Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: We're Staying ... or Not

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In four sneak peeks from Grey's Anatomy's upcoming episode, the Seattle Grace residents' fates appear more up in the air than ever as the much-anticipated eighth season finale approaches.

Also, Bailey's interest in a new case at work irks Ben.

In "Migration," the penultimate episode of the season, Meredith and Derek are apparently at odds over a job offer that would entail them moving all the way across the United States.

Der wants to go. Mer wants to stay. It could get ugly ...

Meanwhile, the residents celebrate the completion of their boards with a rager, which is interrupted by a couple of phone calls. The first, fielded by Cristina, turns out to be great news.

The second, taken by April? Not so much. Kepner then proceeds to dance away the pain with reckless abandon. Wonder what will happen when she inevitably hits the wall ...

Finally, Ben's big plans with Miranda are put on hold thanks to a stomach worm. Not hers, but a case at the hospital that piques her interest. Comment on all the sneak peeks below:

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Kris... 24


Who was the actress with the worm I know I know her from another show but cant remember what show.


OMG!!! LEXIE! It's going to be Lexie! Please! Please! No! I so hope the death is Arizona's friend, PLEASE not Lexie!


Why? Why? Why? I like April soooo much. I think she's an awesome character. Why do they have to make her be miserable? Come on, passing the boards and then exploring her ''thing'' with Jackson would be a satisfying sl. All the other characters' sls have enough drama to keep the show going...SO WHY?
Ah...So sorry for the ranting, but as much as i love aaall the characters ( except for Lexie...sorry:)) April is the one i can really feel for (not so much with the Jesus part..but still...)
I want Meredith and Derek to stay for the sake of the show obv. But if this was real life, i would laugh at Meredith for giving up Boston because Richard and Baely like her. I hope Cristina will put some sense into her.


I think it will be April who dies. I think the pressure of sleeping with Jackson and feeling like she betrayed Jesus is too much. Then she fails the boards which puts her over the edge. I think April will end up comitting Suicide in the final episode.


All of the originals have renewed their contracts fortwo (2) more years!!!!!


Why do seasons have to end with the death of a key character. This one done already in GA, why do it again. I'm sure Shonda will have something more original than this.


Derek has a say in where he lives and where he practices medicine. And Meredith did pretty much tank his research career with the clinical study and Adele.


See what I mean? Shows the silly way Shonda writes men. Her shows are for teenagers and twentysomethings. No one should take them seriously. Only in Shondaland do brilliant female doctors repeatedly have accidental pregnancies and couples not have conversations about where they will live and basic common sense matters that should be planned for ahead of significant events.


@CC what the hell? So derek gets no say in where they live?! It's not just meredith's choice, and it's not just derek's.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 23 Quotes

Hopkins is the dream.


It's really not cool to mess with someone's head like this.