Hart of Dixie Review: The Way Things Always Are

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One "The Race & the Relationship" later, and everything is just about back to the where we started.

Zoe and Wade as a Team

Lemon does something stupid and George reverts to his role. Lavon outright tells Zoe that Wade is into her, and she rebukes him... again. Wade and Zoe have a fight. All sides air their grievances and Zoe is once against the odd non-Bluebell native out.

Did I miss anything?

Dixie’s biggest problem as a show is it never actually follows through with its own character threads. Each episode ends up being a rehash of things we’ve gone through over and over and over again, with each time being only slightly different.

Sure, we can change the song and dance, but Zoe still pines for someone, she makes a revelation about herself and then she acts the same way with a new guy. George is forever the good guy, and after a night of fun in New Orleans and finally letting himself follow through on the emotions and doubts he had felt with Lemon and their build up towards their wedding, he goes back to being the rescuer and trying again with her.

Wade tries to mend his relationship with Zoe after realizing he probably screwed up, and the two have a project that brings them closer together. One of them says or does something that ticks the other off and they have one of their spats and go to their respective corners.

I just don’t get the reasons behind this; maybe if there were some actual semblance of a love triangle - instead of this kind of, sort of one we have now - things would be different. At least then the back and forth with emotions and winners would have some lasting results. But with things as they stand here, the brush is being rinsed off before paint is even on the canvas.

I haven’t even begun with the complete flip-flop of emotions Zoe had with Wade that she now has with George, but I'd rather not beat this dead horse anymore.

So what did I enjoy about tonight’s episode? Shockingly, a lot actually. I loved Zoe and George’s conversation when he brought her coffee. He opened up to her in ways that he can’t with Lemon, and the two have chemistry that can’t be denied.

While I don’t quite understand how Zoe joining the Bluebell Battle with Wade shows what a grand gesture of her love is to George, at least it meant that we could see George continue to be furious at Lemon for what she did. Something I am fully supportive of.

Zoe and Wade also have great conversation, and the two work as friends. When they aren’t reminded of feelings that are or are not there for whoever wants to have them for the week they have some good talks with each other. They actually lift each other up instead of dragging each other down. The battle was the perfect example of that, and it was nice seeing a closeness that’s been absent for so long.

Hart of Dixie would be all the better if it would just stick to its guns and at least try. It’s a nice, fun, enjoyable romp every hour that is a true bright spot in The CW’s lineup. I just hope all of the wheel spinning eventually propels the show somewhere – perhaps for the season finale?

What did you think of tonight’s episode?


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George knew for a long time but even if he didn't, when she called in her estranged father for his dad's surgery, it was a dead giveaway. He called her because he knew she would come and he wanted comfort where he could find it. I was disappointed with Lavon. Zoey has made mistakes but she has been a much better friend to him than he has to her. She has kept his secrets and been there for him. I would probably want to leave town too. Is it petulant and childish? Yes but right now, Zoey believes when it comes right down to it, no one in town has her back. Why would anyone want to stay in a town where they are not wanted?


I'm a little late to the party but even though I think Zoey looked pathetic with George, I don't think she was being manipulative. Lavon told her Wade liked her before when he screwed up and ruined her date with the vet. She asked him the next morning when he showed up at her door if he did. He told her know, that it was just that he had that date in the town pool of when she would break up with the vet and he won money off it. Add that to the things she heard him say about her at the hunting shack, how could Zoey be expected to take what Lavon said seriously? Even if someone tells you point blank someone likes you or that person tells you that themselves, women don't just automatically say...oh OK! They sill have doubts and insecurities. As for George? He took advantage of Zoey in NO. Yes she went but if she was as manipulative and as big of a bitch as people say and as selfish, when he heard the wedding song she would have taken him to bed, not home. And George knew how she felt before that. He has known for a while but even if he didn't, when she called her father to perform the surgery, that was a dead giveaway. He took advantage and called her because he knew she would come and he wanted comfort where he could find it. Everyone on earth is selfish at times but selfish actions do not make you selfish overall. Zoey has done a lot of unselfish things since the show started...including not using the information she had about Lemon to her advantage. I was disappointed with Lavon this episode. Zoey has been a much better friend to him than he has to her. I don't blame her for wanting to leave. Afterall, she literally has no one in town now who has her back. Is it quitting and a bit childish? Yes. But when you think no one would even notice you were gone, why would that matter?


