Lost Girl Review: Betrayed Again?

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Dyson's away and Bo will play.

Okay, that's not exactly how it happened on "It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away." But, if Dyson had been around, would Bo have hooked up with Lauren? I'm not sure. Bo claimed that she didn't go to bed with Lauren because of Dyson, but a broken heart is difficult to heal. Even if Bo doesn't believe it, Lauren is a her rebound girl. It may stick, but it may not either.

Bo Tracks Down an Artist

The first time Bo and Lauren were together, they had chemistry, but that was missing this time around. Bo and Dyson had a relationship full of intensity and sexual heat that Bo and Lauren just don't possess. At least not yet. Perhaps it's because of Lauren's previous betrayal or just due to her neediness. Whatever the reason, Bo had a stronger connection to Dyson than she has ever shown with Lauren.

Plus, we found out that Lauren is keeping another big secret from Bo: a girlfriend! What? Will Bo be able to forgive Lauren for this secret? Probably, since Bo is too forgiving.

Outside of Bo's relationship woes, her independence from the Dark and Light Fae made her the perfect investigator for The Morrigan to use. One of her artists killed a Dark Fae and was painting incriminating graffiti. Jason's artwork threatened to expose the Fae to the public.

Vex is one of my favorite Fae foes. The showdown between The Morrigan and Vex looked to be an epic battle, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. Instead, it was The Morrigan's assistant, Bianca, who was behind Jason's actions. The artwork scheme never seemed fitting for either Vex or The Morrigan.

Bo's involvement in the case provided an opportunity for her to free Lauren from The Ash. Speaking of, how long will the Dark and the Light allow Bo to stay in the middle and use them against each other? There is no way The Ash is going to be happy that Bo is using information from The Morrigan against him.

Though, what was it that The Morrigan gave to Bo? The way to get Lauren away from The Ash is to save Nadia, Lauren's girlfriend. Is Nadia the reason that Lauren left Bo's house to return to The Ash? He threatened her "special project," which appears to be Nadia.

What will Bo do? Will she save Nadia to get freedom for Lauren, even if that means she will lose Lauren? Bo is an honorable person and too kind for her own good sometimes, but either way she will want to do right by Lauren. Even if Lauren betrayed her (again!).

This episode provided few answers to the Fae world, but plenty of questions. The big mystery for the next few episodes seems to be headed towards Lauren. I'd rather have Bo go to the Norn and work on "fixing" Dyson, but that will have to wait awhile. What do you want Bo to focus on? Fixing Dyson or freeing Lauren?

Do you want Bo to be with Dyson or Lauren?


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I am 64 and have devoured lost girl! Bought every DVD and taped every episode , but without a doubt the chemistry between Bo and Lauren is just electric! These 2 together in any situation just blow up the screen, they're just so believable as a couple. I guess you could say I'm totally team lauren, even bought a T-shirt! How crazy is that at my age?!?!?!? Go Lost Girl, I'm from the states so I have awhile 2 wait but bring it on!!


I'm not going to deny the fact that Bo and Dyson were great together- and might still be. But are you kidding me? I've never seen such chemistry between two women in any other show. The chemistry between those two is so intense that it's like killing me, haha.. just wait for the whole season 2.


Vex is fun/funny. Bo should be with lots of people including Lauren and Dyson.


Gotta say that I agree with those that have said that they don't see the chemistry between Bo and Lauren. I'm bisexual, so it's not that she's a girl. I just don't feel anything when they have scenes together. I haven't seen all of season 2 yet so that may change, but I'm doubtful. Not sure about Dyson either.... How about a new love interest for her???


Bo and Dyson were totally about sex. I don't disagree about that at all. I don't like either one of them for her. I wish she could find somebody else. Because Dyson and Lauren are both boring.


Everybody just wants them together because they're two girls having sex. Nothing more.
Correction: everybody wants them together because they are the better pairing. Those of you who can't see it yet are in for a huge wake up call when season 2 unfolds. That's all I have to say about that.


Marie, your opinion couldn't be more wrong, honey. I like Lauren and Bo together and I am a straight woman. Saying people only like them together because it is about girl-on-girl is a completely ignorant and unfounded assessment. That is actually one of the premises of the show: to not make a big deal out of it - and they don't: sexuality is rarely ever [if at all] discussed. Bo and Lauren have never been about sex, that is what the Bo/Dyson relationship is for (a statement Anna Silk herself recently backed up).


I agree with DeAnn. Lauren is super boring! Lauren and Bo have no chemistry! Everybody just wants them together because they're two girls having sex. Nothing more. Bo needs to get with somebody else. Ya'll can bash me all you want I don't care. This is my opinion.


i love dyson & bo together & they need 2 stay together also the only thing i hate is when bo goes back 2 lauren bo & dyson were made 4 each other i think they need 2 be together in real life 2 & kenzi u rock 4 getting back dyson's love 4 bo ur real funny & a good person & dyson is MEGA HOT kenzi i think u & hale should be together u 2 got some good chem. byson together 4 ever!


WTF? Wow. Get a clue. Let me spell it out In a 1-2-3 fashion. 1) Women are hot.
2) Bo is hot.
3) And Bo and Lauren together makes the screen blow up in fire. IF you can't see that, well I honestly feel sorry for you reviewer, you are missing out. This mentioning of Dyson when he isn't even in the episode every other sentence really says what you are doing here. Keep going Season 2.

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