Hart of Dixie Season One Report Card: B+

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Hart of Dixie has lived to fight, joke and diagnose for another season.

Yes, the light-hearted CW drama has earned a renewal and will air on Tuesday nights this fall. What do hope to see in 2012-2013? What would we change? What should remain the same?

Follow along below as we grade Hart of Dixie Season One in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card.


Best Character: Wade Kinsella. I adore the Hart of Dixie cast and was excited for this show from the outset, having been a huge fan of Scott Porter, Cress Williams and Rachel Bilson on previous programs. I still very much am, but Wilson Bethel delivered the most entertaining character on a weekly basis. I'll leave it up to female readers to debate his penchant for tank tops and simply focus here instead on Wade's one-liner delivery, ability to pour drinks and the depth he showed toward the end of the season, such as when his brother came to town.

Worst Character: Lemon Breeland. One of the worst on television, I'm sorry to say. Nothing but a one-dimensional southern stereotype.

Getting Hot in Here

Best Episode: "The Big Day." The finale ratcheted up the love triangle like never before, left us with a legitimate cliffhanger and finally pulled the plug on a wedding we all knew was a terrible idea.

Worst Episode: "Aliens & Aliases." Some seriously contrived storytelling here involving Joelle and her ex-boyfriend, along with a pretty ridiculous Case of the Week for Zoe.

Most Welcome Weekly Sighting: A great deal of skin.

Most Unwelcome Weekly Sighting: Lemon's giant hats.

Most Unexpected Moment: Scott Porter blowing us away on stage in "Destiny & Denial."

Favorite Bluebell Event: The turtle race and Planksgiving (tie).

Hope for Season 2: Hart of Dixie is that unique CW show that doesn't shock you with crazy sex shenanigans (hi, Gossip Girl) or a dozen twists each week (hey, Vampire Diaries). It's content just telling stories within its somewhat outlandish, fictional world of Alabama. And that's refreshing, but it can be a bit of a drag. Spice up the plots a bit, speed up the action and avoid some of the cliches. Also, kill off Lemon. Painfully.

Overall Grade: B+

Your turn, TV Fanatic: What grade would you give Hart of Dixie Season 1?

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Elizabeth (and Matt, for that matter) - of COURSE Lemon's an over-the-top stereotype. In case you didn't notice, this whole show has its tongue firmly in its cheek. Trust me, no one thinks people from Alabama really dress or act that way (although I've also seen many comments saying "this is just like my small town!" from people all over the country). At least with Lemon, there's a point to her attitudes and clothing. Because of her mother and other issues, she's clearly fighting to maintain the facade of being a creature that doesn't exist: a perfect Southern Belle. I'm willing to bet that next season they'll start to play with her a bit as she struggles to figure out who she really is and what she wants, and her wardrobe will start to reflect that. In the meantime, I hardly think being a stereotype should condemn a TV character to a painful death.


Id little doctoring and lots of pining. The characters development needs to evened out a little bit better.


best character: Zoe! I struggled with this one, who else can do serious moments, zingy one liners, and physical comedy like her on this show.
Worst character: George, I liked him at first, then I met lemon, and he just seemed....stupid. Whiny. Pointless.
Best episode: the big day....I finally felt the plot move forward and p not one step forward two steps back.
Worst episode: destiny and denial. When did Zoe become Bella swan? The sudden clandestine realization that she loved George made me want punch the t.v.
Most welcome weekly sighting: wade kinsella. He could have chemistry with dust particles.
Most unwelcome weekly sighting: Jaime king's accent
Most unexpected moment: that dash Dewitt went from being the father from family matters to reciting lines about ANTM.
Favorite bluebell event: The race! I can't recall the name though.
Hope for season 2: balance. For all the characters, mostly Zoe. She can have a love life and medical career...at the same time, the back half she did little doctoring and lots of pining. The characters need to be evened off in terms of development.


