Hart of Dixie Season One Report Card: B+

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Hart of Dixie has lived to fight, joke and diagnose for another season.

Yes, the light-hearted CW drama has earned a renewal and will air on Tuesday nights this fall. What do hope to see in 2012-2013? What would we change? What should remain the same?

Follow along below as we grade Hart of Dixie Season One in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card.


Best Character: Wade Kinsella. I adore the Hart of Dixie cast and was excited for this show from the outset, having been a huge fan of Scott Porter, Cress Williams and Rachel Bilson on previous programs. I still very much am, but Wilson Bethel delivered the most entertaining character on a weekly basis. I'll leave it up to female readers to debate his penchant for tank tops and simply focus here instead on Wade's one-liner delivery, ability to pour drinks and the depth he showed toward the end of the season, such as when his brother came to town.

Worst Character: Lemon Breeland. One of the worst on television, I'm sorry to say. Nothing but a one-dimensional southern stereotype.

Getting Hot in Here

Best Episode: "The Big Day." The finale ratcheted up the love triangle like never before, left us with a legitimate cliffhanger and finally pulled the plug on a wedding we all knew was a terrible idea.

Worst Episode: "Aliens & Aliases." Some seriously contrived storytelling here involving Joelle and her ex-boyfriend, along with a pretty ridiculous Case of the Week for Zoe.

Most Welcome Weekly Sighting: A great deal of skin.

Most Unwelcome Weekly Sighting: Lemon's giant hats.

Most Unexpected Moment: Scott Porter blowing us away on stage in "Destiny & Denial."

Favorite Bluebell Event: The turtle race and Planksgiving (tie).

Hope for Season 2: Hart of Dixie is that unique CW show that doesn't shock you with crazy sex shenanigans (hi, Gossip Girl) or a dozen twists each week (hey, Vampire Diaries). It's content just telling stories within its somewhat outlandish, fictional world of Alabama. And that's refreshing, but it can be a bit of a drag. Spice up the plots a bit, speed up the action and avoid some of the cliches. Also, kill off Lemon. Painfully.

Overall Grade: B+

Your turn, TV Fanatic: What grade would you give Hart of Dixie Season 1?

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Bethel does a GREAT job at telling Wade's story. LOVED the finale episode, but, I think Wade deserves better then zoey. Iam not feeling zoey or george at the moment. They are wreckless with people's feelings. As far as Iam concern the both can ride off into the sunset togehter on the back of george's motorcycle and I don't think they would be missed. Worst episodes were Destiny and Denial/Race and Relationship. I think the show needs to deal with their behavior and not slip over it. Growth for all the characters. Love Shelly/Wade's relationship.


Mirciu I liked Lavon with riding as well
Hate lavon/lemon.
I agree with most everybody's best character choice as Wade and the other choices.
I actually like Lemon & would like to see her happy. I think George is the Guy for her, they just fit.
Of course Id like to see Wade with Zoe, but I don't think it will happen right away. I think were gonna have to suffer.....


I wish the writers would get a lot SMARTER about the show. I find Zoey/George to be the most SELF-SERVING characters. Zoey SHAMELESSLY chases after someone else's man. She was totally EMBARRASSING. I also can't believe she was willing to sleep with the guy who slept with her best friend. Your writers are making her look so STUPID and UNBELIEVEABLE as a doctor. George wants us to believe that he fell in love with Zoey after he find out about Lemon's affair. Please, George has been flirting with Zoey from day one, " Zoey's fine tone ass", the conversation about Zoey's melting panties, the sercet dates/lies to Lemon about those dates, and near kisses. Even Zoey's father called him out. Lemon is a victim of both Zoey/George's MADNESS and she deserves better and so does Wade. If Zoey choose to run around town with George whom she stole from Lemon then I have NO RESPECT for her. Hope for next season: Growth for both Wade and Lemon and the opening of Wade's bar. I think Wade and Lemon could have a great friendship (nonsexual). By the way, I loved the finale.


