In Plain Sight Review: Perfectly Messy

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I have loved every episode of the final season of In Plain Sight. Although last week's episode may have been my true favorite, the series finale far from disappointed.

Mary Shannon's a strong, beautiful, flawed character and I'm grateful to have gotten to watch her grow over the last five seasons and her story arc in "All's Well That Ends" was no exception.

Marshall Makes a Toast

Abigail had finally reached her breaking point and I couldn't blame her. While she sat with a minister expecting her fiance to show up to help plan their wedding, Marshall was at Mary's side helping her plan her father's funeral.

Yes, these were extreme circumstances and Mary needed her best friend but I couldn't blame Abigail when she told Marshall in this In Plain Sight quote

Marshall, I need you to remove the phrase, she's my partner from your arsenal. | permalink

…because that has been his response every time he's bailed on her and he's uttered it plenty. Thankfully Abigail wasn't a foolish woman. She put the brakes on the wedding plans and made Marshall face his feelings head on. It was their only chance of survival as a couple.

Surprisingly, even to me, was that I was OK with Marshall ending up with Abigail. Marshall and Mary have always had this incredible bond but I suppose it was the fact that they've never dealt with it that has continued to bother me. They talk without talking. They dance around their feelings and use subtext as their only text. It was long passed time that stopped.

I had to admit that when Marshall told Mary that he loved her there was a small part of me that was hoping for more. But even the hopeless romantic in me could see that Mary and Marshall would end up making one another miserable. They're amazing partners and wonderful friends but as lovers I'm afraid they'd drive one another crazy and not in a good way.

Still when Marshall asked her not to call because he couldn't help but come running, there was a part of my heart that hurt for them both.

On the home front I was thrilled to see Brandi back. I've missed her this season and I loved how Mary described their family.

 Unbelievable. Two knocked up, unwed mothers, multiple rehabs, daddy issues all over the place. This family is so Jerry Springer. | permalink

Brandi and Mary bonding over their children just felt right. The entire Shannon clan has come a long way since the show began. None of them are perfect but they don't need to be. They simply needed to learn how to rely on one another.

I'll admit that I hated seeing Mary sleep with Kenny over the last two episodes, even though he seemed to be a decent guy. Mary has always tended to leap into bed before she gets to know a guy and Kenny was no exception. But when she brought him to the party at the end it felt like acceptance for both of us.

That Mary had apparently decided to use her father's money for his grandchildren seemed an excellent way to wrap up that story. Perhaps that abandoned little girl could finally put that chapter of her life to rest and move on.

The model / witness of the week story hardly seemed worth mentioning except that it served its purpose to highlight Mary's role as a caretaker to those around her. Now she needs to find someone who can take care of her, at least some of the time. 

Stan's promotion to Deputy Director of WITSEC was wonderful and a little sad. He's moving up and helping his friends at the same time. Marshall becoming Mary's boss should keep life interesting. I wish we were able to see it.

In Plain Sight has been one of my favorite shows since its first season and I'm a little heartbroken that this is the end. I've loved all of the characters but no one more than Mary. She's smart, kick ass, loyal, and has a soft heart she hides from the world. Plus I've always related to her killer sense of sarcasm. There simply isn't another character quite like her on TV.

Goodbye In Plain Sight.  You will be missed.


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I really enjoyed the finale; I too didn't want Mary and Marshall together. There are many types of love and bonds;I always thought theirs was a friendship love and a partner bond. Those together create a bond like a those you have with a family member. Just wish this season wasn't the last'


I am disappointed in the people who are disappointed with the ending and who also wanted Marshall to break off with Abigail and be with Mary. I am so thrilled with the series finale! I loved, loved, loved it. I kept telling my sister that if the producers made Marshall break off with Abigail to be with Mary, that I was going to spend a lot of time blogging, and complaining. I was never one who wanted Marshall to be with Mary. I know they say opposites attract, but not in their case. They were too opposite in the wrong way. Marshall is soft and sweet and cultured and family-oriented, and Mary is, well, opposite. She'd squash Marshall like a bug if he was with her. I am glad the producers didn't bend to "shippers" who wanted Mary and Marshall together and I am glad they brought closure to the father issue as well. I loved how Jinx told Mary that people heal in their own way and that it's time Mary got over her "abandoned father" issues. Oh I will miss this show and Marshall most of all but I feel thoroughly satisfied with the ending, and have closure.


I can not believe you ended this show like this... I think you also made us feel that Marshall and Mary where going to get together.. and all the shows leading up to the last show lead all of to believe that... I was all ready to buy the DVD's for all the shows, because I thought it was really one of the best shows... but not now...


I'm happy they didn't end up together - I think Marshall and Abigail belonged together. Yes, he did say he loved Mary, but he also said he loved Abigail. Deeply. And I think I would have thought a lot less of him if he'd dumped Abigail in the last episode.
I wish I could see Marshall being Mary's boss... I wish I could see what is going to happen with Brandi and her baby. There are so many stories left, I'm sad it's over. But I'm happy with the ending.


In Plain Sight was one of the only shows with a fully-realized, vital, humanistic, sarcastic, compassionate woman as the lead and wonderful, complex characters. There are plenty of females written to be perceived as strong who come across as superficial and sterile. Mary and Marshall were exceptional partners and I am sorry that I will miss seeing more of their banter. At least Mary McCormack will be back on tv in fall.


Anyone know the name of the last song at the end of the season finale?


I never wanted Mary and Marshall together. People read into things differently. I see Marshall telling Mary he loved her, but not in a husband/wife way. Mary feels that way about Marshall. Abigail is perfect for Marshall and what he deserves. He said he loves Abigail also, but some choose not to hear that, and that is their choice. I think finally after all that has happened to Mary, she will finally get a chance to let someone in her life, not just that can be there for her, but for her to be there for him. I loved that they saved ABQ witsec, I did not expect that. Stan going on to bigger things, while saving everyone he leaves behind was a nice touch. I was glad that they all are moving on. I am with the reviewer, I would have loved to see Marshall be Mary's boss. I am truly going to miss this wonderful show and their exceptional characters.


Really disappointed, but I am one who wanted MAry and Marshall together. Also I feel bad for Abigail Marshall told Mary he loved her, if he had said it back he would have dropped Abigail in a second. But she didn't so it seemed like he just like ok I guess I will be with the next best thing, that seems unfair to Abigail, How can you marry one person but love someone else.


So many richly drawn characters throughout the series. So sad to see on of the few worthwhile TV shows go away. I hate finales of shows that I love and will miss, but, as those go, this was appropriate and smartly executed. It was a fitting finale--not forced, but graceful and pitch perfect. I'm especially happy that, in my imagination at least, the good work we've come to know will continue in the ABQ WITSEC.


Although last night wasn't the best episode ever, I felt it tied things up and left me feeling...satisfied. I really do think Abigail is better for Marshall then Mary, and am glad Mary was able to understand that too and give him the room he needed to move on while still being friends. I am going to miss this show but am glad it was able to end with many things settled and people content where they were.

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