Grimm Review: On My Mother's Side

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After last week’s bitterly disappointing lead up episode, to say I had a few doubts about "Woman in Black" would be putting it lightly.

Good thing Grimm didn’t disappoint.

Nick Is Shocked

There were a lot of variables in play, and I want to take them one by one.

Juliette's Cat Fight
Just when we think Adalind is gone for good she slinks back into Nick’s life and goes after his greatest weakness – Juliette – with some demonic cat no less. Juliette even got the answers she (thought) she was looking for as Nick finally revealed everything to her, but after being so forthright and inquisitive last week Juliette took a turn for the skeptical as she began to worry about Nick’s mental health.

Anyone in her position would do the same, but I just wish she would have gotten a look at Monroe before passing out from the scratch. Why delay the inevitable? Even so, Juliette is now under some kind of spell since her eyes are completely black now just like the cat. Is Adalind controlling her? Will she even remember Nick or what he told her? Or is Adalind just giving Nick one last parting gift for taking away her power, now that she’s skipped town.

Hank finds his Arsenal
Poor Hank, he still has no idea what he witnessed, and Nick still has no interest in setting the record straight, and after the reaction Juliette gave him, there’s very little incentive for Nick to tell Hank.

Instead, Hank is descending deeper and deeper into paranoia, and eventually arms himself to the teeth by the end of the episode as his fears got the best of him and his closet. It’s an interesting development for the character, and while I’m still no fan of Hank this version of him does have some potential. A paranoid Hank won’t give Nick nearly as much leeway as he usually gets, and that pulls Nick from sides.

On one end Nick is saving Hank from these violent Wesen, and on the other his actions are having a direct result on Hank’s well being. Nick’s moral compass would have some confusion, on one hand he could look out for the greater good and his Grimm friends, and on the other he can bring Hank’s mind to ease and save him from going crazy.

My guess on whether Hank becomes part of Team Nick rests directly on the shoulders of Renard.

Nick is (still) a Badass
Nick doesn’t even worry about being caught as a Grimm anymore. He’s fully committed to it, and as the season has gone on we’ve learned that this is his family’s legacy and business. In the trailer with Juliette his enthusiasm for all of it was overwhelming at times, but it all comes down to one common theme: it’s a way for him to reconnect with his parents, and at the very least his mother. He revealed tonight that being a Grimm “comes from his mother’s side.”

Yes, as it turns out Nick’s mother isn’t dead. While I’ve been hoping Nick would meet some family members or other Grimm’s down the road this path offers stronger storytelling opportunities. Now Nick can finally learn what happened in that car crash. If it’s all just a cover up, what’s the deal with coins (she’s clearly on the hunt for them) and this entire Wesen world he still knows nothing about.

Finally tonight, we’ve all been speculating whether or not Nick has any special abilities, and while we’re never completely certain if he does or not, other than seeing Wesen’s true form, it looked like something did happen with Akira. Badass Nick only came out to play after Akira showed his true colors, and I wonder if seeing Wesen for what they are brings out something in Nick as well.

If there is one gripe I have about tonight’s episode it’s the time limit. So much of the episode felt rushed, as we hurried from one character to the next, and from one quick burst of story to the next, and if given room to breathe, the plot might have been better served.  It felt like Akira, Renard, Adalind, and Team Nick all got pushed to the side for the big reveal of Mama Burkhardt. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there was just too much to tell and not enough allotted time to do it.

Other thoughts:

  • Renard is still completely mysterious. It’s an interesting bookend to his season long arc. Originally coming off as a villain, he’s now just another unknown in this big Wesen World we still know very little about. 
  • Do Rosalee and Monroe even need the cat anymore? I'm under the impression Nick took the bowl of milk with him. Or did Hank interrupt that train of thought?


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Okay - I loved this finale. It was exciting, maddening, bad-ass, cliff-hanging; it was everything I would want from a season finale. Good job, Grimm. Starting with Nick: I loved the scene where he was telling Juliette the truth. You can really see how he's embraced it all by how enthusiastic he was getting. Also, his "power-up" in the final scene when he wiped the floor with Akira - what an awesome scene. I kind of figured that the woman in black was his mother, but I'm glad we had the reveal anyway - I'm looking forward to those explanations. Juliette/Monroe: Of course Juliette thinks the man is nuts! That was acted really, really well by Bitsie Tulloch. Again, looking forward to seeing how she wakes up, and what happens with that cat. As always, Monroe is one of the strongest links in the show.


2 things:
Why didn't Renard turn? Or why didn't Akira recognize him as royalty like all the others that have come to Portland?
And, curious to see Momma's reaction to Nick's take on Grimm/Wessen relations and his friend Monroe(especially with all he knows). Great finale and can't wait to see where things go from here!


