Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Let's Have a Baby!

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We now pause from your regularly scheduled season finale death watch to bring you a clip from tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy, the third-to-last episode of the eighth season. And it looks like a big one.

As Mark worries about Jackson's boards, Julia can't help but gush over her man and their life together, and wonder what it would be like if they took a major step together. Like, a really major step.

What does she say, and how does he react? See for yourself below:

ABC also released two additional clips pertaining to the residents' boards. In the first, snippets from their interviews are shown (presumably before they relive their gaffes in this previously-released sneak peek).

Also, we see Catherine tell Richard that one of his residents has failed, and worry that it's Jackson. Who do you think it is? Check out the two clips from "Let the Bad Times Roll" and comment below:

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If Julia is not already trying to get pregnant why is she monitoring her FHS levels? I know from personal experience that monitoring your FHS levels involved blood tests..blood tests y fertility specialist did in his office. Not at the lab, but at his office. I had to drive an hour to and from everyday for two weeks every month just for this blood test.

Aja bird

My bet is that it is Kepner who failed. She has always been a little too high strung and then went and slept with Jackson. Or it's Alex, who possibly didn't get there in time.

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