Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Promo: We Are Going to Die!

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The stunning end of last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy and the promo for next Thursday's season finale certainly made clear what the dark, complex thing Shonda Rhimes teased consists of.

In the aftermath of the crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers, as the shocking turn of events last night could mean devastating consequences.

Take a look at ABC's first promo for "Flight" and get scared now:

Also in the eighth season finale, Bailey and Ben make a decision regarding their relationship's future, Teddy is presented with a tempting offer, and Richard plans a special dinner for the residents.

As always, the Grey's Anatomy season-ender is not to be missed. Even with the original cast now under contract for next season, there's no telling which characters might pay the ultimate price.

For an in-depth discussion of this week's penultimate Season 8 episode, read our review of "Migration" from earlier. We've updated our Grey's Anatomy music section with last night's tracks, as well.

Then, as we gear up for the main event, tell us:

Will Mark and Lexie get back together? Are any or all of the doctors really leaving Seattle? Are Cristina and Hunt done? Will everyone survive the plane crash? Sound off in the comments below!

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i cant believe they killed off lexie!I have been a fan of the show for 4 years,i always hoped and wanted lexie and mark to get back together every time i watched it!i watched it because of them and alex,lexie and mark has so much chemistry,i wanted them to get married and have kids.there are to many unwanted characters to kill off,like dumb april,jackson,ben,arizona,owen,or even the blond ex of owen(cant remember her name right now)must not be important part of the show!i dont plan on watching anymore,i think it needs to be boycotted!maybe the ratings will go down now!made a big mistake!!!!!


Well Win..
I wish you're right but Lexie is officially dead in this episode :((
I was watching it looking forward to the moment she and Mark will get together and Mark confesses his love..


Don't think it's Lexie, why would Meredith leave if Lexie died? I think Lexie is very injured, I think Arizona is badly hurt, and I think April has a horrific car accident, while drunk. If they kill off Owen I'm swearing off the show for good.


I am really so sad and disappointed you killed Lexie guys..I loved this little lovestory between her and Mark..The only romantic thing in the show!!! Please bring her back!!! Don't know how but please do...


Have to say that the finale was extremely disappointing. I hate the fact that they killed Lexie, because she and Mark were my favorite storyline. It seemed to have a lack of real emotion. The only other worse let down was the "Lost" finale.


Better not be Owen or Christina, or of course merder or arizona/callie. I'm betting on April. She was drunk.


christina said in season 6 that she hopes to meredith and derek got a plane crash so she could have their kid. It was a joke but now look m&d are 2/6 in the crash. I think the storylines been in the back burner for quite a while. Oh and Meredith is bleeding out the back of her head..beloved death most wont see coming. she trying to help everybody then at the end they think they'll survive the crash everyone's gonna be okay Meredith could all over because she's bleeding in the brain


I got it now, it came to me last night while i was lying in bed. Someone on the plane will die BUT only for a few minutes and then they will come back to life. Scenario 1 Lexie dies and Mark is there crying telling her how much he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and then the doctors fight to save her manage to bring her back. Scenario 2 Arizona dies and sees a brother and she is caught btween staying with her brother and going back to her wife and child and sick friend. And it then turns out her brother tells her to go back coz their sick friend needs her and her family need her. So she comes back to life. I go with the 2nd scenario but the 1st scenario would probably be the reason why Mer stays coz she could have lost her little sister forever.


I bet April comits suicide


I don't think that anyone at the plane site will die. They may mean its truly THE END for someone meaning their injury leaves them unable to be a doctor.. If someone dies I was thinking it would be Arizona's friend with cancer or Dr Webbers wife. I thought April but with her blooming relationship with Jackson its probably not her. Can't wait to watch :)

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 24 Quotes

As soon as we get out of here, I'm getting the hell away from Seattle Grace Mercy Death!


Meredith: What happened?
Cristina: We were in a plane crash. Plane crashed!