I think Wade has made a great development over the season and he's such an amazing character - I hope Zoe realizes that. Lemon is the WORST character on television right now. Can't handle her. Jamie King is such a lovely person and she is stuck with playing that southern cliche Lemon. Horrible,horrible character.


I agree Wade is the best character. Bethel flawlessly delivers his lines. My hope for season 2 is that the writers would forcus on cleaning up Z's image. That mess with George (i.e. chasing after an UNAVAILABLE man/ pining/trip to New Orlean) was negative on her image. I started to dislike her. I had more respect for the other female characters than I did for Z. I don't have a problem with her liking George (I prefer Wade), but, I just think the writers took it too far. At times is seemed as if Z couldn't control herself. Z can not be a role model to Rose acting in that manner. It also made me wonder how did this girl got through medical school if she is this DIZZY. I was glad to see that alot of the younger views were also disappointed Z's behavior. My APPLAUSE to the director of the finale. The Z/W scene was tastefully done . Something I was NOT expecting on CW.


I agree with Wade best character but not with Lemon worst. She's my favorite after Wade and she had a great evolution. George is cleary the worst for me.


T--I loved reading your comments! Great points, especially pointing out the tired love triangles. I hope they will move past that too. I love how so much can be taken from a CW show that's a seemingly silly satire. The plots and characters can be understood on deeper levels when you look past the silly hats and accents. That's why I hope more people will give it a chance next season!! Some of my friends think I'm dumb for loving this show. They say it's a slap in the face to Alabamians, but I totally disagree. I think it has the appropriate format to tackle social issues without screaming opinions and shoving them down people's throats, and I think adding more authentic touches would draw in a bigger audience. Wade is the most authentic character on the show, and Brick is a perfect portayal of the prideful Southern male. I guess my primary authenticity request is that I'd like to see less Scarlett O'Hara theatrics from Lemon.


(And 3) As the show continues for hopefully many more seasons, what I feel will bring the most authenticity (more so than wardrobe changes!) is if they move away from the forced, tired love-triangle shenanigans and instead show us (in addition to the other wonderful characters finding love, family, happiness and success) two side-by-side, intertwined love stories of W/Z and G/L letting go of their own and other people's preconceived notions and expectations, and helping each other become the best versions of themselves personally and professionally. Corny, I know, but warm-hearted corniness is kind of what this show does best, IMO. Perhaps I'm hoping for too much from a CW show.


(2) The parts where they made the most sense (and where you can see what was appealing in the L/L relationship) were when they stopped caring about being the next generation of town royalty: planning the Homecoming prank, swimming in the pond, reminiscing about the bleachers, etc. And so I can see them ending up together again, provided they both start caring more about being honest than what other people think of them - and provided George grovels and starts to treat L like she deserves (maybe he could start by just once, when she talks about how much better he is than her and how much she's working to deserve him, responding with something besides his usual "aw shucks, Lemon, I know" attitude. At least try to fake-compliment the woman you're supposed to love, George.)


Elizabeth - also excellent points. I think all of the main characters have emotional maturing to do. With George in particular, I think the writers have managed to create a character with potential for complexity and growth, but they haven't taken advantage of it or even acknowledged it. That might be why he comes across as boring to a lot of people - because frustratingly, they never take his actions past the "well, it's OK, because he's really a good guy" stage. That also is why he's not a good match for Zoe from a story-telling perspective. Together, neither of them would become more than they are right now because they don't challenge each other to be better than who they are. Wouldn't make for good TV. I disagree though regarding whether George has a real emotional connection with Lemon. I think they actually have 2 different relationships, one based on appearances and one based on an actual connection. The first relationship is what destroyed them in the end, but to me, the parts where they made the most sense (and the parts where you can see what was appealing in the L/L relationship) were when they stopped caring about being the next generation of town royalty: planning the Homecoming prank, swimming in the pond, reminiscing about the bleachers, etc. And so I can see them ending up together again, provided they both start caring more about being honest than what other people think of them - and provided George grovels and starts to treat L like she deserves.

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