Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: That Was Hell ...

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On this week's Grey's Anatomy, we learn which doctor did not pass the boards. Based on some quick flashbacks of their interviews, as shown in a sneak peek of Thursday night's show, none of them had an easy ride.

In the aptly-titled, "Let the Bad Times Roll," Cristina, Jackson, April and Meredith agonize over their oral exams, reliving every answer they gave ... or some they didn't get to because they were throwing up.

Sorry, Mer. The biggest meltdown probably belonged to April, at least based on the clip below. Kepner absolutely loses it, with Avery only slightly more composed. Cristina, meanwhile, squares off with the interviewer.

Take a look at the carnage and share your thoughts with us in the comments:

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April and Jackson came from a different hospital. So they were the same year.


Can someone answer this? Why were April and Jackson taking their exams the same time as Meredith, Alex and Christina when they are supposedly a few years behind them??


Okay Maggie, perhaps you are new to Grey's but Cristina didn't leave Burke at the altar. He left her because her understood her and finally accepted that they weren't on the same page, no matter how much they loved each other. If you go back and watch Season 7 episode 15 or 16 you'll see where the crap with the abortion started. She reminds Owen of her intent to never have kids, mentions that they already discussed this and then Owen said he figured she'd change her mind down the road. She also told him, Teddy and Callie in Season 6 that she didn't want kids. This was not out of the blue. And while we're acting like these are real people, not written characters, I'd rather have Cristina as my heart surgeon than someone else because she can remove her emotions from her medical profession. You don't have to be Suzie Sweetheart to be a good surgeon and she's phenomenal. Webber calls her a "cardio savant".


It is a good thing April can only lose her virginity once. It obviously did not not agree with her. She won't fail. In the end she always rises to the occasion. Obviously its Jackson that fails. The examiner (who we will find out in episode 2 season 9, was passed over for a Harper Avery award 4 times) stomped his binky to death. Besides he deserves to fail after taking advantage of April in her intoxicated condition. It will be a toss up between Lexy or Derek dying. Mer will find out they had a fling, while she was struggling with her boards. When she sees them talking about the elicit one night stand outside the trauma incoming area, she goes nuts. In a re-enactment of the laundromat lady (Episode 4 Season 7), she crashes into them with Dereks's sports car. One is obviously DOA beyond resuscitation. AND the staff will ha be deciding which of the two remaining alive they will save. One will have to die so the other can live. (Season ends)


LOL at April's pit stains.


I should probaly fix my comment, I meant that I think it's derek who dies. He is not coming back to grey's and mer might not be either...should be interesting how the rest of the season plays out.....


I think it's going to be derek, patrick dempsey is not coming back next season. I am still in shock over that!!!!!! So sad! He's an amazing actor and definetly easy on the eyes :)


I hope Christina fails. She is the most selfish, meanest character in the soap. She aborted her husband's child without a thought, left her first fiancee at the altar and then had a fit because Owen had cheated on her once. Of course she could decide not to have his baby ..... but he had to just go on being sweetly in Christina...we hate you ...and certainly wouldn't want anyone as unfeeling as you to be at our bedside in our time to need.


I really think that April is going to fail the boards. that would be a storyline for her nxt season. sucks for kepner i like her a lot. on the other hand, William Keck tweeted that he thinks Arizona/Lexie is going to die. let's hope that Keck's speculation is wrong.


greys fans back me up with what im writing on the recent pp update... represent greys is so much better than pp.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 22 Quotes

That was hell. Actual physical hell.


Carpe Diem. How annoying is carpe diem?


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