Hart of Dixie Episode Teaser: Farewell to Zoe?!?

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Based on the comments in our latest Hart of Dixie review, TV Fanatics aren't exactly pleased with Dr. Zoe Hart at the moment.

But we're assuming that doesn't mean they want to see her leave town... right?

That's what The CW teases in the following preview for next Monday's "Disaster Drills & Departures," however, as Zoe's father makes another appearances and seems to steal his child away in the middle of the night, helping her extricate herself from being in love with a married man.

Check out the promo now and see what we mean;

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Really, really hope they bring this show back for a second season - it's been getting better all season, and I think it has potential to be another long-running series for CW if they would only let it grow. My only gripe with this episode is I thought it was silly that they had Zoe mistake Rose's appendicitis for love sickness - kind of far fetched and ridiculous if you ask me, but other than that great episode.  I really thought having Zoe's father come back to Bluebell was a good development, and Zoe deciding to take the fellowship without telling anyone is definitely prove she's not ready for the responsibility. Also, I loved the song that they used when Wade apologizes to Lavon and then learns of Zoe's departure, I looked it up and I guess it's a band called The Orbans and that song "When We Were Wild" has been in my head all week. Can't wait to see what's in store for this next episode!


I love Zoe and I would hate for her to leave the show. She got a little annoying with the whole George thing but I hope there will be LOADS more episodes for her to make up for that :L Also I want George and lemon to be together, they are such a cute couple!


I want to Zoe and George to get together ! I absolutely hate Lemon.


They keep bouncing the story around, i remember towards the beginning of the show when George went to New York the story was that George and Lemon had broken up. Seem to remember them saying he was in NY for about a year, other then a soldier oversee's that's generally considered a breakup. So it wouldn't have been cheating. Normally on Zoe's side, but this monday's episode just made her look trashy.


I don't think he's forgiven her....he's just willing to give her another chance...to work on it and see if it can be saved.
I think that people were just a bit disappointed at how Zoe acted....going after Geroge 5 seconds after he broke up with his girlfriend of 15yrs.


I hated Lemon in yesterday's episode, don't know why everyone's hating on Zoe instead of Lemon, totally agree with Quina, how can George forgive her just like that.


I know theyve been together for a long time but come on how cn george forgive lemon so fast (its not ok that she cheated)


Love it, George and lemon are Hot!!! Hope Zoe makes up with Wade