


I find an irony in using the 'my person' analogy about Owen. After all, the origins of that phrase for Cris and Mere, was about her first planned abortion. I think Arizona makes sense, after the 'don't ever leave speech' - the twist of her being the one to leave. Plus the fact that she wasn't originally meant to be on the plane - adding a sense of what these type of shows thinks is 'irony'. Otherwise I think it's someone not on the plane to add an extra twist - Kepner committing suicide, that's my outside bet.


I think the death will be Arizona or Lexie. I only kept watching Grey's this season because I was waiting for the Slexie payoff Shondra told the Slexie fans to wait for. It damn well better not be Lexie who dies!


When Met ask where. Is Derek Cristina says he was sick out of the window does he have wings can he fly or does he die


hmm... I think Lexie will die, it would be the easiest departure, I mean Mark would definitely come over it and Meredith too...


Well... We have only 3 obtions now, right? Narrowing it down between the people on the plane and the one we know won´t die (cose Shoda said so)
Its eigther Mark, Lexie or Arizona. And people... I don´t know how about you, but all of the above will break my heart. Now I get that the whole staff cryied.


I can't stand it but I think it's going to be Little Grey.


I think it's going to be Arizona. Just because it makes sense that Jessica Capshaw has young children, she may be leaving the show to spend more time with her family. Plus, she is a beloved character, and the audience reaction would definitely give Shonda Rhimes a good reason to worry. Just a theory, but the only one that makes sense to me right now. Guess we'll find out next week!

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