Hawaii Five-0 Review: Ending With A Bang

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"Ua Hala:" Death in the Family.

I have to hand it to Peter Lenkov, he certainly knows how to shake things up and give us a dramatic ending to Hawaii Five-0’s sophomore season while still leaving a few hooks for us to come back to in the fall... without ending entire story on a cliff hanger. 

Joe, Chin Ho, and Steve

Before we get into the exciting things, I have to mention something that really bugged me and detracted from the overall story: how Max got shot. In what reality would the cops have not completely roped off both ends of the alley before the coroner was called in? And assuming that it was a breach in protocol that caused it, why would Hilary (the shooter) still be in the alley if she was mobile enough to outrun Steve and the rest of Five-0? 

Okay, that convenient story-plot aside, a lot of big things happened and I will just run them down.

Shelburne is Steve’s Mom: While it doesn’t appear to be the complete end of the Shelburne story, watching Steve’s reaction and him saying “Mom” when the door opened was awesome. I was glad that the “reveal” we had in January turned out to be a fake. Besides, after it was discovered that the real Shelburne had not been revealed, I called it being his mom!  

I’m curious what this means for Joe White. As Steve and Joe seem to have buried their differences, will we see Joe again? Will Joe continue to move Shelburne? Did Wo Fat let himself be caught to bait out Shelburne? 

Goodbye Captain Fryer: I will admit that Tom Sizemore as Captain Fryer has grown on me over the season, so I am sad that he was killed off. That being said, I stand by my earlier comment of seeing too many Haoles in important roles and I really hope that we see more Samoan or Hawaiian (looking) actors in positions of authority next season. 

Frank Delano Released: While the commercial break from Kono going into her house to Chin Ho signing out Delano confused me for a few minutes, Baldwin’s portrayal of Delano was great. It’s not very often that I want to reach into the TV and slap someone, but Delano made the list this week.

Chin Ho has to pick, Kono or Malia? As mentioned above, Delano was exceptionally nasty and to make Chin Ho decide who he wanted to save was the icing on the cake. Correction: Chin Ho getting home and the audience realizing that Delano went back on his word was the icing on the cake. What a real scumbag! I’m looking forward to Chin Ho catching up with him next season.

As for Kono and Malia themselves; Malia opened her eyes, so there are good odds she will survive and Kono spends a lot of time in the ocean, I’m feeling confident she can swim “dolphin style” and get her head back above water. Given that she was on the phone with Adam when we last saw her, maybe he realized something was wrong and will end up saving her. 

Did anyone catch Kono’s teasing him on the phone about “playing with duct tape is wrong?" Clearly she has forgiven him for tying her up last week

In conclusion, it was a good season. I’m look forward to this fall when the show returns, as we know we are gaining at least one new regular cast member. What did you think of this season? Are you looking forward to Season Three? 


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Ok, I see a couple of you hope that Adam is going to rescue Kono. Now comes my question: where is Adam? Isn't he in jail?


@Zia...I agree, hope Adam rescues Kono. I think he will, I think that her being on the phone with Adam when she entered her house was to give us a clue to what may happen.


@Kelly.....I loved the explosion also. I thought they did a great job on that, really good filming and acting. Alex did great all thru the episode. When his Mom opened the door and they closed in on his face, you could see his expression change as he realized who it was. You could see him start to tear up, it was perfect, great acting. I'm still hoping Adam rescue's Kono. Peter Lenkov said that the season 3 opener will take place a second after the finale so we will get to see the son/mom reunion, and I am assuming we will also get to see how Kono survives. It will be worth the wait I'm sure.


@HFO - I feel the same. Good point :)


I too am good with Adam/Kono. I'm happy that Kono's happy and that's the main thing. If Kono can forgive him for what he did, then so can we. Every person deserves a second chance, especially when Adam put the gun away, for me that showed he did deserve a second chance


@Zia - I agree with you on the Kono/Adam & Kono/Fong issue. Fong would be a "legal" relationship but no fun and excitement for us (my opinion). Adam brings trouble and that's why is more interesting. I like Adam better as a man and even if he's not so clean, I prefer him over Fong. I'm willing to accept things as they are in the movie, even though these things don't happen like this in real life.In order to enjoy the movie, we have to separate the movie from real life a bit. I'm all for Adam and hope they are going to have some good time season 3 together.


I think Danny treats Steve like Grace at times. He wants Steve to check in with him to make sure he's okay and can't let him out of his sight without worrying to death but then gets childish when Steve tries to reason with him. It might be Dannys way of doing things and showing how he cares but his condesending and rude attitude makes it pretty annoying.
Watching again and not worrying about the stories making sense made the episode more enjoyable. That explosion gets better each time and Alex/Steve looked and acted totally amazing throughout. The part where he pushed the chair out and shot the bad ass lady was the hightlight of the episode.


I went to great lengths not to point anyone out. Obviously some people can't take an opposing view without making it personal. Perhaps insult was the wrong word, I'll be sure to kick myself later. My point was that people who are good friends joke around with each other, point out things about each other, but they are always there for each other, they will always defend against others, they will always love each other. Thats exactly what Steve and Danny are to each other. As I said before if you don't have the same sense of humor then fine, thats your opinion. I don't expect everyone to think the same way.


@jschoi....I'm with you, I mean I can see people's points. You said it though, how much entertainment would Kono/Fong be compared to Kono/Adam. In real life we would be all over a friend that would actually be with someone who has questionable ties, but its not real life. It's a fantasy world, so why not just enjoy the ride, and not think that Kono is stupid or childish.
Love does weird things to perfectly sane people.


I agree with Jschoi, this is TV for God's sake, how many times do police departments gets blown up? How many times do police officers get shot at but never dies? It gets a little out of the reality norm but that's okay for me, because it's entertaining. Plus, we don't know Adam/Kono too much yet, maybe their feelings are deep and their relationship is bigger than that, don't be so quick to judge.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Danny: Alright with the Navy Seal death stare, what are you going to water board me till I tell you about my private phone call?
Steve: No, I'm just trying to get you to tell me because we're friends and I'm worried.

Joe: Now that Wo Fat is in jail it's time for you to meet Shelburne.
Steve: Oh you're just going to take me to Shelburne.
Joe: That's why I'm here.