@KansasGuest You misread what I wrote. I never said that there was one Grimm "in the entire world." This is what I said: I can't wait to see how the writers explain how there can be more than one Grimm in a family with powers. They always strongly implied that Nick came into his powers because Marie was dying.


As for Juliette, I never saw it coming! Some of us have speculated that she might have undiscovered Grimm or Wesen abilities, but the idea of her being transformed is intriguing. Will her transformation be permanent, if this is what happened? If a regular human can be made Wesen, does that mean they'll try it with others? Have Adalind's powers been restored, or did someone else put a hex on her cat's claws? And speaking of the cat, I remember a past episode during which Hank and Adalind double-dated with Juliette and Nick. Adalind told Juliette the breed of cat she had, and Juliette exclaimed that it's a rare, ancient breed. Nick's reaction implied that it's a typical witches' cat or maybe even a type of Wesen itself. Maybe there are shape-shifter Wesen or Wesen that stay in animal form most of the time? It really opens up all sorts of possibilities and makes me want to see what happens in Season Two.


It's funny: I wasn't that thrilled with the Aunt Marie character (although obviously she was crucial to Nick's and the audience's understanding of what a Grimm is), yet it seems like a good time for another Grimm to come into the series to further explain/train Nick. Monroe is great, but Nick depends on him so much. Bringing in another Grimm now makes sense--and for her to Nick's mother? Even better. I agree with the person who said it was dangerous for Nick to bring Juliette to the trailer. She might mention it while in the hospital or discuss her concerns about Nick to a "friend" who happens to be Wesen. And does anyone else feel like Nick is vulnerable every time he's in the trailer? Could he at least put shades up on the windows so the trailer isn't lit up like Christmas in the middle of the night? Especially since he parks his car right there? Anyone following him could "discover" and mess with the trailer...or haul it away. As for Juliette, I never saw that coming! Some of us have speculated that she may already have Grimm or Wesen powers, but it never crossed my mind that she could be transformed! Great plot twist. It makes me wonder: if Juliette can be transformed, does that mean that Adalind's powers have been restored? If not, how could she put a hex on the cat's claws? Or is the cat acting alone? I know that sounds silly, but in a past episode when Hank and Adalind double-dated with Nick and Juliette, Adalind told Juliette the breed of her cat, to which Juliette exclaimed that it's a rare, ancient breed she'd love to see sometime. Nick's response implied that it's a typical witches' cat or possibly another form of Wesen. Maybe some Wesen usually stay in the form of animals, or go back and forth? I love how this plot twist brings up all sorts of possibilities.


Good not great. Rushed and didn't explain any mysyteries ( not counting Nick's mom being alive or Nick's possible "abilities" which we've seen some of and suspected there was more. I was thinking that Juliette was turned into a wesen. I know the mythology is all worked out but something substantial about Renard would have been great.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I never had the impression that there was only one Grimm in the entire world at one time. I thought Aunt Marie said that Grimm abilities emerged at a certain age, and not in every Grimm. It's been inferred that the Grimms in Europe work for the "royal houses."
Yep itsbeen stated countless times that there are multiple grimm bloodlines all around the world going back to few thousand years back. Nick just happens to be a part of this bloodline. Also it might be two per bloodline since, after all, you had TWO grimm brothers at once.


Maid Marian is back and kicking butt! I'm so glad to see her, and also a little depressed because if Mary Elizabeth is now old enough to have a son as old as Nicky (25+), that makes me old. :-( @Simone below - I never had the impression that there was only one Grimm in the entire world at one time. I thought Aunt Marie said that Grimm abilities emerged at a certain age, and not in every Grimm. It's been inferred that the Grimms in Europe work for the "royal houses." Nick, just tell poor Hank that he's not crazy. It's the unknown that is making him freak out because he thinks he's all alone. I hope Nick & Mama Grimm, with Monroe & Rosalie, can help him understand.


Another issue that I had with the episode is that I wished that Nick had told Hank the truth. It is clear that he would be far more receptive to the truth after what he had seen, if only to know that he is not losing his mind. I really hope that the plan is for Hank to find out the truth early next season. Also, next season better include Nick figuring out that Renard's game. There is nothing wrong with having the protagonist engage directly with his main nemesis.


While I guessed who she was from early on I liked that she is nicks mom. I really think Renard is keen on establishing his own kingdom in Portland and sees nick as his own way to deal with the Wesson pop without destroying his rep but I am also thinking the writers aren't sure about what he is because there have been at leAst two stressful scenes and he hasn't turned. I was so feeling Juliet and her distress over nick, heck I was a little concerned and I knew he was making it up. I wondered with the quote whether Juliet would wake I wonder if Adeline has somehow turned her into something. I hope nick mentioned what he wants to do to rosalee she might be able to talk to Juliet better about this stuff .

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