Grimm Review: Bippity Boppity Busted

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It’s been a long time since Grimm actually had a true procedural case, that didn’t have any serial elements baked into it. I’m a little sad "Happily Ever Aftermath" decided to return to Grimm’s roots a little bit.

Nick Investigates a Death

That’s not to say the case isn’t worth talking about because it is, Cinderella being a murderous, won’t-take-no-for-answer murdering crazy person is freaking awesome.

The description Monroe gave of her Wesen kind hiding dual personalities is the perfect description, because underneath the Disney-scrubbed persona of Cinderella is someone who has dealt with rejection, has an almost complete lack of a support system, and then she's thrust into a world where her every whim and want is met.

So when her Prince Charming is now without cash, her entire world is brought back to a time of pain and poor memories, and her other side comes back roaring back and is ready to enact some revenge on all of those who wronged her.

But, even with the main focus on the case tonight, there were still a few clues that are coming back to the forefront. Nick’s dream of where he hid the coins is probably going to come back to center stage soon. They’re just too powerful not to, and those coins are also connected to his parents.

It all boils down to one of Grimm’s main themes: lineage.

For most of the series, who you are and what your family does is a constant in your life. It’s inescapable. Nick’s found this out firsthand, and no matter what he’s done to try to ignore it or move on, he keeps getting sucked in deeper and deeper every time.

Besides, any time we can spend in Aunt Marie’s Trailer of awesomeness is time well spent. The amount of weapons and information in there seems to be endless, and I love all the Grimm gadgets and weapons. It deepens the show and the mythology without being weighty and boring. I just wish Nick didn’t have to turn over that awesome sound gun to the police for evidence.

Finally, one other detail interested me tonight about Monroe. When Monroe was using the gun even he was being affected by it a little bit. It made me wonder if this could ever come up in the series. Nick and Monroe are essentially partners and that breaks all kinds of Wesen rules, but Monroe is also in a lot danger from all sides. He’s going against the natural order of things, he’s kind of a Grimm without the lineage (and any abilities if they exist), and he has access to an entire trailer full of things that can kill him. Any kind of wrong move, and he's in some serious trouble. Whether that move is using a weapon wrong or getting his hands on the wrong one in the trailer or one of his adventures with Nick. Whichever direction he turns danger is right in front of him, maybe even more so than Nick.


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So not that I'm complaining, but I recently started re-watching some old Buffy episodes and it's amazing how much this shows structure resembles Buffy. Complete with a wessen/vampire working with the Grimm/Buffy to fight against dangerous people. Grimm is definitely different at some points but the similarities struck me. Anyway, great episode. And I was glad to see Juliette get something to do on her own. Hopefully she keeps helping in this storyline.


Dear TV Fanatic - I must concur with Doe-Rae-Me. Your spelling and grammatical errors are horrendous. Just look at the quote from Monroe on the right. "You did *here* what I said..." REALLY?!?! Elementary school kids are supposed to know this stuff by the end of first grade! PROOFREAD your comments, please, especially if you are being paid as writers.


Since she was the abuser to begin with, Lucinda is correctly defined as a sociopath or "without morals," as I think her godfather referred to her. She simply wants what she wants & will do anything to get it. I was also confused because her godfather was a bat. (I don't remember the Wesen name. Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to spell it.) So, was her dad a bat, too? Did her stepmom know this? If she wasn't one, why would Lucinda's dad bring risk bringing non-bats into their family? Considering what we know of Wesen, they tend to stay with their own kind. And, also, how on earth did the poor stepsisters survive their childhood without physical scars all over their bodies? @farsia201 - Lucinda wasn't a vampire. She was just bat-sh*t crazy!


Was a little disappointed in this week's Grimm tale. The main sticking point for me is that Lucinda is described 2 different ways, and they don't mesh. First, she was supposed to be oblivious to the couple's money troubles. That point was made several times by her husband and godfather. If that's true, why would she start killing her stepfamily? It made no sense to me. Stepmama even said she had little contact with the couple since their marriage. So, why did Lucinda go all bat-crazy on her if she was living the life of a princess without her help? Second, the audience is led to believe that her godfather is telling the truth - little Lucinda was a terror when young, and now murderous as an adult. It's even in Lucinda's dialogue when she's chasing down her stepsister in the end: "It will be just like when we were kids!" The reviewer is wrong. Lucinda was never "rejected" or "wronged." She was a mean bully to her stepsisters. (Continued above......)


While I appreciatethe time and effort the writing staff put into the site, please develop the habit of proof-reading. Almost every article, and even show quotes are littered with spelling and gramatical errors. If you can't take the time to proof-read your own work, have someone else proof it for you. Professional writers should not be making the mistakes your team consistantly does.


Nick and Monroe running after the blonde woman with the machine made me laugh. They are such unusual tv heroes. I did not like Nick handing over the machine. Nick or one of his descendants might need it again one day. I hope that he and Monroe plan to steal it back sometime in the future. I am glad that Nick is letting Juliet help him investigate his past and told Hank the truth about it. It is a big deal to find out his parents were murdered. He is going to need their support to deal with the emotional fall out. There is one Wessen still out there for Nick to catch and convince to tell him the truth. I hope that Nick figures out that Renard is a bad guy in the season finale. I would love for Renard's control to slip and for Nick to see his true face, whatever it is.


*twilight crazies and all the other vamps out there.


Wow, this is definitely a new way of looking at Cinderella! i don't think i will ever be able to sit through a good old boring Disney cartoon anymore or read the classic book as Hans Christian Andersen wrote it!
i actually loved the break from the bigger conspiracy plots and loved Nick chasing after good old fashion badass Wessen, that are simply killing people for the with the same motives that us normal mortals do. Plus this was one interpretation of vampires i haven't seen before and that is hard to come by in our day and Vamp age of Twilight craziesa dn all the other vamps out there.

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