Hawaii Five-0 Review: Ending With A Bang

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"Ua Hala:" Death in the Family.

I have to hand it to Peter Lenkov, he certainly knows how to shake things up and give us a dramatic ending to Hawaii Five-0’s sophomore season while still leaving a few hooks for us to come back to in the fall... without ending entire story on a cliff hanger. 

Joe, Chin Ho, and Steve

Before we get into the exciting things, I have to mention something that really bugged me and detracted from the overall story: how Max got shot. In what reality would the cops have not completely roped off both ends of the alley before the coroner was called in? And assuming that it was a breach in protocol that caused it, why would Hilary (the shooter) still be in the alley if she was mobile enough to outrun Steve and the rest of Five-0? 

Okay, that convenient story-plot aside, a lot of big things happened and I will just run them down.

Shelburne is Steve’s Mom: While it doesn’t appear to be the complete end of the Shelburne story, watching Steve’s reaction and him saying “Mom” when the door opened was awesome. I was glad that the “reveal” we had in January turned out to be a fake. Besides, after it was discovered that the real Shelburne had not been revealed, I called it being his mom!  

I’m curious what this means for Joe White. As Steve and Joe seem to have buried their differences, will we see Joe again? Will Joe continue to move Shelburne? Did Wo Fat let himself be caught to bait out Shelburne? 

Goodbye Captain Fryer: I will admit that Tom Sizemore as Captain Fryer has grown on me over the season, so I am sad that he was killed off. That being said, I stand by my earlier comment of seeing too many Haoles in important roles and I really hope that we see more Samoan or Hawaiian (looking) actors in positions of authority next season. 

Frank Delano Released: While the commercial break from Kono going into her house to Chin Ho signing out Delano confused me for a few minutes, Baldwin’s portrayal of Delano was great. It’s not very often that I want to reach into the TV and slap someone, but Delano made the list this week.

Chin Ho has to pick, Kono or Malia? As mentioned above, Delano was exceptionally nasty and to make Chin Ho decide who he wanted to save was the icing on the cake. Correction: Chin Ho getting home and the audience realizing that Delano went back on his word was the icing on the cake. What a real scumbag! I’m looking forward to Chin Ho catching up with him next season.

As for Kono and Malia themselves; Malia opened her eyes, so there are good odds she will survive and Kono spends a lot of time in the ocean, I’m feeling confident she can swim “dolphin style” and get her head back above water. Given that she was on the phone with Adam when we last saw her, maybe he realized something was wrong and will end up saving her. 

Did anyone catch Kono’s teasing him on the phone about “playing with duct tape is wrong?" Clearly she has forgiven him for tying her up last week

In conclusion, it was a good season. I’m look forward to this fall when the show returns, as we know we are gaining at least one new regular cast member. What did you think of this season? Are you looking forward to Season Three? 


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Im actually fairly young so I do have a right to vote. Do you find it necessary to tweet and FB everything? If you don't like what we talk about then dont comment, we're trying to get our Ohana across the line.


OMG J!!!!!!!! You aint kidding. Man how old are this people?


@Martinelli & Co.: Sooooo....grown people are plotting how to vote multiple times to influence a Teens Award? Seriously???? I dont know whats more pathetic; that you think this show is that desparate for any award or that you are so gone in the head that this doesnt strike you as psycho stalkerish sh*t.
Sorry people but this is way too good not to tweet and fb.


My opinion is that season two of Hawaii 5.0 was full of cases and especially the love interest Kono / Adam and blind faith that is in it, catching Wo Fat's what Steve wanted. what I liked Joe was that he decided to tell him who is Shellburne, and it was his job to protect. . excited I was when Joe takes him to Japan Steve Shellburne a knowledge which proved to be his mother, several will be in season 3.sigur Danny will be able to get custody of Grace. Chin released the Delano, and what will happen to Kono after it was thrown in wa


I feel sorry for LL Cool J, I like him too but can only vote one person :(


I voted today and will try to do it every day.


If we pull together and try and get those 3 wins for all the actors/actresses of H50, I reckon our fan base is big enough to get Grace and Daniel across the line, especially since they're carrying the BSG and Lost fan bases. I'm not usually one for award shows but I'm so excited we got nominated for something!


I am looking forward to next season, I hope Adam does save Kono maybe than Chin will realize he's a good guy after all and allow Kono to have a relationship with him.


Jschoi....I was happy to see Grace and Daniel get some recognition also. They deserve it. I think the writers are finally hearing us, that we want more Kono and Chin. It took the last half of the 2nd season to pick things up for both of them. I hope they continue next season and beyond. This is also good for H50 even if they don't win.


@Martinelli, no problem! Hope people who follow your blog will vote!
@Jschoi, I couldn't be more happy those two are getting recognition, about time too I say! Maggie Q is definitely gonna be stiff competition as Nikita fans have been very vocal for her to get a nomination. As a regulation almost, CW shows always have huge fan bases and especially very vocal ones too. CW's teenage channel, I'm suspecting it's gonna take a lot to beatNikita and Maggie Q

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Danny: Alright with the Navy Seal death stare, what are you going to water board me till I tell you about my private phone call?
Steve: No, I'm just trying to get you to tell me because we're friends and I'm worried.

Joe: Now that Wo Fat is in jail it's time for you to meet Shelburne.
Steve: Oh you're just going to take me to Shelburne.
Joe: That's why I'm here.