(cont) dating someone else to see if George is pining over Zoe. I think he should pine over Zoe, who will be unavailable, and I think he and Wade should get into a fight. I honestly think George could leave town and the show would go on...jmo. One more observation: on the season finale, Brick said his grandbabies would be "Alabama red." As a U of A alum, I cringed! We would never say that because Alabama isn't red--we're crimson. Brick should have said his grandbabies would "bleed crimson" or that they'd pull for "the Tide." The conversation between George's dad and Brick about the Auburn vs. Alabama rivalry didn't sound authentic. That's something I'd like to see done better next season. A whole episode devoted to the hoopla surrounding the Iron Bowl game and rivalry would be cool. It's Nov. 24 at Bryant-Denny in T-Town this year. Roll Tide!


I loved the season and I agree wity most of the commenters, except I think Lemon has room for growth. She annoyed the hell out of me with that accent and those dumb clothes, but I noticed how the accent got less over-the-top as the season progressed. The clothes, however, were still ridiculous. I know she's supposed to be an over-the-top Southern belle, but I'm from Alabama and we don't dress or talk like Lemon Breeland, so I'd like to see her tone it down a few notches in season 2. The backstory with her mom really showed us why she is the way she is, and I hope we will see more flashbacks to show why George fell for Lemon in high school in the first place. What I'd like to see with season 2: Zoe needs to pick Wade and not screw him over. That relationship would not ever get boring to watch, even if they were a full-blown couple. I think it'd be even funnier to watch them navigate coupledom with all their differences. Zoe and George are boring! I think Lemon should start dating someone else and it will of course upset George, which will prove once and for all that George loves Lemon, and that Zoe needs to forget him. I'd also like to see more of Wade's backstory, and of course I want to see his reaction to those buried jars of money in Crazy Earl's yard when his dad passes. I think there's a lot of good stuff to build on for season 2 and I will definitely be tuning in!


Best character: Wade
Worst: George
Most annoying: Zoe


Best Character: Wilson Bethel (BRILLIANT). Love his relationship with Zoey. I think she is at her BEST opposite of Him. LOL Both are a total/complete MESS, but, I love it. They remind me of Angia/Brad in the movie Mr/Mrs. Smith. I agree overdose on triangles. More medical issues would be great. I disagree in re to Lemon, I thought she was great in her scene with Wade. Maybe she could help Wade with his bar. Honestly, I thought George/Zoey were the most Annoying characters during second half of the season. That whining/pining for George was not cute at all. Please bring back the Zoey who gave Wade all that attitude. I was not impressed with how George used both Lemon and Zoey. I agree too much singing. More Lavon please. Love the show, but, it needs improvement.


OK, one more thing! Elle, I agree about the constant singing. The occasional event is fine, especially if it's character-driven, but it got to be way too much. It's great that so many of the cast members have talented singing voices and I know it's a WB/CW tradition to have actual bands or singers perform on shows, but this isn't Glee or Smash or anything like that. Enough's enough, already.


I know I'm wordy but the limits for these comments are ridiculous and incredibly frustrating Anyway, development of Lavon and Brick.


(Part 2.) Personally, I felt the love triangles were overdone and started to get a little tedious after a while, partly because the various sides weren't developed equally/well - for example: why did Zoe just forget about Wade entirely after the holiday episode and become obsessed with George when they barely had any screentime in the preceding eps? I'm not looking forward to the inevitable G/Z pairing, but I think it has to happen next, and WB has definitely proven he can deliver Wade's reaction to that. I just hope we don't have to suffer through G/Z for very long, and they can somehow redeem G and not ruin Z in the meantime. Once that's over, maybe we can finally move on from the cliched triangles and get some real character and story development. As fun as romantic soapiness can be, I think the best part of this show is the small-town quirkiness and Zoe's ultimate growth, and at times the love polygon has gotten in the way of that. My other wish for season 2: more development of Lavon and Brick.

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