Kat Graham Teases "Huge" Season Finale Death on The Vampire Diaries

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You will lose your mind.

So Kat Graham just teased to me over the phone when asked about tomorrow night's season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

"There is a huge death," the star added. "I say that every season finale because… well, there is. Someone always kicks the bucket. But this is the biggest finale we've ever had. Seriously: it may not be filled with crazy stunts of burning buildings, but, in terms of storyline, it's the biggest finale we've ever had."

And where exactly does Bonnie figure into "The Departed?"

Graham said she isn't sure if the writers plan to take her character down a dark path, a direction some viewers thought may have been teased by the heart-stopping spell she cast over Jeremy on "Before Sunset."

But she's open to it "as long as there's a balance, as long as it makes sense and feeds both the show and the storyline. I'm all about reason and there being a motive behind things."

We won't find out much in that regard tomorrow night - Graham does wonder whether dark magic could become some kind of "addiction" on season four - but we will see Bonnie arrive at a significant decision, one influenced by her lack of parental guidance, the actress previews.

"You'll see a side of Bonnie where she might have to pull herself up by her own bootstraps. She'll be making a deal that she might not have made if her relationships [were different.] It will be shaped by the experiences she's had."

Speaking of relationships… how could we not ask: Team Damon or Team Stefan? Elena will apparently decide for herself on the season finale. What advice would Bonnie give her pal?

"At one point she wanted Damon to get lost," Graham says. "And then she wanted Stefan to get lost because he went off the deep end… she's been working with Damon recently, so she might be leaning more toward him. She thinks she can rely on him now."

Tune in tomorrow night to see if Elena agrees - and look for Graham to release an EP this June, as the off-season allows this actress/singer to focus on her music career.

"I love that fans of the show are getting into my music," Graham says. "But I try to keep them separate. The look of my music and the look of the show are just so different."

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David and sabrina 2014

It looks like Kat will be sending us some big spoilers for the result of season 3 and the upcoming events of season 4. I wonder what else will come in mind for the cast. =)


I do not like Elena anymore and I can not take another season with her and Stefan! Her and Damon are so right for each other.She is so messed up. Its not fair to us Delena fans to have teased us all through season three!


Post on the finale! Im shaking I cannot wait another minite


elennna is a vampire!!! wowww


I agree that Elana will become a vampire when seh goes off the bridge. Therefore, I think Matt will be the character death


This is my official prediction for the season finale, i swear if this all comes back as true ill be extremely weirded out haha Matt or Elena calls Stefan after she is found passed out in the bedroom which is why we see that clip of him rushing into the house and her lying down. She continues to rememeber when her life was simpler blah blah and near the end she does end up choosing Stefan, it has been confirmed that they do kiss in this episode. Some how she ends up with vampire blood in her system bc she needs it after she passes out and her and Matt go somewhere in his truck when Rebecca shows up in the middle of the road so that Elena will die which means Ric dies, the truck goes over the bridge and they are submerged in water, elena passes out and then at the last minute her eyes will open and she'll take a huge breath like she is becoming a vampire and then it will end so we are left no knowing if it actually happened!!


I hope Bonnie dies!
Anyone but not Stefan!!!


Elena is close to death and the Salvator brothers are left to decide which one should turn her into a vampire or they lose her forever. This season was not my favorite so I hope the writers will write something exciting. Please, no more originals. Move on!


as long as it's none of the originals, matt, jeremy, bonnie, caroline, liz or damon i'm relatively happy. i think it could be elena -but she's come back a vampire / or in a coma?
Could be Carol lockwood - she is so annoying! But i'd feel sorry for Tyler.
I love Liz too muchto even think about it. I hope Alaric dies... Ric already died, so there's no point saving him. I like Stefan.. and it wouldn't be tvd without Klefan, Stebekah, or Defan... who does that leave us... oh, the audience...


...ironically speaking, of course :p

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