Hawaii Five-0 Review: Welcome Home Steve

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"Ua Hopa:" Caught.

Following his time off, Alex O'Loughlin made a spectacular return to Hawaii Five-0 this week, looking healthier than he has in months. Steve was able to catch Wo Fat in Japan and got him back into U.S. territories before all Hell broke loose and he ended up crashing the plane they were on.

Did anyone else cheer when Steve beat Wo Fat in the hand-to-hand fight? After watching Wo Fat get the better of Joe earlier this season, I was thrilled to see Steve come out on top with a T.K.O. Of cours,e that was only the beginning of his problems, given that the Yakuza seemed to want them both dead. 

McGarrett & Wo Fat Under Fire

Was your guess correct? After a week of debating who we saw Kono climb into the shower with in the preview, the answer was provided for us very quickly in the episode in the form of... Adam Noshimuri! While I’m sure it upset some fans, it also excited many of us as it may allow for Ian Anthony Dale to make regular appearances on the show.

I say “may” because I’m not sure if Kono and Adam’s relationship is strong enough yet to survive him kidnapping her or the subsequent rebuttal of her preventing him from killing Wo Fat and Steve. This reviewer is pulling for them, though! Adam has the potential to be a very interesting character as he works to change his family’s business over to a legal and legitimate empire. I suspect his choice to slide back into torture, murder and kidnapping may put a damper on that process.

But, as the poets say, the love a good woman can move mountains.

I was a little confused regarding exactly what Adam told his men. He had the house ready for torture and killing, yet his men opened fire on Steve and Wo Fat like they were told to kill them. Were they just trying to kill Steve and were going to capture Wo Fat? 

Either way, the showdown at the airport took some unexpected twist, my favorite being Kono saving Adam’s life when his “lawyer” went to shoot him. As I said, the love of a good woman... Kono is definitely a good woman. 

I'm curious where things go for Danny and the CIA. I can’t imagine it will sit well with the government that the CIA field office took a police officer prisoner (hostage?). And, I’m sure the Governor is going to hear all about how the CIA tried to let the Yakuza kill Steve. 

Finally, we ended with Wo Fat in prison. Do you think we are done with him? I can tell you that I certainly hope not. Mark Dacascos makes such a great bad guy, I would hate for this to be the end of the Wo Fat legacy. Besides, we still don't know who or what Shelburne is!  

Next week is the season finale and looks to be tense ending to sophomore season of Hawaii Five-0! Are there any storylines you hope they wrap up this season? 


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Yes, Adam may not be as shady as his dad, and he may turn out to be a 'good guy' at heart, but the fact still remains that he is very much involved in criminal activity. As for Kono, call me cold-hearted, but I honestly have very little sympathy for her predicament; she knew exactly who she was getting involved with, so her tearful "we can't even go out to dinner" (as said to Adam in the hotel) doesn't wash with me. A police officer going out with a Mafia boss? Talk about conflicts of interest. It's got 'happy ending' written all over it, doesn't it?


Thoroughly enjoyed the episode - it's probably my favourite one of the season so far. It was great to have Alex back, looking so much fitter and healthier. The fight scenes between him and Mark Dacascos were brilliant, almost 'matrix-like'.
I also really enjoyed Danny's scenes with the CIA guys; he totally held his own and it made me love him even more!
However, the Kono/Adam storyline really bothered me. Firstly, the way it happened seemed really sudden - there was no build-up, or explanation as to how/when they even met.
Secondly, whilst I agree they had real chemistry & made a cute couple, am I the only one who doesn't support this relationship? Of all the guys the writers could've set her up with, they went for the one who's the head of the Yakuza - the Japanese Mafia, no less! - and is therefore no stranger to (and has clearly has no problem with) breaking the law to get what he wants.


