Hart of Dixie Season Finale Footage: Trapped & Teased

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First, a reminder to celebrate: Hart of Dixie has been renewed for season two!

Next, a couple clips to make you wonder: Will George and Lemon get married on tonight's "The Big Day?"

With a storm coming to Bluebell, and with Wade and Zoe trapped inside a barn, it's anyone's guess just who will hook up and who will exchange vows. But at least we get to know we'll see the repercussions of all developments this fall. Yes!!!

Watch a seductive clip from the finale now, followed by a producer's preview, and then return to TV Fanatic tonight for a complete review:

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Finale, sorry I don't know what I was thinking LOL


I loved this show and loved the finally up to the point were George and Lemon didn't get married. I am still debating if I want to watch it or not in the fall. Zoe and Wade sex was HOT, but why in the world would George do that to Lemon, that was terrible beyond words. I hope he ends up alone, and if they keep up that stupid George Zoe story the show should get canceled!


Hahahaha... I love when the EP says 'and there are goats' Not really what you expected her to say next after 'wade and zoe stuck in a barn'.
Go team Wade!


Oh this better be good. Sex in the City girl and Sex in the Country boy. He is hot....Can't wait til tonight....

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