Sorry T - I realized some of that info I actually got out of your comment too. Thanks for that. @Mrs alex o'loughlin I'm hoping the three casualties will be Nikita, Ringer and The L.A Complex but you never with CW. I really like HOD and can see the fan base has honestly grown quite a lot over the past few weeks (getting better ratings that the three shows mentioned) so I'll keep positive about it :)


T, I looked into it further and you’re right. Watching it live definitely helps but if you DVR it, your view apparently counts as long as you watch within three days from the show airing. If you watch online the best site is Hulu (/hart-of-dixie) as it’s a legal site that actually tracks viewer data for networks like CW. If you’re really into the show - watch it live on Monday night and then again online at Hulu. CW also takes into account social media which means checking out the Hart of Dixie Facebook page and tweeting about it (#hartofdixie) all helps. Honestly, I really like this show and it's better to fight for a show you enjoy then have it cancelled because something better is apparently being picked up and hyped up for it to… not be.

Sarah silva

I am happy that the show has stopped the whole Brick trying to turn the town against Zoe and not wanting Zoe to have any patients thus losing her half of the practice. After all it was her dad's practice, I had thought that whole story line was silly for a doctor/grown man to act that way.
I have always enjoyed the friendship with Zoe and Lavon and even though I think he was a little harsh when he told her that she had to leave his house when he was hanging out with Tansi and Wade, Lavon was right to do so as he told her to not hurt Wade.
I keep watching this show as I have hopes it will get back to where it was but I know that the CW has to cancel at least 2 more shows if they just end up picking up 3 pilots and so I have a feeling that Hart of Dixie will be a casualty.

Sarah silva

However since it came back in Jan, Zoe has become someone that is pining for a guy that we all know will most likely never choose her and yet Wade,the guy that likes her can not admit it and even said some super mean things about her. Then we get Wade this week realizing that he actually does like her and then he has to witness Zoe fawning over George again, the look in Wade's eyes when he saw them talking was a little heartbreaking as he realized Zoe would not have the same feelings for him that he has for her. This time I think Wade was right it getting mad at her!
For me I do not like George and Lemon together, the audience never really got to see how George and Lemon stayed together for 15 years all we have been witness to is them fighting, her being jealous of Zoe ( I find it hard to believe that in 15 years Lemon has never been jealous of another girl that George is friends with), also Lemon cheating with Lavon. George just does not seem like himself with Lemon as he is a different person when he is with Zoe. I also do not want Zoe and George together, she seems like she tries to be a different person around him. As much as I think Lemon is annoying I actually like her and Lavon together, she seems less annoying when she is with him. At this time I am not sure if I like Wade and Zoe together either, if they get together in the next 2 weeks then the show better come up with a good story line to make it believeable.

Sarah silva

Okay so I was thinking about this show last night after I gave my thoughts on the episode and as there is not a place to write thoughts on the show in general I figured I would do it here.
Last fall I was super excited for HOD, I like Rachel Bilson and the fact that Josh Schwartz created this show I knew I would love it LIKE I loved the OC and still watch the dvd's to this day.
HOD started off really well. The first half of the season before it went on winter break in November really made me think this show would last. Granted we had Wade and Zoe pulling pranks on each other and from the start Zoe wanted George. However the show seemed of have been handling it a little better back then and we even had the possibility of Wade and Zoe.


Mollie - Glad to hear! Although now I'm even more uncertain about what you were saying in your previous post... Elle - I only partly agree with you. While I don't think the decision is set in stone, it might be too little, too late. But it's worth a try! However, watching live really only contributes to the ratings if you're a Nielsen viewer. I recently read an article with the CW president and while he definitely wants more live viewers, he's also getting information from live+7 numbers and social media, and has made deals with places like Netflix and Hulu where other networks are backing away from that. TV viewership is changing and the ratings/advertising system has yet to find a way to catch up. What I'd suggest is watching live (especially if Nielsen) AND through official online means (CW web site, for example) within the following week. Advertising is most important, so sit through those commercials, click on the Lowe's links, whatever it takes!


A lot of those that like Hart of Dixie have been saying this recently but if you do enjoy HOD and want another season then the next two weeks ratings will really be the deciding factor. If you watch it online or DVR the show to watch something else first - your view doesn't count toward the viewer ratings that matter. These ratings have been increasing over the past few weeks with more and more support but it still needs a lot more behind it. To support the show, watch Hart of Dixie live on the CW on Monday night so that your view will count and DVR other shows that happen to be on at the same time or watch those shows online. HOD really needs support over the next two weeks and hopefully we’ll hear good news about a second season!

Sarah silva

I too had really high hopes for this show, but sadly it is not really going anywhere. We all know George will never love Zoe and it is just sad seeing her pine after him week after week!
I was mad at Wade a couple weeks back when he was super rude and mean when he talked about Zoe, but you know it was just because he was hurting and he knows that Zoe will never love him. Eventhough he is way better for her! So for me as of right now Zoe does not deserve Wade.
I was a little shocked that Lavon kiced Zoe out but he was helping out Wade and Lavon did tell her not to hurt Wade but she did not listen.

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Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Lavon: Zoe, I really don't get how you still don't know this, but Wade likes you.
Zoe: What? No, maybe he did before, but definitely not now.

All it proves is that I'm motivated to have this race end as quickly as possible.