"turretgunner May 8th, 2012 12:49 PM I thought this was a great episode and like many, i really enjoyed watching Steve kick Wofat's ass. But I have to disagree about all the positive remarks about Adam and Kono's relationship. She's a cop working on a special forces team for the Govenor of Hawaii and she's dating a know criminal? Maybe Adam is sincere about wanting his operations to become legit, but as he himself told Kono, that's going to take time. So she's dating a crook who was involved in an attempted abduction of a federal prisoner that left at least one innocent person dead on the plane and could have resulted in her boss getting killed as well. Now I believe Adam didn't sanction the execution of the CIA agent, but that situations showed he wasn't in control of his own men, which isn't good either. So while I know most relationships on TV shows are evaluated according to how they grade on the hotness scale, I guess I tend to go with something a little more substantial than "Oh, they are soooo hot together!" Realis" You took the words out of my mouth, turretgunner! Adam may not be as shady as his dad, but the fact is he's very much a criminal. As for Kono, call me cold-hearted, but I have very little sympathy for her predicament; she knew exactly who she was getting involved with. Plus, I don't believe the relationship would ever be fully accepted by Chin, Steve & Danny (especially Steve - given the Yakuza's alleged ties to his parents' murders). Chin clearly disapproved, but they didn't get to discuss it properly.


I am glad Alex is back and I don't believe mondays show was filmed before he went to rehab, as he look like crap before he went and he looks really good now. I don't think Max gets killed, just shot as he call the guys to come see something, which I think is a body. There has been no word that any of the core four are leaving. I think it is Kono in the water but can't tell if she has anything on her to weigh her down and we don't know if she was unconscious when she goes into the water. She maybe able to excape if she is just bound by her hands. I think the very end when they were all giving Steve hugs and he ask Did you miss me? Wonder if he was asking did they miss Steve or miss Alex. I hope Shelbourne isn't his mother as that would just wipe him out. Glad Alex had his stuntman do more for him than he allowed before. It went so fast I didn't pick up that you saw more of the stuntmans face. Will have to re=watch it.


I've really been loosing interest in the show lately, but now that Alex is back to his healthy energetic self and Steve is back to his amazing kick ass self, I'm beginning to fall in love with the show again. If only the episodes could remain as good as this one. Great news about Adam/Kono returning and I'm so excited that Cath will be a full time team member. I'm beginning to feel more optimistic about season three.


@HFO....Wonder if Chin will still walk her down the aisle, my guess is yes. Reminds me just slightly about the Border good guy with father issues.


@kaydee, I think it's pretty safe to assume that Kono is safe. I remember a while back when we first heard someone would die, Lenkov tweeted "Relax... Fasten your seatbelts it's gonna be a fun ride." I don't think if one of the core four died, he would be saying that. I can't believe I already ship Adam/Kono but they're just so adorbs!!
My theory Adam will turn good for Kono, and who knows, maybe she'll be the cop that marries the head of the Yakuza.


I think it was the best episode yet! Alex looked really great healthy and his skin color is back to normal lol I love the Kono/Adam story I think they should keep Ian on as a regular Kono needs a love life too and why not a bad boy to keep things spiced up! Wo Fat always gets away his story isn't done and I love Mark as Wo Fat he plays the part well! All these great looking actors on one show is awesome! We all know or should know that Steve,Danno,Kono and Chin will live! I believe it will be Max that dies :( anyhow, wonderful episode! Sad the finale is coming I guess I will watch re runs all summer until September I live for my Monday H5O!!!


@HFO - that's great news! Kono & Adam in season 3!! YES - Kono's fine, phew!!! @martinelli - we'll have to wait and see if Adam's free. I think Kono can turn him around. Zia's right - if you received your father's body parts, you'd go dark too. I know I would. @Walter - you're right, it's a long wait till September. Sigh....


Most probably becos this fan tweeted Lenkov asking him for more Adam/Kono and he was like "If you insist." Which i interpret as a cryptic answer to YES THERE WILL BE MORE TO COME.
I support this relationship, i love it when bad guys turn good for the women they love ahha. I love it how Steve had that "WTF IS GOING ON WITH THOSE TWO" face going on, funny

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Steve: Why are you angry?
Danny: I'm not angry.
Steve: You sound angry.
Danny: I'm not angry, I was worried and now I'm concerned.

Adam: They would see one thing, Hiro Noshimuri son; the heir apparent to the head of the Yakuza.
Kono: They won't see that if you're clean.
Adam: I'm getting there.